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  1. From my post a few years ago. The film crew are amateurs, The Fat Point PD were pros and fucked up just as bad, with few consequences. Fat Point Jack Members 202 1,958 posts Posted October 19, 2019 I can't find my original thread, but to summarize, a cop killed a citizen doing aa shoot/no shoot demo. Shooter had a history of poor judgement. The blanks, oops I mean wadcutters were supplied by the PR officer in the dept from her husband a command officer in the sheriff's dept. She quit FPPD and is now pr officer for the sheriff. I am real fucking pissed whe
  2. WTF TALLAHASSEE --- Gov. Ron DeSantis called Thursday for a special legislative session next month to erect roadblocks against COVID-19 vaccination mandates being advanced by the White House. Legislative leaders said they might use the session to pull away from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which has worked on rules to require vaccinations for many workers across the country. Meanwhile, Democrats criticized DeSantis over his call for a special session, noting that the state’s economic rebound was bolstered by companies such as Disney, which is requir
  3. We is one of those here in Charlotte County. And to go along with Tom's Waaaaaaaah, one of our commissioners agrees and lies when he apologizes. CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. – After Charlotte County took on the role as a second amendment sanctuary county, democrats are sounding the alarm. Commissioners voted unanimously earlier this month to guarantee the right to own and carry guns in the county. “If you don’t like it, leave,” said Commissioner Bill Truex at that last meeting. “Many people are outraged by Commissioner Truex’s comment,” Jim Blue said. Another residen
  4. Andretti Team to F1? Andretti set for further Sauber F1 takeover talks in Austin | RACER
  5. I vaguely remember seeing some weird looking 20' Dazcats in Multihulls Magazine racing in the Ronde Texal back in the early 80's.
  6. A neighbor on Englewood Beach in Florida has one painted on their house. A woman came walking up from the beach and said, "That is a nice Walrus". Tourista Yahnkee
  7. I had an AFR 19, made over in the 1775 Industrial Park on 17. It was 19x7 fiberglass jon boat with a tunnel and a 115 Yamaha. It would run in dew, but I named it The Door. Ya didn't want to cross the harbor on wind vs tide.
  8. Much like some of the vapor boats shown here, the artist doesn't know much about the subject.
  9. How about a longer tongue? I should get the little motor back from a visit to Stan for a tune up later in the week. I'll hit Lemon Bay Friday or Monday. So to keep my mind in the right place, I've added a new piece of yard art. We are getting the house repiped today. The house was built in 1955 and the water pipes are under the slab. The neighbor just had it done on its time and cost a whole bunch of money. We are getting it done on our and the plumber's time so its fairly reasonable. But we've had to clean out the closets that back up to the fixtures. I've made 2 trip
  10. Too bad that we still don't own Sequoia, Big Joe could invite Little Joe over for a talk on a real, cool boat.
  11. Internet? Stick with Comcrap or go with the phone co. which may or may not have fiber in your hood. The Cub's with hard hats, really?
  12. I wrote this for a letter to the editor about a new subdivision here. The marketing dept's house color of the decade is brown. I drove by the new subdivision in the subdivision of Port Charlotte and was reminded of the song written by Malvina Reynolds and made infamous by Pete Seegar, Little Boxes. They were mostly right, except there are no pink ones. there are no green ones, there are no blue ones, there are no yellow ones, there are just brown ones, but they are still all made of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same.
  13. As I have been exposed to a multitude of industrial chemicals that will make your babies come out nekked and participated in various other activities that may make it a slow way to go, I have considered somehow obtaining preneed enough heroin or other sleepy way to pass when I can't stand it anymore.
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