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  1. Here's a pic of the tri. G4 is still in the water as well.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Glad you're OK.
  3. Probably do. Always a good bunch of folks. I'd ask who she is but get it if you don't want to post it up. Looks like Ryan is making progress North. I hope it holds out for him.
  4. It has been here many years. Sat pulled up in the marsh behind his shop for a while. If I recall he is/was a sailor as well which is an oddity down here. If it wasn't for the hurricane/haulout issue I would have looked into acquiring it.
  5. For him to get into the Outer Banks, Oregon inlet (Wicked Tuna) is where he would have to come in and it is sketchy in a perfect boat much less a damaged one. From there he could get to the old Gunboat yard a couple of miles away. I would think he'd have much better options in Hampton if he can get up there. If not let me know and I will do what I can to help.
  6. It looks like a Newick for sure. I think the owner of a nearby boatshop, Blackwell boats, owns it but not sure. It's been there for years, but fresh on the stands in that lot.
  7. As of three weeks ago, it's still in Wanchese (with a bit of a canted rig).
  8. That's not a foiler or even foil assisted if that was the point you are trying to make.
  9. Hoisting a float to the top of the mast is not a good sign.
  10. Hey wyd and Mark, Good to hear from both of you on this. Nice to hear personal knowledge instead of hearsay. IIRC the main reason for the capsize was the dump valve was too small to allow for fast enough release. Mischa was on it in time but the valve was too slow. I still think it's a damn cool boat and hope someone picks it up and uses it. I heard that it is still in Wanchese but haven't seen it myself there since May as I've been laid up and unable to drive to go check. Hope all is well with both of you, Todd
  11. Starbrite teflon polish. It's 'fast' and protects the surface. Be aware though it is slick as ice if you are trying to right the boat.
  12. Yep, That's the ramp lot. Michael was brokering it. Longy, I'd agree with SOMA on the foil assist curve board approach, but I'm not sure what the price is/was and between that and spartan accommodations could make it or break it for some folks. I expect the foiling aspect drives the price up but don't know for sure. I think the original owner that built it still owns it.
  13. Back in the end of April early May it was in Wanchese. It was for sale at the time.
  14. That's an Outremmer feature afaik. Has anyone ever tried a main/boom setup with no clearance over the coachroof to get the A-cat/AC72 endplate effect? The 55's I worked on had minimal clearance between the boom and coachroof. IMO,It doesn't seem reasonable to have it touch on a none thoroughbred race boat as every tack, jibe and flog is wearing on the coachroof . Not to mention stretch.
  15. To you and the others that go on about the cost of the rescue, especially in the case of a "true accident". Many rescues occur because of a chain of events of which stupidity is a crucial component. What is a "true accident"? A whale breaching on your boat? Well the sea is full of whales. Hitting something floating just below the surface of the water? Again, everybody knows that is a hazard if even a small one. The cost of the rescue? Pilots need flying time and must fly a minimum number of hours every month. The guys running the hoist, the medics, etc. all need to constantly practice
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