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  1. post-24684-127077793195_thumb.jpg I have hull number 260 "Surprise" in Penobscot Maine, with a new awlgrip and bottom job. The perfect phrf racer and weekend cruiser. They just don't make a sweeter boat than the J/35.
  2. 2 large events not on the GMORA schedule:


    West Bay race, 2 day event. This year will be start saturday from Northport headed to Rockland, over night with blues festival, then sunday return. Good times. The "odd" years are reversed, start in Rockland, head to Northport... 20-25 boats sometime in July


    Around Isleboro race, 1 day. Circumnavigate Isleboro, pretty self explainatory, held out of Northport. 40+ boats. end of August/last race... err, was until the aforementioned Maine Rocks Race was created.


    As a J35 guy, look up Ken Priest who owns Extra Beat... typically a boat to beat.


    Edit, forgot there's Retired Skipper's Race out of Castine too, which is a no-spinnaker pursuit race where the helmsman must be over 65 and boats must be 25ft loa "cruising" i.e. must have some berths/sink/etc.... also a good time, it's mid August. Some years draws a big crowd.



    Thanks. Mark

  3. The race sounds interesting. I just bought a J-35 and am outfitting her for some GMORA racing this summer. I have a place in Camden so I am looking to do something out of that area. What else is going on this summer with the Rockland Yacht Club? I'll probably keep the boat in Casco Bay for June and part of July. Mark

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