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  1. Is it just me or was a totally forseeable consequence of them delaying the start so much that coverage ended so soon, I certainly think the last 20min delay shouldn't have happened.
  2. Duct tape your handheld to the tiller, that should work. Lol
  3. The problem with getting people to watch sailing isn't necessarily the coverage itself but rather the small number of people who have experienced sailing. We all know that it's the best sport in the world but many Lubbers don't even consider it a sport. We should try to convert them. Think football, around the world football (whether it be Aussie Rules, Soccer, Rugby or Gridiron in your country) has a strong following on tv. Why? I believe it's not that these sports at comparatively easy to understand (though they are) or because they're better (they're not) but it's because the
  4. Has anyone got a link to channel 7 feed sailor girl keeps dropping out
  5. http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-news-24/NS1413V001S00
  6. And looks like there is now a 50footer in the same vein coming http://www.marsaudon-composites.com/en/ts5/ , http://catamalia.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/TSCatamarans/ Also the TS-42 facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TS42-1627241777543635/
  7. got a link to that article? http://www.sail-world.com/Rolex-Sydney-Hobart-Race---Distilling-Rolex-Sydney-Hobart-history/140973 & currently beating Brindas! Never mind I thought you meant Bumble Bee 5 the 60-something footer Blind trust of GPS was the basic reason right, not using radar or a any other secondary way of confirming their position. Having personally seen how wrong gps can be at times (going along the south coast of Papua New guinea, while the GPS had us miles inland being my worst example). Got a link to the report?
  8. another reason for the topside treatment of Hugo boss would be better aero, getting a cleaner flow onto the headsails.
  9. New Cubed (or Comanche, I still am not sure they have the name finalized) is not for round the cans racing. Design brief: Line honors, race records, and passage records. No powered winches are allowed for most of the race and WSSRC records. so clean do you think thats the way it should be? or are you c=going to stay out of the whole powered/manual debate?
  10. just going through my old photos matador (She was insane at something like 86ft long and 24ft wide, from memory, and she was the one that as fudge raced in an mid '90s syd-hob and had to have a reef in permanently to rate) and drum (thats bonds lexcen designed ior maxi not the simon le bon whitbren keel losing one) had 6 (at least in the photos I have) and the others that i have photos of have 5, genuine risk an 90 something footer designed for inshore racing had 5 as did the 90ft shockwave/rambler the maxi 86 sister ships had 4 as did bols sport an 93ft for offshore, then there is the failed
  11. I could be wrong but I thought stored power applied to a movable ballast yacht that uses stored power to move said ballast. So if you are carrying the gigantic weight penalty of hydraulic pump, oil reservoir etc required to move the keel then it's madness not to power the winches too. Then you can leave a whole heap of hungry boofheads at home. Flights, accom, wages, food costs etc all add up pretty quick. I know Rosebud had a separate electric - hydraulic system for lifting the keel. It was exempt from stored power penalty because it was never used while racing. Apparently the keel up gri
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