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  1. 11 minutes ago, Movable Ballast said:

    Please point out where I said she paid for the dress or the ticket... Yay go Team "D"! 

    Right after you point out where anyone here said you said she paid for the dress or the ticket. We're familiar with the tactic. BTW, your boy Shitstain and Melania have been to the Met Gala. Paid, rather than invited. He wore the same suit every time.

    Anna Wintour gave AOC the tickets. I don't think she's getting fired.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, Ncik said:

    How would us regular Joe's know?

    But there is most definitely a big US air force base there, and it did have nukes. Both of those would surely antagonise the Chinese, if not the public, then definitely the leaders.

    Well, Japan did ask us to remove them.


    The Cold War is over and both US and Russia reduced the number of nukes.


    I don't think we have any on Okinawa or Diego Garcia. But have aircraft carriers and subs with nukes.

    Yeah, the Bulletin says outside of the US, we keep them in five European countries.

    Aviano and Ghedi in Italy; Büchel in Germany; Incirlik in Turkey; Kleine Brogel in Belgium; and Volkel in the Netherlands


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  3. 19 minutes ago, Ease the sheet. said:

    Because a nice arse trumps policy?


    FFS, no wonder a second rate tv celebrity can become president.

    If you're talking about AOC, I like her policy proposals and I'm in awe of her simple explanations that cut through a lot of nonsense. She's really a gifted communicator. Otherwise, the young lady has style. Some people just have style. It's not a bad thing.


    We know the Mum of Chum is dumb. As to the father, it's best to just think in terms of probabilities.

  4. 20 minutes ago, woodpecker said:

    That un-peer reviewed 'study' gets ripped to shreds in the comments. My favorite review is the first:

    Could the authors of this paper please explain why the affiliation of co-author Josh Stevenson with the COVID-contrarian group "Rational Ground" (https://rationalground.com/... is not being disclosed?

    Tracy Hoeg is a sports medicine doctor.


    Josh Stevenson is a web monkey.


    Alison Krug's other paper is:

    Youth ice hockey COVID-19 protocols and prevention of sport-related transmission

    This is some quality research here. Why don't you head back over to GA? It's a safe space for dumbfucks.
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  5. Tom would be along shortly except that he's busy circulating a petition to get his girl Caitlyn on Dancing With The Stars. Guy is concerned yet optimistic. Tom is still looking to double his signature count.

  6. 5 minutes ago, Jules said:

    But appearing at a minimum $35K/person event?

    She got comped in as a local high ranking New York official. The dress was a loan. Max chillage.

    Shockingly, conservatives want an ethics probe, not that accepting ball charity tickets are impermissible, they are, but rather that the Costume Institute ceded the guest list to Anna Wintour at Conde Nast, a non-socialist company.



  7. 23 minutes ago, Mark K said:

    There's been some opinion that the satellite instrumentation is getting so good they can spot a sub near the surface with ease, day or night. Stands out like a sore thumb. The diesels all have to spend a lot of time up there. That's probably the thinking.  

    Weapons systems don't last forever. We don't do dreadnoughts, cavalry, zeppelins, ... anymore.

  8. This is an old ethics debate, deontology vs utilitarianism, rules vs outcomes. There is no right answer but I'll admit that Vindman is right about usurping civilian authority and then proceed to ignore him on this.

    Robocop is programmed with prime directives (rules):

    • Serve the public trust
    • Protect the innocent
    • Uphold the law
    • Any attempt to arrest a senior officer of OCP results in shutdown
    Like any movie hero, Robocop can't just shoot the motherfucker already (outcomes). He must uphold his code, his prime directives. The trope is called a hero ball.


    Well yeah, fuck that shit. Thank you General Miley. And thank you, Colonel Vindman. I just don't agree with you in this case.


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  9. VR is busy volunteering at his local homeless shelter. BTW, Ventura hasn't been Ventucky for quite some time. It went for Hillary with 55.4% and for Biden with 59.5%. CA as a whole went for Hillary with 61.6% and for Biden with 63.5%.

  10. Gotta wonder why Australia wants subs at all but nuclear subs? They're scary expensive, like $2B, and loud whereas a diesel sub will only set you back $500M and can run dead silent on electric. Since Australia isn't in the nuclear deterrent game, these would be attack subs and diesel electric is at a very high art. But if your mission is to spend money, sure.

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  11. I'll spare you the arithmetic but if the remaining 30% of the vote breaks 50-50, Newsom wins with 60.7%. This is important to me because I have a $1 bet with the sister thing that Newsom breaks 60%.

    One person who has to be pissed is Kevin Falcouner. Dude got crushed and he was the only realistic chance the Caliban had to run statewide. He got beat bad by a late entry hate radio host.

    One person who has to be happy is Dianne Feinstein. No one really cares now when she dies although we'd all appreciate it if she just got it over with. Do they serve jello shots at the 4 o'clock senior buffet?

    13 minutes ago, Jules said:

    That 2/3 vs 1/3 looks familiar.  Maybe that 1/3 of Americans who don't like how America works need to go find another place to live. 

    What's that they keep saying?  America, love it or leave it?  So leave!

    I think most of the Boothys in UHauls heading to points cheap are coming from that 1/3.

    Fox News has gone silent.


  12. 1 hour ago, Bus Driver said:

    How long before California Republicans start another recall petition?

    Is there a recommended waiting period?

    I don't seriously think they'll do it but if you want to game it out ...


    There is no waiting period and there is no deadline. The rules are so loose--they're meant for adults--that the Caliban could have already started a recall during this recall. In fact it took quite awhile to gather the 1.4M signatures. They first started doing recall petitions in 2019. You can sign more than one! This one started in June of 2020.


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