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  1. CA has a balanced budget requirement as well. We're on track for a $31B surplus. That wasn't what I'm talking about. I was talking about the can of worms a constitutional convention would open.
  2. TIL that actual libertarians frequent the comment sections of OAN. Actual. Libertarians.
  3. The Democrats and independents who voted for Hillary? Absolutely. There were quite a few of us, quite a few more of us than for your boy Shitstain. This was my actual vote. Did I hurt your feelings?
  4. Careful what you wish for. There are 27 states including yours which have already requested a balanced budget amendment. Those requests don't time out. That hits 34 and that would require an Article V constitutional convention. Philadelphia had no rules but what it adopted. Mar A Lago would similarly have no rules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_Budget_Amendment_Task_Force
  5. The CIA's Center for the Study of Intelligence writes this report after every presidency. Briefing Donald Trump as a presidential candidate, president-elect, and president during his first few weeks in office presented the Intelligence Community (IC) with greater challenges than it had faced since the Central Intelligence Agency attempted to provide similar support to President-elect Richard Nixon 48 years before. Trump was unique among the dozen presidents who took office since President Harry Truman began the briefing process in 1952 in that he had never served in the military or any br
  6. Dumb, no one is shouting down research. We're just laughing at you. In fact, if you look at the AMA release, it specifically exempts clinical trials. That's not shouting down research. And these trials aren't regulated by our communist government. Maybe Liberty University has a trial you can join. Hell, you could even do your own research.
  7. Michael Flynn, who once filmed his family at a July 4 barbecue saying the QAnon oath, “Where we go one, we go all,” said in private that the Q conspiracy theory was “total nonsense” and a “disinformation campaign created by the left.” https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/michael-flynn-lin-wood-qanon-disinformation-campaign-1263735/
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/09/23/two-people-died-ivermectin-poisoning-new-mexico/5830791001/
  9. WASHINGTON, DC – The American Medical Association (AMA), American Pharmacists Association (APhA), and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) strongly oppose the ordering, prescribing, or dispensing of ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19 outside of a clinical trial. https://www.ama-assn.org/press-center/press-releases/ama-apha-ashp-statement-ending-use-ivermectin-treat-covid-19 Dumb, those are only American medical + pharmaceutical associations. Does your boy Putin recommend Ivermectin in Russia? They're less hamstrung by liberal elites.
  10. Hey Dumb, have you taken Ivermectin yourself? You can order it from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/ivermectin/s?k=ivermectin
  11. Well, I guess you can lead a horse away from Ivermectin but you can't make him think.
  12. Well, you did say a lot of lives could have been saved. And that's where you overstepped your medical authority as a mechanic.
  13. No, I'm not saying you're recommending shoving Ivermectin up your ass. Not at all. You're Dumb but not that dumb. You're just providing useful medical information just as any mechanic would.
  14. Gentlemen, the sealion is just asking an interesting question.
  15. You are absolutely RIGHT! They are ignoring your liar's argument! (But they're not attacking his person.) Now pay attention here because it's going to get simple. They're ignoring your liar's argument because he's a liar. He wandered into Never Cry Wolf territory.
  16. Carts go behind horses. They concluded that he was a liar based on his lies.
  17. An ad hominem is an attack literally to the person. After Sally presents an eloquent and compelling case for a more equitable taxation system, Sam asks the audience whether we should believe anything from a woman who isn't married, was once arrested, and smells a bit weird. https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/ad-hominem When Bus Driver and others attack Andy Ngo as a liar, which he is, that is not an attack on the person of Andy Ngo but rather an attack on his veracity, the credibility of a witness in your average Law And Order script. Now if they were to attack him as, you know, j
  18. JizzKid is an Ivermectin dead ender? Awesome news and the day is still young!
  19. Russell Perdock. They made him mayor. Probably because SF elites talk a big game, but they really do very little for either the lower middle class or the working poor in this state.
  20. https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2021-11-27/protection-offered-by-booster-shot-beats-natural-immunity Dumb will be so disappointed.
  21. It was sometime in the 90s. Wayne showed up as EVP in 1991. The NRA then started going full on fear mongering and anti-govmint to the point that NRA Life Member H mailed in his membership card. https://www.nytimes.com/1995/05/11/us/letter-of-resignation-sent-by-bush-to-rifle-association.html The fear drives the need.
  22. In fairness, I think Shitstain was using a technical term for shoving a UV lamp up your ass. Dumb's got the deets.
  23. No, I'm not a doc but my sister is and when one of her right wing patients asks for Ivermectin, or for Hydroxychloroquine before, she says no and then contacts all of that patient's other doctors. WASHINGTON, DC – The American Medical Association (AMA), American Pharmacists Association (APhA), and American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) strongly oppose the ordering, prescribing, or dispensing of ivermectin to prevent or treat COVID-19 outside of a clinical trial.
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