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  1. is sailing an athletic sport or is it an activity that should be done as not to get one's blue blazer sweaty?
  2. Speng


    I'd do away with the cuddy cabin for the club version
  3. Julian, is the Vivace design a production boat or custom build?
  4. also required mast inertia depends on how you rig it...
  5. I think the TS/ORC boats are also oriented for the tropics as AFAIK the default is for a fabric rear to the bridgedeck same as the Asia Cats. I can see the idea but to me it is risky if you don't have watertight doors to the hulls as you could get water, criminals, bugs, or other invaders into the boat. I'm not sure if either have a Seawind style trifold door which I'm a big fan of as well. Both lines to me are pretty nice. You get a lot of customization, they're proven quick, they seem to be good value for the $$, they're both attractive to me. I prefer the transverse bunk orientat
  6. No answers to your questions but AFAIK Farrier's patent's run out ages ago as he acknowledged (he was always surprised people hadn't copied it)
  7. That's unfortunate... I don't know how many Beneteau dealers there are in the USA and I guess they're not required to maintain dealer stock? For a boat that size they should be otherwise they wouldn't and then you don't have any demo boats and then they can't sell. The home office should realize they look stupid promoting a boat here that their dealers won't try to sell because the the profit on even a container full of 14s is probably less than one Oceanis. if you were a big group buyer then I suppose you could order direct from Europe, if you could fit a dozen in a container it'd be wo
  8. 80lb difference in displacement is significant although they're not exactly talking about the same thing. For reference: RS200: LOA: 13ft BOA: 6ft Hull/Sailing weight: 172/251 lb main/jib/kite: 98.3/29.7/89 sq ft 470: LOA/BOA: 15ft 5 in/5ft 7 in Hull weight: 260lb Main/jib/kite: 98.2/38.5/140 sq ft
  9. Yes but (1) my point was that we (after these types of boats became the standard everywhere else in the modern world) that the USA has two to choose from that aren't a scow, catamaran or trap skiff. Not that there's anything wrong with any of these but they're not mass market like a sail-with-the-wife-or-kids, sit-in, two-person dinghy. (2) also the Johnson 18 (I've only ever seen one on the hard) looks like a big boat for two larger, stronger guys.
  10. If I knew how to windurf and lived in a place with good conditions for it I'm not sure if any cheap and cheerful dinghy except maybe a beachcat can compare speed-wise
  11. Nah, there were some bits where you could, in fact, hear all the boat-y noises and Olympic sailors talk a lot!
  12. How does it compare to Beneteau 14? It's 2021 and the USA has two 2-person, sit-in, asymmetrical dinghies you can buy...
  13. actually pretty much everything has two year waits now AFAIK
  14. Zonks, because "everybody" thinks wood is "nautical" like blue blazers, captain's hats and docksiders? TBH it's probably pretty easy relative to painting: you buy a bunch of pre-made cored panel and glue on some 1mm wood veneer on the face(/s), CNC cut the pieces and glue on some wood to make the edges look neater et voila you have something that look like quality home cabinets. Not saying it's what i want or what's best but it's cheap and easy. and the customer 9/10 likes it. Also in this case I assume the GB interior is built to order so this is, in fact, exactly what the customer wante
  15. The thing I didn't get about the Stiletto revival attempt was the need to go with an all-singing, all-dancing CF, lifting foil boat. Even the pre-preg construction is IMO not necessary. It's nice and lots of original Stilettos are still in great condition from the back in the day but who know if the pre-preg construction was absolutely necessary to get that longevity. I felt like they could've gone with an infused fiberglass boat with a more budget approach considering you are going against established Corsair and Farrier designs (and how well are those selling BTW?) in a market that's not hot
  16. I like the idea of a small multipurpose cat. Not sure if I like the details. Evidently the people behind it had something to do with the Stilletto failure. https://phillipsboatworks.com/boat-building/ph850-catamaran/ph850-catamaran-coming-soon/
  17. Are there still any other manufacturers of Farrier designs other than Farrier since they're only doing the F-22?
  18. Balance might still be offering the 451 on the cheap
  19. If I had a VPN, which country should I set it to do it isn't geo-blocked? I would really like to be able to watch complete races. Thanks
  20. Most dinghies with blade jibs don't put away the jib when flying the spinnaker. the only one I know of the is Buccaneer and that boat is unique in having a genoa with a lot of overlap which would make handling the genoa and spinnaker difficult. I think the Buccaneer uses a "structural furler" where the forestay wire is the furler wire and the jib is a zip luff.
  21. other links: https://www.marsaudon-composites.com/custom/voiliers-de-croisiere/mrs-b-525/ https://www.boatflex.com/en/boats/10118 https://www.inautia.com/used-boat-32895080201269495648665454674557.html engine-wise it has 2x37hp Nanni diesels (some websites show 1x74hp) Dunno if anyone's seen it in Martinique
  22. I was interested in the Ts3. They built a nice looking prototype but the boat builder in Spain doesn't have any mention of the boat on their page and the latest news is from 2019... https://ts3catamaran.com/ https://www.mestralmarineworks.com/
  23. St some point would like to see this boat in person. Seems pretty minimalist but also attractive. https://12knots.com/en/yacht-charter/mrs-b-525/water-music-mmk1672185030000103066/
  24. There were a couple Aussie geezers a few years back that did a Sydney Hobart then sailied direct to England to do the Fastnet and then sailed back to Oz. Anybdy know where their logs are?
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