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  1. My custom art project wheel. Not super practical when cold and wet, but it looks badass.
  2. I met Luiz when he first moved to Detroit, or possibly before, when he was in Toledo...we go back many years. Always a class act, always a gentlemen, and an unmatched supporter of our sport. We had a lot of adventures over the years, and back in the day, was the best wing man ever. Rest well, my friend. You are loved and missed.
  3. Chicago kept their entry fee structure the same, rented wells on the island, St. Ignace, and Mac City, and assigned wells to race participants. Bayview kept their entry fee structure the same, and left dockage to race participants. Participants were given a code, simultaneously, via email, which could be used to reserve a well, first come first serve. Participants had to pay for the well at time of registration. Additionally, because it was a fast race, many had to pay for an additional night of dockage. This resulted in a net increase in the cost of doing the race of a couple hundred buc
  4. I've raced CYC 25 times, 14 podium finishes, including 9 1sts, and 2 1st OA's. I've sailed with some very good navigators, and some very good sailors. I consider myself fortunate to have done so. Still not a fan of personal AIS requirement.
  5. This is a perfect example of why AIS would not have changed the outcome. The Imedi crew was never out of sight. Furthermore, neither Mac race is really an "Offshore" race; boats are usually in sight of land. If we were racing in an ocean, miles from other boats and/or land, then AIS would be a more effective safety tool. I'm all in favor of effective safety equipment and training. I'm not in favor of expensive, ineffective systems, especially when it take a crew away from the MOB recovery effort in order to stare at what is sure to be a heavily populated AIS screen, and try and dec
  6. AIS requirement will end my participation. None of the tragedies in previous CYC Mac races would have been prevented or had any different outcome if AIS were in use.
  7. AIS requirement will end my participation.
  8. That was my 1st CYC Mac race. It didn't chase me off, have since done another 24. Sorry to be missing this year.
  9. Grammar wasn't the best. I still understood what it said. But go on, keep being a hater.
  10. This worked just fine. All you haters, who weren't even sailing, need to find something else to whine about.
  11. We sailed this year. Huge props to Chris Clark and BYC for giving us the opportunity to sail. Those of you who chose not to sail missed a good race. It seems odd to not be heading to Chicago for their race.
  12. From this year's Chicago Mac race, NA40 hull #4. Mast is class approved replacement triple spreader rig, as original extrusion no longer available. 4 of the 9 Detroit area NA40s now have triple spreader mast.
  13. Hello, I'm looking for drawings of the North American 40 rudder and skeg. Bent the rudder post recently, and looking to make the best repair possible. Any drawings would be helpful. Thanks.
  14. There are still 8 or 9 NA40's in Detroit.
  15. I'm in the midst of replacing 8 stringers in the NA 40 (it is in this thread somewhere, early on), and will post link to photos one of these days. Of the 8, 5 were cracked, and all experienced some degree of damage to the marine plywood substrate, ranging from damp with little delamination, to completely rotted, wet, black sawdust. Replacement stringers substrate are Hydratek marine plywood, with 1708/West vacuum bagged. 7 of the 8 stringers are in, and tabbing is well underway.
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