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  1. Socks work so much better than furlers on kites, especially for kites with decent shoulders and a bit of shape. Unless your boat is very very fast and your kites are very very flat, I would strongly recommend a sock for your kites.
  2. in a (hopefully) more helpful vein: The foot (and likely the leech as well) have been thrashed by UV exposure. You can see the remains of the sacrificial suncover where it wasn't exposed when the sail was furled. It is very likely that the cloth exposed under where the UV cover rotted away has the structural integrity of tissue paper. The most practical fix would be to move the clew location further into the sail (out of the rotten area) then re-fairing the leech and foot in such a way to remove the rotten material. Depending on the extent of the sun rot and the size of the clew patc
  3. sell the boat. cheapest by far.
  4. W/o control of the foil sections its just kinda cute. Not terribly useful. Hope thats one of the upgrades in the works!
  5. Nice shot! I always loved those orange kites. Glad to see you guys getting that boat on the water.
  6. fair. handicap racing. what world of rainbows and unicorns do you live in?
  7. what GP boat did you get ahold of on the east coast?
  8. ^Mostly really good advice. If you're on the west coast of Canada, I'd get ahold of Eric at Taylor Sails in Squim Washington. He does stunningly good work.
  9. Had a tylaska flog off a kite clew once, ever since I've put a wrap of etape on them offshore. I prefer soft shackles on the clew, but would rather have tylaskas at the tack and head.
  10. moth plans for sale
  11. What are you hearing from the Government? What are they looking for before allowing the race to proceed?
  12. I'd be much more reassured by the Transpac press releases if they weren't straight up cheerleading. I'm sure that they have thoughtful, well reasoned go/no go criteria. If they could share what metrics they're looking at, that would be much more helpful than a blanket "for sure it's going on", when we're hearing that behind closed doors they think there's a less than a 50/50 chance.
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