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  1. Anyone ever had a diesel engine not start? How many know how to start a 10hp+ diesel engine without a battery and without a built in de-compressor? etc., etc, etc. All propulsion options have down sides, you need to understand the limitations of the option you choose, including sails.
  2. Do your own homework, make your own decisions.
  3. Worth noting in this latest conversation on electric propulsion is how much most of the posters DO NOT KNOW about marine electric or hybrid propulsion. I suggest you all take some time to do some homework before writing any more rubbish about a subject you obviously know nothing about. You may all want to begin your lessons by asking "why is World Sailing pushing this?"
  4. Navico own the brands B&G, Simrad, Lowrance, and C-Map. Is this acquisition by Brunswick Corp a good or bad thing?
  5. From COLREGS it doesn't get any simpler. These are the rules we all have to obey. RRS defer to COLREGS between sundown and sunup. Section II-Conduct of vessels in sight of one another Rule 11 Application Rules in this section apply to vessels in sight of one another. Rule 12 Sailing vessels (a) When two sailing vessels are approaching one another, so as to involve risk of collision, one of them shall keep out of the way of the other as follows: (i) when each has the wind on a different side, the vessel which has the wind on the port
  6. Don

    what is it?

    Probably the ugliest looking stern sections I have ever seen.
  7. What an absolute pile of rubbish. Since when has yachting and especially the Americas Cup been about the general public. You have a right to your views, but you do not speak for all sailors.
  8. If you have enough gauge to windward to live all the way to the boundary you will most likely not break the zone boundary before the leeward ahead boat is required to tack. Once the ahead boat tacks the windward boat is free to sail through the zone to the boundary, or tack into the close leebow position. The choice is theirs.
  9. The course limits "boundaries" must remain to provide the field of play, but remove the windward hip boat advantage. The to leeward and ahead boat is currently disadvantaged when reaching the boundary because the windward boat can tack with the leeward boat and gain a "close" leebow position. There is a warning to the individual boat when it is 150 metres from the boundary. Change the rule so that when a boat breaks that boundary, the other boat must tack PRIOR to breaking that boundary. Essentially the "forward" boat which is to leeward and ahead crosses into the zone and must
  10. Course E. Should be great racing today, with no chance of falling off foils and not recovering
  11. A high risk strategy. Remember this is a match race LR don't have to start when the gun goes. They can hold TNZ below the port layline until they are ready.
  12. Today is going to be THE day. There is no doubt that TNZ are the "faster" boat in a straight line. So LR MUST keep it close in the prestart, so they must hunt TNZ. The longer TNZ can avoid close proximity when in the start box, the higher their potential for an even or winning start. I expect LR to be very aggressive prestart because they know if TNZ gets ahead, they will not catch them barring an incident.
  13. Sailing, and especially match racing, and teams racing is all about % of risk. In the Americas Cup, there are ONLY the best sailors, so it is a given that boat speed and handling will be almost 100%. Tactics are based on % of risk. Port tack starts are high % of risk, there are better alternatives.
  14. A very good question, and a detailed answer is long, and involved, and has many "what ifs". In short. The port tack yacht must give way to starboard tack, except when both boats approach the port course boundary. To effect a successful port tack start that boat must be able to clear ahead the starboard tack boat if starting from the pin end. However, to do that the port tack boat must have good distance below (to leeward) of the other yacht, AND be ahead by at least 2 boat lengths. In a Match race it is not easy getting that kind of separation from your competitor. If you are the
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