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  1. Enjoy Owl's Head- the museum is nice, especially if they are flying old planes.
  2. This is not a normal patch of weather, fog in July in Penobscot Bay is normal, but not constant. All the forecasters are remarking on the rain and wet.
  3. Congratulations Ajax, nice trip. Hope to run into you at some point.
  4. I'm not available, as I said, for ERR, but might be able to do the Camden stuff, where my brother lives. That's the week before ERR, right?
  5. He is building Alerions, I think in that building. Run aground in Horseshoe Cove?? I think I took that last picture.
  6. That's where I grew up, summers, and that's why I've lived in Maine since 1971. Glad to hear nice things about the place, a wonderful summer, and now winter, community.
  7. You'll be fine- nice sturdy boat You need two calendars- time of day and tide, and keep track of the changes and it'll be fun. Just come on up.
  8. Gee I guess I'm old- my first Maine cruise was in 1961 on a King's Cruiser- I was 11. Moved here ten years later. The only state whose name is one syllable and is attached to only one state. So thats 50 years of cruising here at least once a summer except for a few. Probably five years ago I went off for two weeks and spent 10 nights in a harbor I hadn't spent a night in before. Can't wait for summer.
  9. My immediate thought was Thunderhead, which i sailed on quite a bit, loved the interior and didn't mind the companionway:-)
  10. I used the two part Epifanes on a fiberglass dinghy after seeing samples of roll no tip on a guitar and a car fender at the Maine Boatbuilders Show a couple of years ago. I know and like Doug as I had an office next to his when they started in Portland. I was very pleased with the finish on my first try, though not as good as their samples, which are remarkable. The rollers aren't cheap either. It really challenges you to prep everything perfectly as the paint is very thin. I was using dark blue over their grey primer and it took two coats to cover and every flaw in my preparation was there fo
  11. I have one of the old flat Autohelm jobs. You hold it and sight and hit the button and then read. Works a treat and has none of the issues of a moving dial that always made reading any rose type compass hard for me. With the Autohelm as long as you hit the button when it is aimed right the reading is good. Had one of the KVH's which was the best so long as it worked. The Autohelm is even older but keeps working.
  12. If you get anywhere near Portland after a week from today, send me a pm. It would be fun to meet- congratulations on your trip.
  13. Heck, I'll cook what I can, and do dishes happily too. How did you know Katrinka- the Winders? The Weymouths (Tina of the Talking Heads which see).
  14. Congratulations- wonderful stuff. I love the earlier picture of the Melanesian boat with the kids playing with models in the foreground. Seems every picture I see from there has kids sailing model boats- that show I grew up to love sailing.
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