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  1. This sounds like the same drama that every region deals with. I’ve seen it in Oklahoma, VT, DFW, Central Florida and Los Angeles. It’s just different in SD due to the money involved.
  2. I need better pictures of the captain and co-owner (female) to give a fair judgement and opinion.
  3. Honestly. Has he ever shown interest in that position? I would have not have had an issue with him being at the helm. Maybe the new guy can change that. I think fencing is the whitest sport in the USA followed second by sailing. You want to see racist and organizational dumbfuckery look at USAFencing.
  4. I’m going to take a wild guess that a guy with a vast experience in sport franchises and similar stakes might have some good ideas running any sport organization. It’s not like the MyPillow guy is running USSailing, although that would also be hilarious and the front page entertainment on this website would be great. I don’t think comparing him to Trump is a fair comparison. I was going to say that maybe the new guy would “make US Sailing great again” as a joke. But some people including @editor would probably have aneurism.
  5. We had a little problem with some mechanics a few years ago. They would see all the new flight attendants, immediately go to computer and look up their names and then see if they had Bikini pictures on Facebook. Problem was sometimes the mechanics would still have the young crew’s pictures on their phone while making making a gate call or signing off a log book. We had one mechanic place his phone down in the cockpit while signing off a logbook. The copilot was her father and he was not amused to see his half naked daughter on some guys phone. It really ruined the special flight they had plann
  6. They have hired some young ones recently. I’m only 34 and it’s weird walking in the aircraft and seeing pilots and cabin crew younger than me. The perverts here can search YouTube and find flight attendant blogs (btw they are called cabin Crew) from some of the new hires. They usually fill them with click bate pictures of their layovers or non-Rev travel in bikinis. (Jetting Julia is an example)
  7. Paul Cayard (SP) It would not surprise me if he is shown the door.
  8. Yes. I was making an example. Use Delta, United, JetBlue, Netjets, Spirit. Was the CEO of Greyhound once a bus driver? No, he actually held almost every position except for bus driver… I want new ideas not rebadged old ones. I’m going to give the new guy a chance.
  9. Yup. Honestly at this point they could have made a toddler the CEO and I would still be onboard as it is at least something different then the last decade of repetitive failure.
  10. Maybe this is a good thing. An outside set of eyes and some different ideas may help. Clearly having sailors as the CEO has not been working. The ceo of American Airlines is not a pilot, flight attendant or Mechanic, does that make him less qualified? Same applies here, maybe this new guy is what US Sailing needs. Unpopular opinion: Hopefully the new guy sees through all the boomer bullshit (sorry to everyone in your 4ksb) and saves the sinking ship.
  11. I crewed for a guy like that. I remember laying between two other guys in light air trying to keep the weight down. Borderline rule bending to me...
  12. Can I get some cliff notes? I see "couple sail for 1000 days" Tits "Girl gets knocked up" that makes sense. Tits then "I have a gun" more tits. Can someone please tie these all together for me?
  13. ?? Who the hell is this?

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