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  1. John Booth passed away a couple years ago. He was a great source for anything tbird. I think Vidas has most of the bits now. Vidas should have some idea where you can find one. I know he sold Owl to Port Townsend a few years ago.
  2. Use diamond pattern. For lots of drainage. I've seen no problems.
  3. Hey, glad you had fun in crw. lots of stuff works. We have used foam from camping pads, it works well, but does compress over time. Hydroturf, seadek, raptor, all good stuff too. Talk with Dan K at Raptor, a site advertiser.
  4. His rating is 171 I think compared to old of 196. I think 242 rates 165 in NW.
  5. I think fleet captain, Alex Fox, owns a t bird atm. Try talking to him or Vidas Stukas at rvic. Vidas has a Turbobird now. He put a flush deck, moved the mast aft 18", swept spreaders and new keel with bulb. He can hang in with M242 in Wed nights.
  6. Let's start with properly funding public education?
  7. Here is a photo of our damage. The compression post punched through the T beam
  8. Fix it. There are many boats that have had a failed T beam. Ours did in 2015, hull# 591, which is a 2005. We fixed it and continue to sail it at a high enough level for weekend warriors. Our fix was done by a pro, as the damage included the coach house. It wasn't that bad for the fix, he said, but grinding is shitty in confined space.
  9. We have a twist shackle for head of jib in heavier air. I tie with dyneema in the lighter air to give me some height.
  10. Why didn't you all try to buy Canada out? I say we strike a deal. We have a 2 trillion gdp, 25 year amortization, 10% down. I'd be willing to sell out for 300 trillion. That would be be about 300000/per person per year for next 25 years. Surprised Trump didn't try it.
  11. Feel better? Sounds like you are just another republican snowflake.
  12. We keep the heater outside, next the pike hole, the igloo is for the chillin the brewskis.
  13. We just got electricity in our igloos last week. But we have been using flex seal for years to build our canoes.
  14. 3 Days Long. I've got/had those. Not a chance, my wife would kill me if I put the kids on that. She seen when it falls to bits. Plus I dont want to polute the lake with flakes of mylar as it disintegrates. Im not sacrificing a 3di either.
  15. Thanks for help. My sewing machine should cope with a #20 needle, ive used it on webbing before. I only need 2 pieces 32" x 90" so 3 yards at 72" with isn't so bad.
  16. I've got an old Unicorn Acat. The dacron tramp is toast. What is a good modern material for making a new one? My sailmaker gave me a quote, not a bad price either, but this free boat and I dont want spend to much on it, so likely will make it myself.
  17. I wish we could use a different paddle wheel on the tactick. We have airmar shorty. I would much prefer to use the Signet one. We don't have depth on ours, not a feature we want to look for either. I know one team, Mikey, has there boats fully kitted out with wind instruments. It could be handy for wind shifts, but calibration is tough on a boat with mast that can bounce around at the tip.
  18. Science moves forward. Fauci is no more a liar then Issac Newton. Newton's theories have been supplanted by more complete theories. Einstein's theories will eventually be as well. Science is not stagnant, and just because we thought the earth was held up by atlas at one point doesn't mean it is absolute truth.
  19. It is old, but still works. Sailmaster or Racemaster I can't remember. We keep it in window sill when not in use to keep the batteries alive. I will replace when the batteries die.
  20. We use a velocity prostart, and have tactick with speedo. We sail in lots of current, so it can be useful.
  21. Yes a couple of election cycles from now a lot of the old guard will be gone, the new more polarized factions will have figured out how to pull it off.
  22. This is more like the beer hall putsch of 1923. By 1933 the nazis had their shit together.
  23. Goes like this, sing a long. Dumb, dumb, dumb, Dada dumb. We love the leader. The leader is good The leader is great We surrender our will As of this date. It took Homer longer to pick it up than the GOP faithful.
  24. I'm pretty sure that is Mark Henry . Henry is better than that. I think its more like this
  25. Aren't those old buiding just stolen architecturally from long ago civilizations? I'd rather something new and interesting, make a talking point out of it.
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