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  1. It was luck that it happened on her watch. She didn't go hunting for it. I'm not a Thatcher fan by any means but I'd easily root for her over the Dirty War Junta. That's not a close decision.
  2. The islands have an interesting history with French, Spanish, American and Argentine rule. From a military POV, going up against Britain was the dumbest thing the junta could have done. They were better suited to repression. And it was the luckiest thing to ever happen to Thatcher.
  3. My sister's a doc. She could never practice medicine if the threat of personally liability hung over every her decision. Consequently doctors are licensed (except for Rand Paul who licensed himself) and they carry hella liability insurance either of which can be revoked.
  4. China admits its vaccines aren't very good https://www.politico.com/news/2021/04/11/china-covid-vaccines-480802 I suspect the recent belligerence (Chinese military aircraft flying into Taiwan airspace) has something to do with this. Nothing diverts from domestic ineptitude quite like military misadventure. Argentina invading the Falklands comes to mind.
  5. Local Gaetz. Bay Area mayor Dominic Foppoli refuses to resign after sex assault allegations https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Windsor-mayor-Dominic-Foppoli-assault-allegations-16092653.php He's a registered Democrat (now) but was formerly the vice chairman of the Sonoma County Republican Party executive committee who endorsed Ted Cruz.
  6. WarDodo is stupid but then he's also selfish. He's stupid because he knows there's this disease but he thinks he can tough it out. He won't even get the vaccination that his boy Shitstain got (in sekret) because ... stupid. He's selfish because after he gets the disease he'll give it to others. What an asshole.
  7. Boothy is positively lucid compared to Drunk in Seattle.
  8. Boothy, your article from the highly reputable Fox News says: The mother, Desiree Andrade, tells FOX 11 she saw her son's alleged killers smirk in court earlier in the day as all their special circumstance charges were dismissed, meaning none of them will face life without parole https://www.foxla.com/news/mom-of-20-year-old-man-brutally-murdered-thrown-off-cliff-lashes-out-at-la-county-da-george-gascon That would have been Friday Dec 18, 2020. Unfortunately, the latest pretrial conference that this disreputable docketbird site lists was on Oct 28. It was the last event in the
  9. Yeah, that sounds like a very convincing argument. Those disgusting liberal White voters are well known for their racist tendencies. That's a given. But it doesn't quite explain why Gascon won the Black and Latino voters. Majority-Latino neighborhoods remained opposed to Lacey's reelection, with Gascón claiming most of those precincts. While Lacey maintained her past support in white, suburban edges of the county, she lost some liberal, white-majority areas of the county such as Santa Monica and Venice. Perhaps the biggest upset came from areas where Black people make up the lar
  10. Very fair except for not prosecuting bad cops, even Clifford Proctor who the LAPD police chief wanted prosecuted. Yeah, very fair. BTW, I noticed that the SFPOA was one of Lacey's funders. They must still be complaining about Gascon's Blue Ribbon Panel. Back on the donors for a second, you know, the money ballot. Lacey got a LOT more money percentage-wise from the PUs than Gascon got from the rich fukers. And for non PU or rich fuker, aka individuals, it was not even close. Good luck on your mole hill.
  11. And check out that long list of cop unions backing Lacey.
  12. Good luck on that recall. You can donate here: https://www.efundraisingconnections.com/c/GeorgeGasconRecall We have a Recall Chesa Boudin effort up North as well. Its largest funder is David Sacks, PayPal mafia and minor league Peter Thiel. And then there's the Recall Gavin Newsom. Y'all have a whole lotta recalling goin' on. But in fact, Gascon campaigned on eliminating special circumstances and the death penalty. He won with 53% of the vote and so this was no surprise; indeed it was a campaign promise. Moreover, the perps are still on the hook for about 20 years average for 2n
  13. Does this cite have the parole hearing in it?
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