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  1. It turns out you're right on this one. Lack of coffee somehow turned police into Pelosi. That's the best explanation I can give.
  2. Yes, Gym Jordan spoke to Shitstain on 1/6. But I think Jeff is correct, that we should find out how much Pelosi knew about that phone call. What is she hiding?
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/01/14/trump-impeachment-healing-julius-caesar/ Alexandra Petri Julius Caesar, these Ides have been stressful for everyone, and I think the last thing the Roman people need right now is for you to be pointing fingers — at Brutus, at me, or at anyone, as you clutch at yourself and sink onto the Senate steps. Now is not the time to cast blame and call out names. Now is the time for healing. Please stop bleeding on my toga; that is a sad reminder of a hurtful time I hope we can put behind
  4. The DHS and FBI didn’t create an intelligence report for the rally. Exactly why they didn’t do this which they normally should have is a reasonable line of questioning.
  5. Yeah, that's not gonna work, Mister Expat.
  6. Yeah, I don't think so. Ok, I'm going to do some of your homework for you. You're welcome. There was no intelligence report for Pelosi and Bowser to ignore: But the DHS and the FBI do not create an intelligence report focused specifically on the upcoming pro-Trump rally. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/15/956842958/what-we-know-so-far-a-timeline-of-security-at-the-capitol-on-january-6 There was some raw intelligence shared by the Norfolk PD and sent to a Capitol Police desk sergeant. The MPD also got something but the email did not come with any sort of alert to its importance
  7. I think Shitstain was well aware of the intel reports when he ordered the DC Guard to protect the protesters and be stood down. I'm sure when he sent the crowd of 15,000 down Pennsylvania Ave saying I'll be with you that he knew that he'd told the DC Guard to stand down. The House + Senate Sergeants At Arms ordered that the Capitol Police not use lethal tactics but they didn't do that by Pelosi or Moscow Mitch's order. It then took 5 hours for the Guard to respond after being requested 12 times. At that point the insurrection had failed so it was just face saving. But Pelosi + Bowser are
  8. You know her house was shot up. Of course you do. You're a local.
  9. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/07/26/sununu-medical-freedom-vaccine-bills-endanger-public-health/ Performative libertarianism. I love it. Hat fucking tip. I may even give up on the term Fakebertarianism which I really like. Hi Tom!
  10. This paragraph eats itself.
  11. She sliced and diced Kevin McCarthy.
  12. Yeah, and I kinda showed with a cite that you were bullshitting about Monterey Park. It means you're a bullshitter. In answer to your question, Boothy doesn't even live in the US.
  13. Up in San Francisco, back in the 80s when Feinstein was mayor, she championed and the electorate passed a handgun ban (which was later overturned by the state court of appeals). Anyways, a crew of nutjobs, the White Panther Party gathered the necessary signatures for a recall of Feinstein for a measure which the voters passed. That's why.
  14. You're not even right on the $15 million ... even after you were corrected. And actually Gascón won by quite a bit. This is the map https://www.latimes.com/projects/2020-la-da-race-gascon-lacey-vote-analysis/ From the LA Times article: Perhaps the biggest upset came from areas where Black people make up the largest share of the population. Lacey, the first Black woman elected as county district attorney, is a Los Angeles native who attended high school in Baldwin Hills, an area considered to be a vital part of Black Los Angeles. In a drastic shift from the primary, Ga
  15. I know what you mean about the US but I think smart politicians are well thought of elsewhere and also by Democrats. Biden is pretty smart but Obama, Clinton and Carter were all very smart. But populism swings dumb and media favors populism.
  16. Oops. I guess we have a liar here. https://www.latimes.com/projects/la-district-attorney-race-top-donors/
  17. How can I look at the stats? The police have already cooked the books.
  18. I like Soros + Bloomberg. Again, you need to look it up and actually provide some cites for their war crimes. I'm not doing your homework. Lacey lost an election. She lost because she wouldn't prosecute law enforcement. And talk about a tool of Hollywood Elites, what about Lacey's refusal to prosecute Ed Buck or Bikram_Choudhury? The only reason she prosecuted Harvey Weinstein is that the NY DA already had. That's why Lacey lost, by quite a bit actually, 53.5 - 46.5, as in not close.
  19. Well, I was because I live here in Oakland.
  20. Republicans voted against having any on the left or right at all.
  21. I live here. I vote with my feet whereas you vote with your keyboard. Crime in Oakland has been declining certainly since the drug wars of the 90s. The increase in jobs and tax base in the Obama years after W's recession have helped Oakland a lot. There was an uptick this last year with COVID. You want to decrease crime? Increase jobs, otherwise shut the fuck up. We've tried your increase prison sentences. We incarcerate more than anyone in the world. It doesn't work. Jobs do. Well, we did have a shooting at the Federal Building. That was bad but it turned out that was an out of town
  22. Yeah, Jeff was doing this with his blaming DC Mayor Bowser for sending a letter saying she wanted DC to be kept in the loop for something happening in DC. That was clearly egregiously worse than Shitstain ordering the DC Guard to be stood down. The blood was equally on Boswer's hands. There's also this nonsense. House GOP blames Pelosi — not Trump — for Jan. 6 https://thehill.com/homenews/house/564988-house-gop-blames-pelosi-not-trump-for-jan-6
  23. Sol, I can explain that. The CA RWNJs want to create as much noise as possible for the Newsom recall. Republicans are trying to reclaim the law+order banner.
  24. And if you think they're bad, the American people are even worse.
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