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  1. The US college sailing rule is easier to police... mast can't go past vertical more than once.
  2. What happened to Paige Railey in Radial race 1?
  3. Always need a T10 in the family Glenn?
  4. There's a Netflix video (Operation Varsity Blues?). John V is the only coach that appears on the film. His impression of the athletics department is pretty much as the OP describes. The only thing he was asked when he saw the AD was how much do you have in donations.
  5. The edited version was MUCH easier to watch. Congrats to the whole crew.
  6. If they haven't been mentioned yet, Steve Goodman and Leonard Cohen were both pretty good songwriters.
  7. Mosaic at U of Illinois NCSA 1992
  8. July 11, 1997 when Philipe Kahn took the first camera phone pic of his newborn daughter
  9. Oh my, sad to hear that. I've known Ed for quite a while, he used to work a few floors above me at U of I.
  10. Does anybody know of largeish 7 segment displays that can be seen in daylinght? Most LEDs seem to get washed out in daylight. LCD would work. If it's easily driven with I2C or something similar would be good as well. Thanks
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