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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/29/health/cdc-masks-vaccinated-transmission.html
  2. Delta is gonna be bad. Delta spreads as easily as chickenpox. Delta has breakthrough infections. Delta can be spread by the vaccinated. Delta is twice as likely to lead to hospitalizations. Pfizer is less effective against Delta (64%) but prevents severe 94% effective against severe effects. Pfizer effectiveness drops to 84% after 6 months. Mask up. Vax up. If you're an elk, just shut the fuck up.
  3. You're right. What was I even thinking? We need to be able to afford our forever wars. Baby doll, you look totally hot tonight! How do these bra straps work again? You won't be needing these. Of course, I'll still love you in the morning. But just a second, I need to check this government website to figure out how much a child costs to provide for each year. Let me key in our demographics and geographics. ... Damn. Sorry honey, but we're a marginal case and it would be irresponsible because the govmint needs that money to support our war for a free Australia. i have this new carbon fiber
  4. I grew up with support from AFDC. My dad was an aerospace engineer; we were middle class. My mom was stay at home until she went back to school and finished college. I think if we can spend $6T putting holes in the ground in the Middle East, we can support families.
  5. Really? How did this work? My brother's in-laws are in Vancouver and they haven't been able to visit other than at Peace Arch Park at the border.
  6. Elmo has been whinging about Gascón not seeking the death penalty in capital cases. However Gascón actually campaigned on sentencing reform. Over in Georgia, and not in librul Atlanta, the spa shooter who killed 8 people got life. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/atlanta-area-spa-shootings-suspect-pleads-guilty-cherokee-county-charges-n1275139
  7. Maybe storming the Capitol was a good idea. https://www.thedailybeast.com/fraternal-order-of-police-was-the-biggest-loudest-cop-union-in-america-but-michael-fanone-felt-abandoned
  8. That might be the case if we were speaking Latin. Otherwise, data is not a hill to die on, and either is or are works. So sayeth the Chicago Manual of Style. https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/qanda/data/faq/topics/Usage/faq0024.html I had dinner the other night with some UCSF profs. I think the first minute in, one of them used learnings in a sentence. I hate learnings and said as much. I wasn't sure why it is popular these days; so I looked it up. It turns out it's a rare archaic form but the popular usage stems from ... Borat. Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make
  9. You're right. She was America's sweetheart and didn't deserve to die.
  10. It's actually Ashli Babbitt and fuck the bitch, I'm glad she's dead.
  11. To answer your question clearly, these addictions are the weakness of democracy and something to be discouraged. Gingrich taught conservative politicians how to take advantage of these addictions. Once you're an addict or a drunk, you're hooked for the duration. The best you can do is go cold turkey. You can't socially drink or shoot up. This is an old problem. The Founders were well versed in the history of the Roman Republic and the Greeks. The Founders feared populism because once that's triggered, demagogues will end the republic. Seriously, we had a guy recommending injecting a
  12. I looked into this and it's not clear that the LA Sheriff is 'expanding" concealed carry. The requirements are the same. He just opened an office to handle it. Otherwise, you need to file an application, pay a filing fee, get a background check, "provide good cause", take a training class, sit for an interview, pay additional fees at issuance, etc. https://lasd.org/ccw/#ccw_license I can't find anything about this except that the usual breathless right wing gun nut sites are mouth breathing. Meh.
  13. What's the purpose of heroin? The elk are addicted to their entertainment. If you want another phrase, they want to own the libs.
  14. No, I really meant entertainment. Power comes with the job, but governance is the job description. Gingrich was the first to realize (ok, I'm light on the history of Speakers before say, Tip O'Neill) that entertainment was what the elk really wanted. Shitstain merely turned the entertainment up to 11 and consequently was ranked dead last for the mechanics of administration. He still got 74M votes because the elk, they do want their entertainment. The Republican Speakers realized they don't have to do anything. They're just there to prevent anything getting done while complaining about the
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