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  1. Not the next election after the invasion. That was 2004 after the 2003 invasion. He was re-elected in 2004 but then he lost his seat in 2007. Second longest tenure as PM. You only had around 2000 to the UK's 45K and the US 200K. I only point this out to say that Australia is a little like the US. We re-elected W the Stupid after we fucking knew well that he'd lied us into the war. In many ways, W was worse than Shitstain. He was just 'nicer' about being worse.
  2. Yes. I was at a protest in Dolores Park. Swords to Plowshares was there. The Bay Area was fairly anti-war so this protest and many more were not surprising.
  3. Most? Probably a lot but most? Australia was in the Coalition of the Willing. That would have been John Howard, your center right Liberal Party and closer to Republicans for us. Don't get me wrong though. The Iraq invasion was stupid beyond belief. I was opposed from the beginning.
  4. I didn't realize that Charles Flynn had been nominated to General and passed by voice vote in the Senate. Why hasn't that shitbag been fired yet? I can assume that all Biden has to say is that he has lost confidence him. https://sites.duke.edu/lawfire/2016/09/15/can-presidents-fire-senior-military-officers-generally-yesbut-its-complicated/
  5. Tom will be along shortly to same that the Nincomcoupers are really just a bunch of good ol' boys.
  6. There are plenty of good Dems out there. I think I listed pretty much the only two I don't like. I could easily vote for Biden. I could vote for others. Hillary, Buttigieg, Stacey Abrams. Harris. Don't feel too sorry for Harris. Gavin Newsom will be re-elected but then term limited out in 2027 and Harris were she to run, would be the clear favorite. I suppose if you're making lists, you'd have to include Newsom in 2024 as well.
  7. I’m torn between those two patriotic centrists, Manchin and Sinema. And while you’re here, why don’t you go ahead and smash that Like button? It really helps out the channel.
  8. Quick, before the truth serum wears off and you become a 'centrist' again, didja vote for your boy Shitstain? Twice?
  9. Filed under Sentences Which Eat Each Other.
  10. This is true but the problem is the hacks and not the rule.
  11. At least Ivanka didn't run a pedophile ring from the basement of a pizza restaurant. And she's way too pretty to use email.
  12. Historically voters turn against the incumbent's party in the first midterm. They turned against your boy Shitstain but then you'll admit, your boy was an epic piece of shit. They turned against Obama and Clinton, #10 and #19 on C-SPAN's survey of greatest Presidents. Your boy comes in fourth from last which must be a real disappointment to you.
  13. Tom will be along shortly to say that Jimmy unjustifiably interfered with his girl Bruce's right to run around, jump up and down and throw things. Tom, it's not too late to donate: https://caitlynjenner.com/
  14. No shit for brains, for some reason, dunno what that reason could be, Sloops didn't even vote for Hillary in 2016. But I did! I hope this doesn't upset you.
  15. You make that sound nefarious. Tom will be along shortly to sternly point out that the Justice in question, who I might add is very strongly on the 2A, was simply trying to keep an open mind, a difficult thing in these partisan times. How was Thomas to know after the fact that his wife's beforehand support could have any effect on a case that he would see?
  16. The problem isn't the filibuster. The problem is that Republicans can't vote for Voting Rights.
  17. https://www.lataco.com/union-pacific-theft-police-laid-off/
  18. First rollout of 5G was December 2018. So it’s clearly Biden’s fault. Even Wilbur Ross didn't like the 5g rollout (which takes a lot) but Ajit Pai wouldn't hear it. Pai was Jokov's boy Shitstain's FCC Chair. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/03/08/critical-weather-data-threatened-by-fcc-spectrum-proposal-say-department-commerce-nasa/ https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/08/ajit-pai-enemies-5g-351803
  19. I’d have thought China would be setting up shop there right about now but Xi shitting on the Uighurs is definitely not on brand. However a very important Silicon Valley VC who I’d never heard of said no one cares. https://www.sfgate.com/warriors/article/Chamath-Palihapitiya-ythinks-he-speaks-for-us-16785982.php
  20. Yeah, the media needs a story. They were quite resentful about the Afghan withdrawal, the inhumanity of it, and then we haven't heard squat since. Thank you President Biden for getting us the fuck out of Afghanistan.
  21. The war machine is always quite hungry, not specifically for war but always for money. In fact, I think George Carlin was wrong about religion being the all time champion of false promises and exaggerated claims. Still I don't see Biden saber rattling now or signaling anything military to come. If you know different, say different. What he has done is made clear and Putin has gotten the message that there will be economic pain to pay. We know that Putin has gotten that message because Putin has complained about it.
  22. Putin was a product of the Cold War. Putin was a KGB officer in Dresden when the Wall came down. His boss was so humiliated he committed suicide. I don't think the Cold War has ever ended for him. https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-32066222 How W the Stupid ever thought he understood this guy is beyond me. It's not that Putin is a genius either. It's just that W isn't that bright. Also, W was not a product of the Cold War. W was a product of Texas and very uninformed about anything outside despite his dad having been CIA Director, ..., despite having gone to Yale and then HBS. OT
  23. Except they didn't. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2014/11/06/did-nato-promise-not-to-enlarge-gorbachev-says-no/ There was a promise about forces in the former GDR which has largely been respected.
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