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  1. I made these coffin bags. Quick flake the sail on the deck while still handed on. Sail tie every 6ft, then unhank. Fold 4, 3 or 2x then put into the bag. Zip, tie straps and drag. They stack real well on a bunk, especially if you have some removable stacking poles to hold them in. You can sleep on them as they are 6' long. They treat composite sails gently, and Its done by one person. Easy to shove or pull out the companionway or hatch. Saw similar bags on a Vendee boat. These are very similar to surfboard coffin bags. Yes they are a bit involved, but they were fast to make once you got going.
  2. +1 for the shaker syphon. Empties a 5 gal jerry a lot faster than you think it would. Used it in rough weather on weather deck. Singlehanded.
  3. For storage, I flake the sail on the LJbag. The sail pushes the lines out so the bag acts as a Table to flake the main on. I slack the LJ lines and the main drapes over each side of the boom. I put the sail ties on, slack the LJ lines and pull them to the mast. Then I put a standard mainsail cover on. I have Harken cars on the main, so I let 8 cars come off the track so the head is a lot lower. The cars that remain on the mast are tied together with a sail tie, so the halyard can pull them up in a group, making putting the loose cars back on the track, way easy.
  4. On my Express 37, I have a Karver KSF2, off a sprit, with Amare 15.3mm torsion Cables (SWL 2500kg) for the Code 0, and A-sails. The KSF2 works as a top down (A sails) or a bottom up (Code 0) furler. The A2 doesn't furl as well as the others, since it's rather full. The Amare cables are custom with Kevlar inside and double dyneema sleeve cover. Cables are rather stiff but loosen up a bit so coiling becomes easier. I am very happy with these choices. Cables were sourced through Upffront. There are Marlow MGP Furler 50 control lines run through 2 cam cleats. Tackline is a 3:1 and runs through a K
  5. I have a Lazy Jack bag made of Textilene mesh fabric, without stiffeners along the edges, on my Express 37 with an Ullman carbon main. It makes flaking the main, while singlehanded, possible and controls the folds when reefed. I am on my second one. I wouldn't be without it.
  6. I have two 3:1 setups to Karver Jammers mounted at the furlers on my Express 37. The A sails off the sprit is not on a halyard lock, and the staysails are on a Karver KFH 2 lock with the same 3:1 to Karver Jammer. Jammers can be released remotely from the cockpit with trip lines. I find it a great setup for Single or double handing. Nice Picture tDot!
  7. I have 14 Constrictors on my Express 37 for control lines and Genny & Spinnaker staysail sheets. I use the Karver jammers, with remote release lines for the Staysail & A sail tach lines. The jammers are mounted close to the furler drums. Love them. I will probably replace all the clutches with Constrictors in the near future.
  8. Splice a small loop on the end of the line and either luggage tag it around the boom, or use a soft shackle to close the loop, so you can disconnect it without having to strip the line out of the boom or sail. Looks clean, simple, and seamanlike.
  9. I have a Reliable Barracuda 200ZW, that has done everything I have asked, so far. Defender, among others, sells them. Walking foot, straight & Zigzag. Just finished a Mainsail Cover. Have made "coffin" sail bags, soft sling shelves, Mattress/cushion cover, etc. Sews 8 layers of sunbrella, or Textilene. Same base unit as a Sailrite, except it has not been Sailrite upgraded. Binder tape, and other adapters work well with this too (https://www.cutexsewingsupplies.com/attachments-folders/binding-attachments).
  10. I singlehand my Express 37, offshore and long distance. She has 3 reefs, each with 2 lines. Each set of lines run through twin clutches, which enables me to pull both tack & clew at the same time. I can reef or shake while kneeling in the companionway and never going to the mast. In or out takes 1 minute. Yes there is a lot of line. Procedure is to release vang and slack main sheet, slack main halyard 18in, take up tack & clew line for each reef, leaving clutches closed, repeat 2 more times. If you let out a few more inches of main halyard, you can hand tighten the tack reef line
  11. Just got scammed for a Documentation Renewal by a company named "Vessel Documentation Portal". Also known as "Vessel Documentation llc". This is one of the Scams that are mentioned on the USCG Site.https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/USDHSCG/bulletins/1a25ee8 To renew, go to https://www.pay.gov/public/form/start/1175233. Don't pay $75 for a renewal that costs $26 directly from the USCG.
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