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  1. If my memory is right, the Atlanta Olympic Lasers were some of the first to use "SCRIMP" or some other form of infusion. I know of a few that were heavy to begin with and then got soft really fast.
  2. is Wess in the 5-17 cohort?
  3. What's going on with yellow brick recently? The Transpac tracking was a mess, and now the whole Fastnet fleet is going 0.1 or 0.0 knots in strange directions.
  4. Also, I love how quickly your argument shifted from "in ORR you must tack a staysail on center", to "I guess it depends how you identify the staysail is it a light staysail or is it a small headsail. ".
  5. It's not that complicated: If it's free flying, it's a light headsail. Before you accuse the winner of the Transpac of cheating, you should at least have read the rule you're accusing them of breaking. You deserve all the shit I sent your way.
  6. You need a better understanding of ORR. Left shift did the work for you a few posts up, page 38 37 of the ORR rulebook. *edit page number correction
  7. My guess is that they get bought by someone like Northrup, Raytheon or BAE.
  8. Or a rescue swimmer in the water. There was a recent MOB in a CA coastal race where the elderly MOB went over w/o flotation and a crew member dove in, kept the OG MOB's head above water. I don't know if this was prior to them dropping the kite and turning around, or if it was part of getting a line attached to the the MOB back on board. Some big boats, like Comanche, have a dedicated swimmer of the watch who's trained and ready to go for a swim to help get a MOB back on the boat. Not sure that's the best idea for most of us, but might eliminate the risk of killing the MOB with the bow in
  9. I've used this to good effect: https://www.marking-systems.com/inks.htm In a pinch, a large flat tipped sharpie will work, though the black fades to an ugly brown in the sun. edit: type "d" for the universal ink
  10. Now imagine yourself in a MOD 70 going 30. yikes.
  11. All of the details are very context dependent. The goals should be the same: Stop the boat near the MOB regain control of the boat pick them up with out further injuring the MOB If it's a sunny day with moderate breeze, how you accomplish those goals will be very different than if it is 2am off Conception, blowing 30.
  12. Why gybe? Why not just round up then lose the kite? Faster, easier.
  13. Crash the boat. Why wouldn't you?
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