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  1. What do you offer your guests staying overnight? I am providing one of the best possible perspectives into the day after waking up in the Guest room https://swedesail.de/en/swede-55-parts/offers https://swedesail.de/swede-55-zubehoer/angebote
  2. As you perhaps know, Swede 55 has a smaller sister named S30. The S30 was designed by Knud Reimers in the early seventies and built more than 300 times. I would like to make you aware of a well preserved and tastefully upgraded S30, owned by a good sailing friend from the swiss shore of Lake Constance (Bodensee): He has the boat since 1973. This tells something about the design and him as sailing connoisseur: English: http://swedesail.de/en/s30-for-sale German: http://swedesail.de/s-30-angebot Nice weekend
  3. I tried that already many years ago - replacing a fixed three blade prop by a nicely advanced high end Variprop, resources at that time being smaller, the Delta bigger. It did not help at all a propeller is generally operating hidden below the boat. Guess who received the parcel? It was spring, not christmas and serious questions were adressed to me. This forced me to a complete change in strategy.
  4. Apologies for displaying the lemonade. Focus was on the silverware.
  5. The recent sale of two Andersen 46 Jib sheet winches enabled me to get these new ones, the 200 mm base just fitting to the Swede 55 pedestal. Due to Corona I had my hair cut by girlfriend last week. Sitting quietly on the chair I had time to think about financing the Delta between old & new models. As I bought them for her, by no means for me: based on 3 haircuts (30 € each) annually, she could earn the upgrade within 14 ½ years. Probably shorter, as hairdressing costs will rise due to inflation. Assuming this thread is read by reasonable and matured male readers (husb
  6. A 55-aficionado from Sweden made me aware of an article published in "På Kryy & Till Rors", issue 11 of 1976, which was gladly added to http://swedesail.de/en/swede-55/sources The title "The new flagship of Fisksätra yard being handled without gorillas required aboard" refers to the ease of handling of the light displacement design. Should anyone of you know of other publications, i.e. of an introduction in the KSSS magazine of the Royal Swedish Yachtclub in Stockholm, or other magazine articles, this would be quite interesting for the 55-fraternity. Nice Sunday and best - Z
  7. Sam Crocker, this is an explanation with details I was hoping for. Much apprechiated and many thanks.
  8. Thank you Slowboat for details regarding Rosinas Autopilot
  9. Engine from 1977. Run 220 hours. Well, it depends on how and what was counted.
  10. Interesting. Do I understand it well here is a second hinge with inthe actuator lever arm and a device permitting to have the actuator lever turning free of the autopilots strut? Where is that hinge?
  11. Slowboat, sailing my 55 often doublehanded I am thinking about an autopilot for hoisting, reefing or lowering sails, I find your autoplot solution interesting. this seems be a long lever arm, sufficient to hold the rudder in a seaway and/or at hight speeds. I assume the lever arm limits the rudder angle a bit, to which extent? I guess you laminated a solid suspension below the portside footrail of "Rosina"? I have not yet understood the releasing mechanism by means of the push/pull bowden cable on top of the lever arm. Any details about this, so I would not ha
  12. Interesting Slowboat. Do you have a foto or a scetch on the installaltion on top of the rudder stock: Foundation of the drive, extension of the emercency tiller pin? If so, how long is the extension?
  13. Pleasant upwind sailing in Baltic Sea: https://malsegeln.de/fehmarnsundsegeln/
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