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  1. BTW, I just paid $743 (granted, late) to clear a speeding ticket for 10 miles over. I still have to do traffic school, pay for that and pay for the processing. So I totally feel for this piece of shit.
  2. He didn’t participate in the damage other than being there. So I’m ok with 8 months, $2000 and felony. I’d like to see No Fly List.
  3. #1 also had to pay a $2000 fine as per his plea deal.
  4. Regular people get it crammed into in their faces regularly in Texas. I’d rather live in CA.
  5. No. That’s Burn This Bitch To The Ground thinking. Fewer guns and tighter gun regulations means fewer deaths.
  6. Voting is state by state and this was a federal offense tried in DC. So it's a little complicated. A lot complicated.
  7. I think we've moved past Darwin. We're at the Principle of Competitive Exclusion.
  8. I give zero credit for politeness. Dog was polite. Dog was a liar.
  9. He wasn't involved in physical violence. But he prepared for it (rope, latex gloves, ...) and he never turned back. He was part of the violence. He's a felon now and he's going to prison. I'd like to see him on the No Fly List as well.
  10. They don't call that regulatory capture which has to do with regulation and not defense spending. You know that regulatory capture has to do with regulation because that's what it says on the tin. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/regulatory-capture.asp
  11. Ok, so now you're lying about not spouting vaccine hesitancy bullshit.
  12. The F35 is a pork project. Medicare Part D is a pork project; indeed Medicare Part D prevents price competition. Also, Franklin didn't say that.
  13. We have as much socialism as anywhere. The F35 is socialism. Medicare Part D is socialism. We're just not very good at it. Also, Franklin didn't say that.
  14. Curiously stupid question. 60% for May 11 (2 months ago) is actually pretty good. The US as a whole today is only at 48% fully vaccinated. Serious question: why are you spouting vaccine hesitancy bullshit? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/covid-19-vaccine-doses.html
  15. Apparently, and I guess it's freshwater surfing, too. https://www.blogto.com/sports_play/2012/07/where_to_surf_in_toronto/
  16. Britney plays piano, pretty well actually. The band above is The Surfrajettes, a Toronto surf band. That's the best surf cover I've heard in awhile. Well, I guess you have to like the song being covered which I do. I went through their iTunes catalog but Toxic was the only thing I really liked.
  17. We had the same problem with Vietnam. The POW/MIA community felt they had veto power over everything. They didn't want to reestablish diplomatic and trade relations. In 1995, Clinton kind of just did it, reestablished an embassy. He had the advantage of McCain + Kerry being in the Senate and favoring it. And now that sad chapter is over. Rubio and Cruz are Cubans but they're self serving idiots. I believe Menendez is also anti-normalization. So after Obama re-established an embassy, Republicans have refused to confirm ambassadors and so we have had a litany of chargé d'affaires ad interim
  18. Oakland says hold my beer. Back in 2011, Oakland elected a progressive mayor, Jean Quan, via ranked choice. She was a bit of dingbat but her heart was in the right place; she was born here and truly loved her city. The bureaucracy felt otherwise. Her first day of office, the police towed her car and the fire department ticketed her house for overgrowth. The police also ran the most thorough speed trap up on Mountain where she'd received the most votes, 50-100 cops just randomly pulling cars over. Then they waited for her to be on a trade junket to Asia to brutally crack down on Occupy, basical
  19. That article was about testimony from May 11. Fauci didn't state a fact. He made an estimation, a guess about then, in answer to a question from Senator Burr of NC. You know I’m not 100% sure, senator. But I think it’s probably a little bit more than half, probably around 60%. If you want to make a claim about vaccine hesitancy at the CDC now, you need a better and more current fact to base it on.
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