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  1. Heap Wave will be there as usual. Enjoying a lovely evening drink at ColYC directly. It's been too long. Stop by if so inclined.
  2. Now that's what I call a cosmic coincidence - almost. Too funny.
  3. And here I thought ignorance referred to the feeding habits of certain migratory coastal wading ex-dinosaur Ardeidae types.
  4. M - she's major ugly, O - she's fat and pugly, O - my god, no the cow says Moo!
  5. Where the fack is Keeldragger? I had the same musings the other day. Long time no post.
  6. Welcome to my world. Do as Gatekeeper says. If your list is not at least 3 pages long, you're probably not being honest. I don't see how the blisters could possibly get worse. Pull it ASAP, clean the bottom, and mark all blisters with a Sharpie or something right away. Often they will lose swelling and you can't find some 6 months from now. Use the backside of a screwdriver to tap & listen for funky sounds. I have had superficial blistering on mine that is undetectable or nearly so with this method though. Only sanding all the way to gelcoat revealed things. If you can
  7. Ya know, this voyage does prove one thing: Old school peoples from times past, building some halfway decent sized & provisioned boats/rafts, getting a bit of luck with the weather -- could easily have drifted around to various islands like Easter, South America, or just about anywhere else and colonized new lands. Drifting, it turns out, is not terribly difficult.
  8. Holy crap. We're not worthy! I now have new reading material for this winter.
  9. This thread got shut down? Whatever the hell for?
  10. My favorite thing about this thread is that every link must now be accompanied by a mandatory "Not Void Ho" disclaimer.
  11. Sounds like par for the course to me.
  12. Uriah Heep?! Can I get a little Rainbow Demons! Just when I though this thread couldn't possibly get any weirder.
  13. I like counting my boobs like my socks - in sets. Twofer deal, ya see.
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