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  1. You can achieve the same effects with paranoia and a visceral distrust of tacticians.
  2. I remember a US bowman in town for an event nicely did his toenails in Canadian flags for Canada day.
  3. My guess is that the boat is an International 6 Metre.
  4. Weeds are gone, we can flatten things out again.
  5. Not within the scope of things that could entitle you to redress. No improper actions, injuries or damage and the boat did not stop to give help.
  6. Minimum 40 hours per year of PD, and 20 needs to be classroom or verified video conference. The rest can be self-directed readings. Thankfully I don't need to rewrite the exams.
  7. Knew a guy years ago that kept hitting gas trying to drill a water well. Good news was he had enough gas to heat the house indefinitely, bad news was he could not get a mortgage to build without water on the property.
  8. Did you ever play for the Bengals or did you just pick them based on geography, colour or some player you liked? Why should college be different?
  9. Will he do better than 1 yard net the next time they play a team with defense?
  10. More to the point, if you want to eliminate oil you need to build enough generation and transmission to replace the power it currently provides for industry, agriculture and transportation. Until you have electric tractors and trucks and the power to run them going off oil would just result in mass starvation.
  11. One more incident and my wife will give me mittens made out of kitty pelts.
  12. Why do you ask this, Two Dogs Fucking?
  13. Bears jersey with rope sewn into each arm for grip. Better than a wishbone.
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