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  1. He pulled a gun in a simple argument. Arbrey tried to take the gun away from one of those three bozos, they are all going to the clink. Same kinda deal can happen to Kyle, if the DA wants to do it. I think the DA will because Chad appears to have been a good ol' boy too, so he probably has white relatives who will scream like hell if Kyle is not brought to trial. The best way for the DA to cover his ass is to have one.
  2. Like this family... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/nov/26/man-killed-stray-bullet-thanksgiving-dinner-home-philadelphia-norristown
  3. The attempts to blame LE for this nauseate me. Whether the press does this honestly or not, it's a distraction.
  4. Buy an AR15. I see no other option for you. Spend a lot of time oiling and caressing it, dreaming of the day you will have an excuse to kill someone with it. If you had a car next to the area and the ability to trigger and shut off the alarm remotely though...
  5. And what land or property was his girlfriend's baby-daddy, there to pick up his kid, threatening?
  6. Premeditation only applies to murder one, which isn't the charge the DA will file against him. I believe the DA will file charges. Kyle didn't kill some black guy trying to thug him, he drew heat on a white dad there to pick up his kid who had made no physical threats prior to having the gun displayed, and displayed as a threat. I predict Mommy will find a new boyfriend, as raising a kid with a step dad that killed his real daddy is a wee bit awkward.
  7. Pretty good odds someone else will be playing step-dad. Mommy's boyfriend is probably going away for awhile.
  8. Generally not, because when police arrive at a scene and see black people with guns everybody is liable to get shot. However the incident of the OP shows why police are sent to domestic disputes and not social workers. People get as worked up and batshit crazy in those as anything around. Those who think there's no reason to send police to the scene haven't handled much of that shit.
  9. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/24/us/portland-oregon-protests-white-race.html Just one, but google up the photos of most and see whatcha see, particularly the one in Wisconsin we are discussing.
  10. Such behavior can be productive, IF the adults above him handle it right. The "Madman gambit" which Kissinger and Nixon liked to play can be used to deter. If one accepts the dubious premise that China would deem an invasion of Taiwan worth the destruction of the place, the good way to keep them from convincing themselves it would be easy is to have a few vocal mad dogs bark at the moon from time to time. The good cops in the room apologize for them in private while dropping hints they could use a bit of help in settling them down, and commiserate that they too have militaristic loonies
  11. You can sell your million dollar shack in LA and buy something twice the size for half the price in Texas. A quarter the price in Alabama, Mississippi or Arkansas. With the Boomer demographic entering their retirements, working from home becoming much more doable, this stuff shouldn't even mystify a mentally challenged pelican.
  12. "We must not allow a south China sea island gap!"
  13. Anecdotally, it came as a big surprise to one of my Egyptian buds when I mentioned the BLM protests were mostly white people, even all but completely white on some occasions. He had a hard time getting his head around that one. I would imagine foreign based journalists might have that same problem and leap to the conclusion that if BLM protesters were shot they must have been black.
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