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  1. I'm fine with my melges the way it is. My biggest issue with hiking is I have to shave my pubes so they don't get torn out while I'm hiking. I'm not hiking on my gut, but my hips take the load. My wife hikes harder than me, but I'm triming and snacktictian in our program. We do just fine in the big regattas, worlds, n.a. and Nationals.
  2. The vaccines are not about spreading at this point in the endemic. It is about keeping people alive and out of if hospitals.
  3. We've hit the low 20s in the melges 24 at the gorge. Velocitek had us at 21.x, against the current! Sailing to Hawaii on a tp52 we mid 20s. On both boats the paddle wheel was out of the water.
  4. Hagar under the tent ready for some love
  5. Best advice is to call the guys in Zenda and seek advice. Interlux performance epoxy for the foils. Standard white gelcoat Keep the foils thin. R/P did a great job on the design. Rebuilding the trailing edge is tricky. With out pics it is hard to tell how far you have to go. Most of our small hull repairs have been done with epoxy. White awlgrip for older masts, newer ones use clear coats. I've seen older ones painted silver, or black too.
  6. Another thing to consider is making sure the leech of jib is similar to main. I've seen and been a trimmer to focused on a jib or a main, while forgetting to big picture of the whole sail plan.
  7. Called "boom" for a reason. I've been hit twice during a gybe in 10 years. Not fun. I don't plan on making it a regular thing.
  8. Go Sarah Douglas. Canada is rooting for ya.
  9. My father inlaw did an analysis of the sediment in their basin. The marina needed dredging. The toxic soup needed expensive disposal. He noted a few interesting things. There was a higher copper, platinum, zinc readings in basin then the control. There is no platinum in boats BTW. The highway runs next to the marina and the runoff from the cars was main source of the copper, zinc and platinum. Lots of Copper from brake pads, platinum from catalytic converters, zinc I can't remember. A good scientist will take samples from a few different sources to figure out what variables are most import
  10. You talk a lot of shit about Republicans owning it. You are just another old fart who can't take responsibility too. This shit was still going on when you were of voting age. It was ended by the time I was born. So fucking own it. We have a responsibility to our country and its people to adress this.
  11. 1 child dieing without their parents is too many. It doesn't matter why the kids died. They were stolen from their parents by us, white christian Canadians. We owe more than we could ever pay. The cause of death is irrelevant, the crime is the Indian Acts of the past and its agents. The churches ran most of these schools but not all, some of the schools were run by provincial governments. So blaming the churches is bullshit. Our governments allowed this, and wrote laws to punish parents who refused. It is bullshit and racist not to recognize the totalitarian roll our country played in their
  12. The residential schools are a national embarrassment. Kids were taken by force away from their parents. First nation Kids aged 3 and up were stolen for reprogramming by our country. If parents didn't send their kids to the schools the parents were sent to jail. Finding 215 Kids buried in a Kamloops residential school is so sad. 215 Kids who died without the parents. Nameless Graves, nameless dead children.
  13. John Booth passed away a couple years ago. He was a great source for anything tbird. I think Vidas has most of the bits now. Vidas should have some idea where you can find one. I know he sold Owl to Port Townsend a few years ago.
  14. Use diamond pattern. For lots of drainage. I've seen no problems.
  15. Hey, glad you had fun in crw. lots of stuff works. We have used foam from camping pads, it works well, but does compress over time. Hydroturf, seadek, raptor, all good stuff too. Talk with Dan K at Raptor, a site advertiser.
  16. His rating is 171 I think compared to old of 196. I think 242 rates 165 in NW.
  17. I think fleet captain, Alex Fox, owns a t bird atm. Try talking to him or Vidas Stukas at rvic. Vidas has a Turbobird now. He put a flush deck, moved the mast aft 18", swept spreaders and new keel with bulb. He can hang in with M242 in Wed nights.
  18. Let's start with properly funding public education?
  19. Here is a photo of our damage. The compression post punched through the T beam
  20. Fix it. There are many boats that have had a failed T beam. Ours did in 2015, hull# 591, which is a 2005. We fixed it and continue to sail it at a high enough level for weekend warriors. Our fix was done by a pro, as the damage included the coach house. It wasn't that bad for the fix, he said, but grinding is shitty in confined space.
  21. We have a twist shackle for head of jib in heavier air. I tie with dyneema in the lighter air to give me some height.
  22. Why didn't you all try to buy Canada out? I say we strike a deal. We have a 2 trillion gdp, 25 year amortization, 10% down. I'd be willing to sell out for 300 trillion. That would be be about 300000/per person per year for next 25 years. Surprised Trump didn't try it.
  23. Feel better? Sounds like you are just another republican snowflake.
  24. We keep the heater outside, next the pike hole, the igloo is for the chillin the brewskis.
  25. We just got electricity in our igloos last week. But we have been using flex seal for years to build our canoes.
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