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  1. Add me to the legions of SA fans who are sad about this. But I understand. Shooting videos isn't the hardest part. Editing and putting a coherent story together takes both time and money. Add to that the need for the audience to have a reasonable knowledge of not just sailing, but racing to really enjoy them and the market probably doesn't make sense. Damn. However, I will be forever grateful we had the series during the fucking quarantine period. They were the best thing on the internet week after week. For REALLY retro sailing fans, the Herreshoff Marine Museum put out a wee
  2. Jumpin Jack Flash is in Marblehead. I know the guy who owns her. Sailed her from the west coast through the canal. Has some great stories including adventures in Cuba.
  3. dave-j


    Good discussions, but just to clarify, I didn't start this to be a "which is better/right/more valid" etc. debate. Was just commenting that I found the twelves video (as poorly done as it was) to be much more fun to watch than the current AC. Sounds like others share my view, and some don't. No worries. And no, I've never foiled, and yes I've had the opportunity to race on both a twelve and a J boat.
  4. dave-j


    Watching the video on the 2019 Twelve Meter regatta in Newport I realized I FAR preferred watching those than the techno freaks currently racing in NZ. Let the hating begin...
  5. Ah, but we purchased two directly from the owners. They weren't donated. One was, so yeah, I guess so, but it's no different than donating a car to Kars for Kids or to your local PBS station. It benefits non-profits. Anyway, as said, two of the three were not donation boats, just victims of rapid depreciation.
  6. Two Legged says the taxpayers funded my boat purchases?? How? Seems more like we took advantage of the market quickly depreciating race boats. Nobody got a tax break!
  7. This graphic isn't really right. A billion is 1,000 millions. Each of those pallets is about $700 million. Each of the yellow straps is about 10 x 10 of the $1 million pile. Seven straps per pallet = $700 million. So about 1.5 pallets = $ 1 billion. But... the major point I wanted to make is back when I had a partner and we wanted relatively recent race boats in the 40' range to compete in local racing, we took huge advantage of the practice of dumping race boats for cheap. that way, virtually all of our budget could go into maintenance, storage, sails and campaigning costs.
  8. My brother owned and raced Swampfire in the mid to late 80's in NO. In fact, I met my wife while visiting him for a regatta at the bar of the Southern YC. The side cockpits were the "sex pits" and he had a low folding lawn chair on deck behind the skipper for the tactician. Their main competition then was a boat named "TGV" after the high speed train in France. But nobody knew that so they surmised that TGV must mean The Goat's Vagina. Had some fun on Swampfire...
  9. Clearly not aware that unlike a car, a boat steers from the back. He could easily have cleared himself by putting the boat in reverse early on and "driving" it stern first like a car.
  10. Would you convert a Laser into a rowing shell? You certainly could, but why? I see this as the same. You have a GORGEOUS rowing vessel. Why mess with it?
  11. I travel quite a bit for work, often having to drag my bag around NYC during the day to meetings either before or after checking out of the hotel. I agree that the four wheel castors are useless on anything other than perfectly smooth surfaces. I have been using the carry on size from North Face for several years now. I can fold up a suit and shirts for a three day trip. It has a sturdy aluminum handle and roller blade type wheels that have withstood a lot of miles on New York streets and sidewalks. It is also light weight and fits in almost any overhead. My wife swears by her Osprey
  12. Gang, thanks so much for the help Sail4beer recommended the Craigslist and Squalamax actually got one to me very quickly. I KNEW this gang would help.
  13. Just contacted her. Funny, but I told my buddy there was a 100% chance we cold find one through SA. Dave
  14. A non-sailing buddy of mine just did me a huge favor. It's a long story, but all he wants in return is a FIGAWI hat. I used to have many from "back in the day", but haven't done that event in years, so the hats have all disappeared. I assume they are still Mt.Gay, but could be Black Seal now for all I know. Offering $100 plus postage venmo'd to first responder. Condition of the hat doesn't matter. In fact, the nastier the better. Message me. No sock puppets, please. This will be on the honor system ( I know, SA not the best forum for that!). Thanks!
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