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  1. Thank you for the call-out. Runners and check stays are a no-no for this SH sailor.
  2. Does anyone have experience with the Thomas 35? The Tartan-built Thomas 35 seems like a good racer/cruiser. One available in Great Lakes selling for $36k. PHRF rating of 72. Is this a "good" Tartan or a bad one in terms of build? I did own and race a T-10 in the 1990's. The T-10 had build issues, and I found Tartan support to be poor.
  3. Georgeous boat out in Point Richmond CA for $50K. The seller states this: When Schumacher penned the Express 37, his objective was to design a boat that would excel on long ocean races, that was easy and safe to sail short-handed, and would have at least 6′ of standing headroom. The first boats built by Alsberg Brother Boatworks finished 1, 2 and 3 in the 1985 TransPac, an ocean race held on the West Coast. There were eventually 65 built and these boats continue to compile an enviable record.
  4. Looking at photos, this is a beautiful boat. I have not sailed a Freedom, and it is evidently a good reacher and runner, but not a pointer. Plus I love to hold on to the standing rigging, and this boat has none! Maybe that explains the low low prices.
  5. One in Spain for $134k. Not this one - it's near-new, yes, but it's budget anarchy ! I'm finding some good cruiser racers at $60k.
  6. Valiant 37 instills some confidence when the going gets rough. I would be the heaviest 37-footer at 17,000 pounds.
  7. Fairweather Mariner 39 is a beauty end to end. Price seem too good to be true at $69k...pics here... https://www.denisonyachtsales.com/yacht-listings/39-Fairweather-Mariner-39-1988-Marina-Del-Rey-California/7139406
  8. I had a J/105 and raced her in Area III and MORF Chicago. Great racer. Tiller boat, unusual for the US market. On off days, I would take her out solo. Some days I would sail main and jib, wind 5-20 kts Other days with jib only or main only. Anything over 20 knots was dicey, but could quickly roll up the jib. On "walk in the park" days, I could handle the asymmetrical on my own. If the boat had a bit more freeboard and would stay dry, it would have been a keeper. But it was always wet inside, from racing and from rainwater coming down through the mast.
  9. After 50 years of sailing, most of that racing round the buoys at Chicago, I am looking for my next boat. This time, I'm looking for a cruiser. One that I can take out shorthanded or singlehanded. My budget is US$60k. I am looking at 33 to 37'. I am focused on fresh water boats. Here are some boats I have interest in, boats and pricing in the US. S2 10.3 $23k Frers 36 $39k C&C 99 $59k SO 36.2 $65k SO 36i $70k SO 37 $80k These others are very interesting, but out of my price range: Beneteau First 36.7 $77k SF 37 $101k J/120 $
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