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  1. Did someone say Berkeley liberals? I feel like I should have mentioned that I went to Berkeley.
  2. I PM'd someone who said they'd talked to Sol on the phone today. That's good enough for me.
  3. Sweet! I did not know this. I'm beginning to feel sorry for this guy and I hope he gets some help. Bitter TrumpWorld donors want their money back after Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, once an outspoken pro-Trump voice opposed to President Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal, apparently turned on his far-right supporters and slammed former President Trump in a Facebook post. https://www.salon.com/2021/10/07/accused-criminals-foundation-forced-to-refund-maga-donors-angered-by-anti-posts/
  4. Yawn. Youtube Originals produced it. More yawn.
  5. Usually we've been exchanging recipes when faced with a determined troll. But I like the way you think.
  6. Yeah, sad marines who went back to cash in as contractors.
  7. 77% https://morningconsult.com/2021/09/27/infrastructure-bill-support-polling/
  8. Yeah, that Mike Pence, he had some responsibilities. Like your boy Shitstain's very successful White House COVID Task Force. And the ... No, there wasn't anything else. Your boy even thought so little of Pence that he had local anesthesia for his colonoscopy to avoid handing power over to Pence.
  9. I see you're questioning the results of the election. Quelle surprise.
  10. It was actually Jonathan Toebbe's wife who hates Joker's boy Shitstain. That should be taken into account during sentencing. We don't know much of anything about the husband.
  11. She dropped out before the first primary. We've pointed this out before but then you're an idiot. We've pointed that out before as well. Jimmy Carter also dropped out of the 1972 race before the first primary. What a loser.
  12. Is Joker still trotting out the less than 1% supported Harris nonsense?
  13. No, the water is a fluid and it wouldn't 'stick' to the sub. The conservation of momentum argument says what the worst case new speed would be if the sub were suddenly/instantaneously carrying the container. It ignores propulsion so it even underestimates the effect of the impact on speed. But this is different from what damage a container might cause to the sub. So I think something else happened, a chimney maybe. The Navy is also saying it was not a Navy ship, neither in the US fleet nor a foreign power.
  14. No, it really is the same throughput for the fleet as long as the port capacity remains constant. You're not going to get more throughput out of the fleet than the port can handle. You can transit at light speed and then just queue up offshore. The throughput is the same. Really, they did this. They pulled container ships out of service (COST) into drydock (COST) and paid to give them nose jobs (COST). They did all this because no one was paying them extra to ship faster and the fuel savings made up for the cost of the retrofitting. BTW, the follow on to Slow Steaming is Smart
  15. The Claremont Institute makes the Hoover Institution look fair and balanced.
  16. I see your point now and it's a good one. But keep in mind the example of Slow Steaming. Ships have been slowing down to be more efficient, even to the point of taking existing ships into drydock and re-nosing them. Yes, you can travel faster but no one was paying for the faster delivery! So instead shippers reoptimized for efficiency (which the added benefit of less pollution). Latency went up but throughput was the same and cost went down. My point is that that container ship may not be utilized when it got back a day sooner, empty. Shipping companies are barely profitable and oft
  17. Speaking of economically literate, David Card of the University of California, Berkeley won a Nobel (and a parking space on campus) for showing that raising the minimum wage doesn’t hinder hiring and immigrants don't lower pay for native-born workers. https://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Nobel-panel-to-announce-2021-economics-prize-16523849.php
  18. Bezos has made a shit ton off of other companies. For example, he was an angel investor, or rather his family office was, for Google. His early $250,000 made about $3.1B. He has a gargantuan fuckwad tied up in Amazon, but he has a metric shit ton elsewhere. Money is not his problem.
  19. Shanghai to LA is $1,320 / TEU on the spot market. I'm not sure where you're getting the 10-20k number. https://www.drewry.co.uk/supply-chain-advisors/supply-chain-expertise/world-container-index-assessed-by-drewry They're shipping back empties because, like with everything else now, there's a shortage. https://gcaptain.com/container-crunch-means-it-pays-more-to-sail-empty-to-asia/ Yeah, not everything gets shipped back because that $1,320 doesn't cover the rail/truck cost back to the port. But LA and OAK have empties going back. OAK also has a fair amount of full container
  20. Weird story. They live in Oregon. The prison guard works in Washington. The beating + arrest were in Georgia. Apparently the beating was to earn their stripes. The guard got arrested at work. He's gonna be real popular down in Georgia. https://www.union-bulletin.com/news/milton-freewater-men-including-washington-state-penitentiary-corrections-officer-taken-into-custody-in-georgia/article_88b3f0ee-288c-11ec-8b8e-2f5825640561.html
  21. That's nice and I still hadn't heard of Janssen. The Eastern European woman on FB sounds par for the course, well, your course. Keep trotting out factoids that you can spin. What's this 'fact' nonsense about Kamala Harris? https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-kamala-harris-covid-vaccina/fact-check-footage-shows-kamala-harris-receiving-covid-19-vaccination-idUSKBN29A2K7
  22. No, I'd never heard of Janssen which is apparently a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary. Yeah, throwing shade because you're not credible.
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