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  1. And if you think they're bad, the American people are even worse.
  2. The elderly are an easy target in Vancouver BC. That would be the case unless Canadians are angels or their elderly are superhuman. I'm 6'4" 220 and people don't fuck with me so much, even in Vancouver. Boxer is 80 and 4'11". Who do you think a perp is going to choose? https://www.flashalert.net/id/VancouverPD BTW, I like former Senator Boxer. I like her about a billion times more than Feinstein and I lived in Feinstein's precinct, lived in SF when she was mayor. I was surprised that Boxer at 80 was actually living in JLS. Probably a grandkids thing; her son lives in Oakland. She als
  3. That was because your boy Shitstain ordered the DC Guard to hold back and the now departed Sergeants at Arms ordered the Capitol Police not to use deadly force. Bit of a difference between that and say BLM protesting at the Lincoln Memorial which is not the center of American government. It's almost like your boy wanted this to happen. Oh right, he sent the crowd:
  4. It happens. I live in Oakland. I knew that Boxer had property in Jack London. It's kind of a tragically never quite hip area which skews young. I was surprised she was still living there. She was a Marin County supervisor and represented a Marin+Sonoma district in the House before getting elected Senator. Jack London would make sense if you were into sailing or boating. Otherwise, why live in JL if you're old? At 80 years old, she was an easy target. Same thing happens in Chinatown with elderly Chinese. Talking on your cell phone, unaware, old, drive by, hit, grab + drive off. That wouldn
  5. The Constitution of the Confederate States sed: (4) No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed. Sec. 2. (I) The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in the several States; and shall have the right of transit and sojourn in any State of this Confederacy, with their slaves and other property; and the right of property in said slaves shall not be thereby impaired. (3) No slave or other person held to service or labor in any State or Territory of the C
  6. What were they in it for besides slavery (which they damn well were in it for)?
  7. But wait! There’s more! https://talkingpointsmemo.com/muckraker/2019-charges-reveal-more-allegations-in-barrack-uae-influence-campaign
  8. I'm going to work through that but I have some family obligations today. Later.
  9. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2021/07/26/texas-rep-matt-schaefer-cites-taliban-reply-abortion-law-critic/8091710002/ This will probably get deleted.
  10. Gerow apparently drove for several miles with the motorcycle stuck to the front of his car, according to a witness. A highway construction worker told Spotlight PA/The Philadelphia Inquirer that he was working on the turnpike’s eastbound lanes Wednesday night when he saw a Mercedes pass by with a motorcycle wedged into its grill. The worker, Nicholas Forgette, who works for a traffic control company in Pottstown, said sparks were flying from the car and that it was traveling at a high rate of speed. He and his crew, he said, watched in disbelief. “It was a big motorcycle,
  11. Things have gotten worse and it's natural to fuzz history over. I have to force myself to mentally reconstruct this stuff. Most importantly, this was all happening in a national post-9/11 frame of mind. First, W allowed 9/11. He discounted the warning signs just as he ignored Katrina. W had already screwed the pooch in Tora Bora in 2001. He was already diverting what little attention he had from OBL to Saddam in 2001. He fucked up the one thing we wanted as a nation, get OBL. I think he expanded the Afghanistan campaign from get OBL to nation building to paper over the failure at Tor
  12. He'll be getting hard time at a Federal Pound Me In The Ass Penitentiary. The tourist who walked in, looked around and walked out got 8 months. This fuckhead is getting a lot more. He's currently out on bail under house arrest. The judge seems to think he's a lesser if famous case. https://www.thegazette.com/crime-courts/judge-agrees-to-free-iowa-qanon-believer-douglas-jensen-charged-in-capitol-riot/
  13. There in NZ, your electrical power generation is mostly hydroelectric, 57% and geothermal+wind account for another 17%. So switching from gasoline cars which use 100% gasoline over to EVs which currently (get it, currently; honestly, I kill myself) uses 81% renewable electricity seems like a good thing. Do you need me to explain rugby rules as well? Sailing? Honestly, I'm here to help. Have you considering emigrating to Australia? From the looks of it, both countries would get smarter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electricity_sector_in_New_Zealand#Generation
  14. They did arrest him. Why is he #1 on your list? https://apnews.com/article/capitol-siege-482d84c74263ba66a6a5c533011ebdde https://www.justice.gov/usao-dc/defendants/jensen-douglas-austin
  15. I’ve never checked someone’s arrest record. (Maybe BigCorp farms that out, dunno) Why do you Republicans want the state to nanny for you? Can’t you figure out if someone is bad by, you know, talking to them and checking references?
  16. Ahem, @Sol Rosenberg #FreeBritney
  17. Sorry Sol, you're too slow. https://www.instagram.com/p/CRsKtxOgtcF/ #FreeBritney
  18. You can have two felonies expunged. This is state by state and your experience in NC will be different than ours in CA. You can also have no felonies expunged for things like murder, .... Also, expungement is not free. You need a lawyer and lawyers cost money plus filing fees.
  19. Two of my buddies from Cal, one literally did a home invasion robbery when he a drug dealer. The other, I don't know exactly what he did but he got his record expunged. He's a managing director of a hedge fund in NY with the requisite gorgeous wife and house in the Hamptons. But what I am I talking about? They were white.
  20. Point me at some reliable sites. List what he's doing wrong. Best I can tell, he campaigned on criminal justice reform and is doing what he campaigned on. Also, I got no problems with Soros or Bloomberg. I think the Newsom recall is stupid but that didn't keep 1.7M Fresnans from signing. I thought the Gray Davis recall was stupid. The energy crisis was caused by Pete Wilson's deregulation.
  21. I don't blame the Iraq War on Cheney either. I blame it on W. If Medea Benjamin of Code Pink was W's VP, he was still going to attack Iraq. It was a family thing after Saddam tried to have H assassinated when H visited Kuwait for his victory lap. W wasn't even that upset about 9/11 and saw it more as an opportunity. Fuck him. W didn't even appear with Obama after OBL got dead.
  22. The best I can figure out is that Gascón is anti-death penalty which is fine by me. Otherwise this is a bunch of red meat for Shitstain supporters. I see Steve Cooley is back in the game. He lost to Kamala Harris for AG. Also, it was the victim's mother; I got that wrong.
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