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  1. YB Link: https://my.yb.tl/ARETE Truckin' along at 27.7 knots
  2. We raced COLORS/ColCup and plan on racing Verve. It was a great warm-up event, and the 88s had two new boats on the line! The RC was very patient in waiting for the breeze on Saturday then firing off two races. As it was my second time on a sailboat this season, it was hard to go from the hurry-up-and-wait to racing mode. The earlier start on Sunday made 3 races possible. Sore AF today. Should've taken my quarantine fitness more seriously. Also testing out which masks are most comfortable for racing
  3. According to Harbors FB - they WILL be opening on June 22. No details yet
  4. Lakefront Trail reopens on June 22 for exercise and transit. Hours limited to 6am-7pm with social distancing ambassadors monitoring traffic flow.
  5. They could still finish in MM with the proper volunteer/finish line management, just nothing would be sanctioned by the MMYC. If you were to change the destination to Sturgeon Bay or the likes, you have dropouts/ refunds as that's not the race boats signed up for. Not to mention, having to deal with housing/hotel reservation cancellations, dock reservations, etc
  6. There must have been many discussions between RYC and MMYC with neither club budging on their stance. MMYC must have felt the need to go public with their stance on the issue out of frustration, but I'm told that's a bold assumption. It's a very surprising move exposing a rift between the start and finish organizations.
  7. @40048 It was my job a few years ago Somewhere after making sure the message is being communicated properly/ posted in the appropriate places, dealing with press calls, canceling contracted media, answering/censoring any number of silly comments, while also managing the full general member communications for the club... somewhere down there at the bottom of the to-do list, you say "dammit" and update the countdown. Just saying - cut the club staff some slack. How many people do you think will transfer their registration to the Hook Race?
  8. I can assure you that's at the bottom of the Comms Director's priority list right now
  9. CHICAGO- The Chicago Yacht Club and the Race to Mackinac (CYCRTM) Committee announced today that it has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Race to Mackinac due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac presented by Wintrust is one of the world’s largest annual offshore races, drawing top-notch sailing talent from around America and the world. Known as ‘The Mac’ to everyone in the region, the 333-statute mile (289 nautical mile) race typically starts each July just off Chicago’s Navy Pier and finishes at Mackinac Island, Michigan. “Since late Febr
  10. I have asthma and am tired of not being able to see my parents (one is super high-risk), so there's no question about it. The initial reopening plan for IL just rolled out as well. It will be interesting to see how quickly we get to phase 4 (gatherings of 50people, bars reopen).
  11. Big or short-sighted? Let's consider the number of international sailors who come in for the Macs and then look at the boats with 10+ crew members. Regardless of when the end of the stay-home orders takes place, we'll need to take social distancing into consideration. It's simply unwise to pack people of different households on a boat for 40+ hours and send them to an island with limited hospital resources or send them back to their hometowns as carriers increasing the spread. Then look at the population of sailors racing who are over 50yo and have underlying conditions. From a PR standp
  12. Bring your own supply or visit the booths with a communal bar. Much better selection.
  13. I'm not discounting their record nor their sailing prowess, but the video credits a 9-person production crew. Clearly this was on their minds. 1) It could have been VOR, AC, ESPN quality quite easily with the proper direction/input. There's literally an award-winning VOR OBR at CYC - use him as a consultant if nothing else. 2) Kids are growing up with cameras in hand and in the sky. Did you miss that GoPros shoot 4k and the company built its own drone? Teenagers are using action cameras to capture some amazing footage to produce cutting edge skate videos (or their sport of choic
  14. Okay, I'll be the one to say it... REALLY?! Do you really think this is a great video?! This is first generation, YouTube-quality production/editing. A program of this caliber should've had an OBR for an event like this. This program could've pumped out some breathtaking imagery - mini features/highlights, short interview clips, onboard photos... the list goes on. Il Mostro could've had content to last them through the end of the year easily. Not to mention, a video like this list wouldn't have taken a month's time nor a team of 8+ to produce. Even with little to no notice, Il
  15. I prefer lurking nowadays. Keeps me out of trouble. Speaking of trouble... Winter Anarchy will be making a comeback. Save the date January 12.
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