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  1. If the IRS service is anything like Canada Revenue Agency, your mail is sitting unopened in a pile and will stay there for a while.
  2. Pure politics. The centre-left Liberals are trying to prevent voter leak to the further left NDP by making the rich "pay a little more" by taxing their high visibility consumption. We don't build cars at that price point, the only private aircraft we build are jets that are way above the price point, and there are very few domestic boat builders. This means it will mainly hurt foreign manufacturers, but without violating trade agreements because it would apply equally to domestic products if there were any. What I expect is that there will be very little tax actually collected on b
  3. Actually a neat story. The Halifax explosion damaged or destroyed most of the churches in the city, so there was a scramble to pool resources for both relief work and facilities for worship. The local Methodist and Presbyterian congregations built a new shared church which eventually leading to a national merger. All of the Methodist and Congregational churches, along with most of the Presbyterians were amalgamated into the United Church of Canada about 100 years ago.
  4. Start with this - they are much more likely to absorb your blabbering with "show and tell" instead of a lecture. After they see what happens you can go back through the theory and they have the pictures.
  5. I am sure the new rules that require you to change planes when flying into Canada with the virus will help.
  6. Amazing how many politicians were high on the pharmacy waiting lists.
  7. Just tell them they need to verify the information on your (or the client's) account before you can discuss confidential matters. Social insurance number, address, date of birth and the amount reported on line 150 of last year's tax return. Actually more fun with a real CRA agent than the scammers.
  8. Looks like it will be a separate excise tax - new boats only, and adds to the basis for GST/HST calculation. Full amount due when placed into service even if leased. It is proposed that the tax apply to new boats such as yachts, recreational motorboats and sailboats, typically suitable for personal use. Smaller personal watercraft (e.g., water scooters) would be excluded from the base. For greater certainty, floating homes, commercial fishing vessels, ferries, and cruise ships would fall outside the scope of the tax. Tax Rate For vehicles and aircraft priced over $100,000, the amount of
  9. Not much apparently. Ontario just imposed a lockdown one step short of martial law. The police have been authorized to stop and question anyone outside their residence, and to enter any business without a warrant to perform an inspection.
  10. The OP is in BC. Weed has been legal there for a while.
  11. Not King Arthur, but there is a bloodline that can be traced back to Alfred the Great in the 9th century. The German and Greek lines are from English princesses that married foreign nobles (two became Queen regnant), and there was a bump when the same person was heir in both England and Scotland and merged those crowns.
  12. Good call on the evacuation order.
  13. North Korea has a lockdown: Border sealed, hard curfew enforced by the army. Summary execution or re-education camps for violators. It works - COVID transmission is very low, but the side effects are starvation and economic implosion. So in Canada we get a wishy/washy lockdown light that doesn't stop transmission, but it does piss everyone off and encourages tribalism.
  14. Tax Man


    Absolutely brilliant, but belongs in the NQR thread.
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