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  1. When a Legend says it's not cool...
  2. As long as they get to the canaries they can strat the second leg. It has happened before that a competitor arrives after the time limit and are classed DNF in the first leg.
  3. Lately I have been thinking looking at the decisions boats are taking that they follow too blindly the routage programs. Everybody was saying before the start that the forecasts were confusing. Taking that into account why would you take such a big risk departing from the direct track... That said the imocas coud have assumed that following the same track as the Germans would ensure finishing behind them, given the conditions. So they tried something different to try to beat them...
  4. Looking at the forecast I would say wind coupled with a dedicated sail for the conditions
  5. Well, 11th is looking very strong. According to my previous comments I guess that explains why they are pros and I am just a sailing fan.
  6. Wow, if things stay like now 11th will be at the front in one hour!
  7. Looks like linkedout finished changing a sail and now is making 20 knots. Afterburners on!
  8. I agree, but it's always cool to see the underdog winning.
  9. Now team Germany first... Would love to see them winning.
  10. BTW thats the ECMWF model that updates at 1000 (utc+2), so it makes sense
  11. Wind is filling in from the W. So I guess it makes sense to gain south and catch it first...
  12. they were just ahead of linkedout before gybing
  13. And linkedout doing 6 knots. Amazing to watch
  14. Yes could be a wrong positioned TSS... Lets see!
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