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  1. I have found that when returning to English Bay from the vicinity of Halibut Bank, it pays to have one crew member assigned to repeat "Stay away from the Bowen Hole" loudly and at regular intervals.
  2. And the Bloc is the best argument FOR proportional representation! The have less than half the votes of the NDP, yet get more seats in parliament.
  3. I lived in Texas for a long time. The Texans I know tend to have an over-inflated opinion of the importance of Texas to the USA, due to it's oil. They are convinced that the USA could not survive without it. I think they are also largely confused about how / why Texas is part of the Union.
  4. I can only imagine the anguish you are going through right now. What a terrible way to lose your boat (and personal belongings). There is no way to account for all the effort that goes into making a boat your own, or even acquiring it in the first place. I really hope that you get some decent settlement from the insurance company for your loss, even though there is no way it will make you whole.
  5. There's no such thing as bad publicity. I'll be this guy sees an increase in business from all the press he's getting. I'll also bet that he supports open carry for "personal protection' reasons.
  6. Around here, unless you are an OD class racing an a Class event, you are required to have the OB on the transom during races (at least that's my understanding of the requirements).
  7. True.. but if they want to make the transition from being a fringe, one issue party, to a real player, they have to start getting involved in discussions about issues other than just the environment. And i think they are seeing how difficult that leap can be,
  8. The reports I hear are that she does have the advantage (in our area) of being very quick under motor (due to long waterline), so she makes a pretty good summer cruiser in the PNW. I remember working on the spinnaker for Mc Fastrack at the loft. That was a VERY large sail!!!
  9. Fred really took to heart his Tacticians advice to turn the boat upside down and shake out all the accumulated junk prior to the big regatta of the season.
  10. Back when I was in collegiate sailing, everyone pretty much knew everyone else at the events, and it was a close knit group. In that scenario, there would be lots of opportunity for those not involved or with no direct knowledge of the event, to find someone who knows something from their group of acquaintances, and get them to talk.
  11. The coach of each of the teams at the event should have held a meeting by now with the team members at the event, and asked if anyone has any information. All the teams present should be barred from attending any more events until the perps have been identified. That kind of pressure will out the guilty quickly.
  12. Options for provisioning in Silva Bay just got a big boost! https://www.facebook.com/pagesresort/photos/a.255068787882092/4158458250876440
  13. I think you will all be happier in the long run. I know it feels wrong now, but you will be much less stressed, and the dog will be too. It's a hard decision, but we had to make the same call with our last dog, and leave her behind for a few trips.
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