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  1. Sorry - should be clueless - not glueless - still thinking off the horse I backed that came second last weekend, that should get the green dream and go to the glue factory! Sorry - back to boats.
  2. Billy E Goat - we are talking about Marketing Exec's who would sell the TV rights to their mother's bowel operation for a moderate ammount of cash (which would possibly see them able to put some petrol in their Audi's) to allow them travel to their next victim's office where they have another chance to promise the world and delivery doom to some poor glueless suspect. As for the privacy act - this would be laughed at by the marketers and given the old chestnut - "no this is the norm now - everybody does this a standard procudure when a company wants a customer list - honestly, nothing (for
  3. Looked like some good racing over the Lipton Regatta - there was an Adams 10 that lost its mast in the last race on Damp Saturday. A real pity for the guys as they were only about a hundred or so metres from the finish line with what looked like a "surprise" gybe and down it all came. Pity because based on times it looked like they may have had that race in the bag. That would have given the guys 3 bullets and a nice position to sit in at the end of what was a long,tiring and difficult day. The boat with its new rags (all round) was flying and going high and fast - the sails looked great - a
  4. Hell Flatbag - only 47 rums or beers and the hamburger then a "lookoutunder" I hope this happened on the way out to the start line for the morning race? Maybe you should alter your breakfast intake to Vodka & Orange instead of rum?? Anyway - back to the tread - the regatta pricing is ridiculous. Overheard a "crew person" last night bletting that most people were narrow minded and stupid to think that RGYC were overchanging - that it was more than reasonable costings and that we should all just grow up. Her thought process was that for $750(?) for 14 races was cheap, if your boat had 6 pe
  5. God Flippin Out - I am also becoming very worried about the ways of the world - Walrus making sense - what is going wrong??? All of these years and posts!!! I am now nearly proud to be jumping on to the "Walrus Bandwagon" The RGYC is out of control with these charges and the only way to end this lunacy is to "Vote with the Boat" - Don't go! I believe in my heart of hearts that RGYC know that is an outrage to charge this but they are to Corporate driven and fucking greedy to back down and they are having a punt that all of us dumb yachties will "just give them another chance to see if
  6. I hear that both BIG boats are for sale - Shogun and Dolly - and skippers are looking at a big ditch effort for the next E22 worlds in AUS, God knows it has to be cheaper.
  7. Thanks OCS - As said - not sure on all involved but great effort by all. Well done on listing the guys from RGYC - I hope I have not left any one out - All guys from any Melbourne fleet - A big well done
  8. Very well said Flat Bag - We all snipe one and other from time to time but when something like this happens it makes us all aware how precious life is and how loved ones can be lost so quickly. I was only talking to Bernie and Robert about a week or so ago at Royals and they were all so happy and carefreee. They would have received the news maybe the next day. How suddenly life can change. My heartfelt condoloences to the Case family. On a lighter (sic) note and with a direct link to the Melbourne Big Boat Fleet Thread - a big boat sailor from within this link is sitting (I think) 3rd
  9. Great thought from you Flattie - along with OCS, I also agree that it would be a great idea. In case of interest, I believe the funeral will be at Willy (Nelson Bros) with a wake at SYC - no day or times as yet and this has NOT been 100% confirmed. I will try to confirm with Nitro when he returns with Peter's body the details and will post. Nitro only left Melb. on Monday or Tuesday to go back o/s to continue his campaign and was greeted (sic) by this news and will accompany with others (Damo King I think) the body back - a difficult thing for anyone to do. Black flags would be a fitt
  10. Hey Walrus, I got out a bit early from my meeting - raced home got my PFD - notebook - dictaphone and my camera, even had to stop and have "A nervous twinkle" due to the excitement factor of finally getting the chance to maybe have a steer or at least sit on a A10. And I get down to Royals ( nice front fence ) and there is NO ONE THERE - WTF!!!!! I'm going back to SYC where I can get ignored by a better class of person
  11. Thanks for your post Don, I know if you had a boat you would have been there, even maybe with a 8 mt. cat !! I understand that you also have a dislike with the current set-up withh the AC, understanding and accepting all of this - I struugle as to why you or parties from other clubs do not get together and start some talks about some (any)talks about some changes for next year. Rather than just say about money that a club is generating from it, gee, it was great to see all the competitors that sailed all come over for the presentation, and spend all that money over the bar and the kitchen (ye
  12. Yes, that may well be the case, why then don't you put in a great team ( which you could if you wanted to and put your ego's aside) win the old mug back and measure the income stream it could generate to your club. Or as others have said - It just doesn't matter to you?? Tradation ceases when effort is lost, there are a lot of good and deserving names on that trophy, (from all clubs) put that thought before your own. Not directed straight at you Don, but worthy of a thought It is my belief that each club picks the best team available. SYC entered the best boats and crews avail
  13. I see by the bookings, that this could be a sell out and a lot of people are keen to have a look at these cool but old boats, I have a meeting first thing - Walrus, would it be possible to reserve a berth in the second sitting, say about 10.30??? Always up to learning something where I can. Thanks for the offer.
  14. Yeah, I agree Chucky, they may not have had the A team but don't take away from Royals, it was a good win and well done to all concerned. Also check the previous posts, I have said well done to all that made the effort. I hope that someone can take it away next year, bring it on!!
  15. phb - it is only my honest opinion, not a dig at anyone in particular, but a lot of guys at Sandy have invested ?? a lot of money in having specialist boats built by guys that know how to build great boats, but they are all after an edge, and that edge is received when all the planets aline in a particular order and as we know, this does not happen very often. Royals have been guilty of this also but with a difference, the boats that are designed to reach like the wind (sorry for the pun) still go out and represent themselves and the club even knowing that the weather gods will be against them
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