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  1. I believe in the healing power of trade. Afghanistan has something to sell (besides heroin) we should buy it.
  2. The Senate overwhelmingly reauthorized the Voting Rights Act in 2006 and it's up to Biden to convince Manchin+Sinema. There seems to be something missing here and I don't think it has to do with Biden, Manchin or Sinema.
  3. It needs to be repeated daily in these parts but ... Thank you, President Biden for getting us the fuck out of Afghanistan. I'll take Biden for a second term over anything the Republicans have on offer. He is an extremely decent person and as someone who leans more progressive, he's been surprising. Nominating Lina Khan to chair the FTC was an inspired choice. Of course Comrade Jokov is invited to offer up his preferred candidates with much comedy to ensue. I'm pretty sure it would start with Shit and end with stain, except that I'm not expecting him to be so honest.
  4. Tom doesn't get distracted by those nontroversies. He concentrates on important matters like Fast + Furious, the gunwalking program started during W the Stupid's reign of dumbness as Operation Wide Receiver but which was perfected by the coke snorting Kenyan usurper. Tom concentrates on the important stuff.
  5. Tom's boy Rand wasn't being stupid. He was lying to his elk. Look, elk need to be lied to. They need what JD Vance called Shitstain before he became a Shitstainian himself, "an easy escape from the pain." Tom's boy wasn't so much lying as he was giving his elk an easy way out. Life's tough but it's easier if you're lied to.
  6. I guess it's a slow news day. I'll note that Rand Paul who ran for the libertarian Republican nomination in 2016 is out calling for Fauci to be fired. And Republicans are complaining about Hillary.
  7. Putin is no Deng Xiaoping. He's a garden variety strongman. I will say, before Mark gets the chance to, that Putin inherited an ultimately corrupt country and he settled some of that shit down. Yes, he's a massive upgrade over Yeltsin. But what he wants to do is Make Russia Great Again whereas Deng wanted to make China great. The first concentrates on the symbols and the second concentrates on the fundamentals. BTW, the ghost city nonsense started long after Deng ('75-'92) during Hu Jintao, around 2005.
  8. No, Putin isn't very very smart. Putin is certainly smarter than W the Stupid or Shitstain but you will have to concede that those are very low bars to clear. On the other hand, he's no match for Obama, Hillary or Angela Merkel. Biden is fairly disdainful of him which is probably just as well. Putin is probably in the Hall Of Slightly Above Average Who Didn't Annoy The Wrong Persons. What he is is well trained.
  9. The Nuland phone call was about EU inaction (really Brussels rather than member state inaction) in 2014. She was talking about Brussels bureaucrats who are there to be slow. That very slightly predates (but did not precipitate) Russia's annexation of Crimea. Note that Brussels != EU != NATO and 2014 != 2022. That's just me trying to straighten out the timeline of the Ukraine situation in my own head. Ukraine of reminds me of the Falkland Islands. Britain was getting ready to dispense with them and would have given them up for a Christmas card. But then the Junta went and invaded on the pr
  10. An enhanced driver’s license will get you into Canada at the border but not at the airport. But an EDL still means you have to wait in the long ass line for hours. You really want a Nexus card for that and that card will require … a passport.
  11. A seat at a JC or a state college costs money, basically the cost to run the place divided by the enrollment. The difference between tuition and that seat cost is the subsidy. CCSF has about 20,000 Full Time Equivalent Students and a budget of about $160M. So that's about $8000 per seat. Yeah China will burp and overwhelm us for even that deal. Residents don't pay that full freight; they get a pretty good deal instead. But we don't have to extend that deal to the PRC. From what I recall from a sailing buddy who taught there, PRC pays around $20,000. Even that's cheap. There is also t
  12. Amusingly, I will take her side on this, although I will phrase it differently. China is 1.4B people, more than 4 times the population of the US. They can+do burp and overwhelm the US university system. CA does charge a lot for PRC JC + state college students. I don't know if they set percentage limits but they also take a dim view of PRC at the UCs for undergrads. They are strictly merit for graduate school, at least at Berkeley. Texas, CA, ... definitafuckily shouldn't be subsidizing PRC students. They should be charging full freight and then some.
  13. Tom is not a member of the Duopoly. He's non-binary, although he really does look a lot more like one than the other.
  14. Ukraine should have gone the way of Czech + Slovakia. Of course, they did that early, 1993.
  15. Any truth to the rumor that the RNC is going to reincorporate in Texas?
  16. Beg to differ, but there is a Moore's Law of airplanes; it is of airplanes too. Wright's Law (sometimes called the Experience Curve) predates Moore's Law by half a century. https://ark-invest.com/wrights-law/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Experience_curve_effects#Wright's_law_unit_cost_curve It literally started with airplane manufacturing and is arguably more accurate than Moore's Law at predicting semiconductor densities and more generally useful.
  17. I think Walgreens lost the most and they exited the VC business. VCs get paid management and carry. They also get QSBS shares. Limited partners like Yale pay no taxes. I'm pretty sure that the WeWorks + Theranos are just the cost of doing business with any bad press written off as a morality play for the little people. Seriously, why should VCs care? No, I have no solution.
  18. Many passed but Draper didn't and that got her foot in the door. She was Stanford. He was Stanford. Done. That was the diligence. It's that first check, that lead investor. And that was Tim Draper, second generation SV VC. Silicon Valley needs to own this and I want accent the word needs rather own. Theranos was nothing compared to WeWork and Benchmark crows about how much they made from WeWork. This fraud shit deforms capitalism. A16Z is huge on crypto. SVB has a whole wine division. This shit ain't real. It's just bullshit.
  19. Silicon Valley definitely deserves to take it on the chin for Theranos. It was here. It wasn't there. It was here. Theranos leased the most pricey building, 1701 Page Mill, pretty much across the street from Stanford, down the street from HP and Wilson Sonsini. They leased 1701 from frickn' Stanford where she went to school for like a year. The building is about $850/sqft. This is where you move when you've made it. It was said to lease for $1M/month. Stanford backed her. They certainly looked the other way. I'd sure like to see the specifics of that lease. Someone at Stanford
  20. That's true but I think NATO wouldn't have put that out there if London, Paris + Ottawa were gonna get all huffy.
  21. RICO is criminal and I don't think the board members are going to get convicted of a crime. That crime would have been fraud and then they'd have KNOWN. There is a civil component to allow victims to sue but it still requires an underlying RICO crime. They can still be sued and then the question becomes whether they are covered by liability insurance. They were kind of treating it as a no show job, that they DIDN'T KNOW, and they were not taking their fiduciary responsibilities seriously. So maybe that doesn't fit under the liability shield. I guess we'll find out.
  22. You'll probably find that libertarians are poorly thought of, that is one of the posture's attractions, victimization, and that Tom is seen as an example rather than an exception. We all have decades of experience with libertarians by now. But perhaps we have some common ground here after all. I think Tom is a Fakebertarian, that he is trolling a false narrative of his 'libertarian' beliefs and that like Rand Paul, that he's actually just a garden variety conservative. Now a strawman is really not far from trolling. A strawman would be me mischaracterizing Tom's arguments. Trolling would
  23. https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2016/09/16/24565492/americas-largest-police-union-endorses-donald-trump https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/president-of-seattle-police-union-lambasted-for-comments-blaming-black-lives-matter-liberal-activists-for-u-s-capitol-siege/
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