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  1. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/u-s-and-nato-reject-russian-demand-that-alliance-not-admit-new-members
  2. Look, we took in Pamela Anderson when she was young and penniless. It's the least you could do.
  3. It’s really a city vs rural divide, Yuppies vs Walmart cowboys. BTW, what happened to Nevada there? Nevada is mostly sand and spit and most of the spit is in that triangle called Las Vegas.
  4. Vin Webber referred to them as Dope Smoking Republicans. Reliable votes when necessary and ain't a never gonna vote for the Dems even if they legalized weed. Hi Tom!
  5. Tom will be along shortly to say that these brave 2A Warriors are all there is separating us from lawlessness. The answer to guns is more guns. But I see that our J6 warriors have derailed the thread.
  6. Yes. We've had at least two dead children in CA on account of shoot first, think later cops.
  7. I was kind of amused that the Minister would post this article.
  8. Tom will be along shortly to say that Ted is very strongly on the 2A.
  9. 3.9% unemployment is pretty low. Jokov needs to complain about the price of gas.
  10. There was a pause in the Fox/Rush vitriol after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. But just a pause.
  11. A Boy And His Dog. Age restricted and a bunch of other things too.
  12. Meli's girl Melania plagiarized Michelle Obama speech at the 2016 RNC. No one was fired and no apology. She plagiarized Obama again in her Be Best campaign. No one was fired and no apology. It happens.
  13. No, sweeping this piece of shit under the carpet doesn't make it go away. He's in the news because Republicans still adhere to him. He's the odds on favorite for their nomination in 2024.
  14. I used to judge breakfast spots by the number of newspaper racks. I delivered newspapers as a kid. I remember little black books. I remember going out on a date so bad that I went home, tore out her page and burned it. I remember letters. I had a girlfriend in Italy and I used to drive to the post office at SFO which was open late (good for tax returns too) because the letter got there a day sooner.
  15. This is imagining that there’s some live Republicans haven’t crossed which by virtue of their not having crossed it makes them ok. No, they nominated and voted for Shitstain, twice. He was a monstrous disaster of a president. It was a symbiotic race to the bottom between Shitstain and his elk. But somehow if they’d have offed Pence suddenly Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead breaks out in unison? Some jagoff attacked health care workers down in Tustin who were only trying to keep people alive. Where is the national ground swell? You can imagine these nutjobs haven’t crossed a line.
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