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  1. Don

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Most likely not. The cut-outs between mainsail battens/measurement points being curved, have a higher drag coefficient than the standard leech profile. Which is not what you want in higher wind conditions. There is a limit to reducing sail area in the leech of the mainsail versus increased trailing edge drag.
  2. Don

    Prada Cup

    Finally...The Americas Cup is showing why it is the pinnacle of yachting as a competition. Jimmy Spithill said it during a race for all to hear "lets keep our foot on their throats". If you are not prepared to fight for every step, every piece of leverage, any advantage within the rules ...YOU GO HOME EMPTY HANDED. This IS the Americas Cup. Thank god it only occurs every four years, the excitment is killing me.
  3. Don

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Skiff sailors have used mainsail inversion to increase RM for over 20 years, especially when power reaching with the asy flying.
  4. Don

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Yes, you can, it is called "bluffing"
  5. Don

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I said this a year prior to the Bermuda AC. Mainsail pulsing (I called it "fluttering")
  6. Don

    INEOS Team GB

    No such thing as a broken down Holden ute anymore...they are serious collectors items. The last Holden ever produced was sold for AUD$750,000.
  7. Don

    Who'da Thought Our Friends Down Under are Cheating Basturds?

    Many, many years ago in a land called South Australia, a beatiful dingy called a Payne-Mortlock canoe was sailed. Beautiful wooden 5.8 meter double ender with twin hiking planks. Any descrepencies in hull design within the design tolerances were easily corrected by mounting a brass canon weighing approximately 1lb on the main bulkhead supporting the mast. Sooner or later a faster hull ended up the same speed as the rest. Designed in 1938, they are still being sailed at Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club (I think)
  8. Don

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Yep, I can imagine that boat upwind in 15 to 18 knots SW in Port Philip, especially given this last weekends carnage out of SYC. The result would make her capsize in Auckland look fairly tame.
  9. Don

    INEOS Team GB

    Have Ineos reversed the port foil profile?
  10. Don

    INEOS Team GB

    The second (inner) wheel could be a "mainsheet" override. We have all heard helmsman commenting on the weight or pressure in the helm. Maybe this is the helmsman's safety valve as the "mainsheet" on these boats controls the mainsail twist. A small ease on this if the rudder is going too light during a bear away will give the helmsman back some control.
  11. Don

    INEOS Team GB

    TMO's used in Rugby (both codes), Soccer (Futbol), Cricket, etc., etc., and decisions are arguably MORE controversial and debated MORE. As for so-called AI, which is actually machine learning by repetition REQUIRES human input to define the rules of engagement. The latest marine auto-pilots are very good at steering a yacht provided no one turns off the electricity.
  12. Don

    Prada Cup

    Love or hate him, I thought Larry's cameo role in Ironman 2 was outstanding
  13. Don

    Team NYYC

    Making a mold for the replacement of the delaminated section forward of the foil mounts
  14. Don

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Depends. If your critising ETNZ for having a Chinese company sponsor, then for an example, lets look at Apple with all the iPhones manufactured in China. Let's not throw stones, they make ugly holes in sails.
  15. Don

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Are you talking about the Guantanamo Bay detention camp opened in 2002 and which is still operating?