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  1. A bit late to the party but here are a few shots of one of my favourite designs of his, because i used to sail on it, the one where we are going upwind was in weather doctor who liked best, we were beating a Cookson 50 at that time and nearly beat them over the line but murdered them on handicap the other are just to show how good she looked.
  2. Is it just me or was a totally forseeable consequence of them delaying the start so much that coverage ended so soon, I certainly think the last 20min delay shouldn't have happened.
  3. got a link to that article? http://www.sail-world.com/Rolex-Sydney-Hobart-Race---Distilling-Rolex-Sydney-Hobart-history/140973 & currently beating Brindas! Never mind I thought you meant Bumble Bee 5 the 60-something footer Blind trust of GPS was the basic reason right, not using radar or a any other secondary way of confirming their position. Having personally seen how wrong gps can be at times (going along the south coast of Papua New guinea, while the GPS had us miles inland being my worst example). Got a link to the report?
  4. New Cubed (or Comanche, I still am not sure they have the name finalized) is not for round the cans racing. Design brief: Line honors, race records, and passage records. No powered winches are allowed for most of the race and WSSRC records. so clean do you think thats the way it should be? or are you c=going to stay out of the whole powered/manual debate?
  5. just going through my old photos matador (She was insane at something like 86ft long and 24ft wide, from memory, and she was the one that as fudge raced in an mid '90s syd-hob and had to have a reef in permanently to rate) and drum (thats bonds lexcen designed ior maxi not the simon le bon whitbren keel losing one) had 6 (at least in the photos I have) and the others that i have photos of have 5, genuine risk an 90 something footer designed for inshore racing had 5 as did the 90ft shockwave/rambler the maxi 86 sister ships had 4 as did bols sport an 93ft for offshore, then there is the failed
  6. I could be wrong but I thought stored power applied to a movable ballast yacht that uses stored power to move said ballast. So if you are carrying the gigantic weight penalty of hydraulic pump, oil reservoir etc required to move the keel then it's madness not to power the winches too. Then you can leave a whole heap of hungry boofheads at home. Flights, accom, wages, food costs etc all add up pretty quick. I know Rosebud had a separate electric - hydraulic system for lifting the keel. It was exempt from stored power penalty because it was never used while racing. Apparently the keel up gri
  7. my understanding was the IRC "stored power" penalty only applied to sail controls and that ballast was exempt, either way it doesn't seem to be enough but i've baged my head against that for ages and no one else really seem to care about the penalty or that its allowed on racing boats at all, as for the number of pedestal they seem to be only one short, they have 6, i'd assume u need 7 for a new 100 footer, hopefully if they going that way they'd also have 'green power' of some sort for the ballast. as for the best wind range between oats and loyal i heard under 12 oats, above 20 loyal and
  8. aquila, i found out the moderator of the forul of SA :


    don't hesitate to mail him, nice guy


  9. Dear AQuila, last comments on your threat have nothing to do with B.Lexcen or sailing !

    Please ask admin to stop those nationalists aussies or US.....

  10. I heard that dekadence was sold has anything being bought to replace it? if so what?
  11. Any Goss on any new/recent boats down here?
  12. you know Storm Bay Ocean Racing Club does have i nice ring to it? S.B.O.R.C.
  13. thoughts on cancelling the second race on sat?
  14. there's a dragon down at the ryct that the club has put a note on it asking if anyone knows who the owner is and if so to contact the club (i think ther might take posetion of it and sell it) so if anyone knows whos it is tell the to contacht the club.
  15. shouldn't that be cans per person?
  16. what a horrible race on sat. why would the committie change the course for some divisions and not others given that we were all sailing the same course? and what a low turn out too. arn't the ryct interested in yacht racing any more or have they decided to be a gentlemens club? if so please bring out the strippers. bellerive and dss have far better fleet turnouts. and whats with all these weddings on race day? it'd be ok if it were a dss or bellerive race but for the ryct to host it on an ryct day? well thats my rant for the time being.
  17. I agree the rowal is losing touch it seems more like it's a listed company trying to get money for the shareholders at the moment. where does all the money go?
  18. same owner as when she got t-boned? i heard he was getting a custume 45ftsomething or was that the cyclone guy
  19. any idea when valaroo replacment gets here or did he just get a f40? i've been out of town 4 a while obviosly
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