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  1. Guy has a gun in your face and yells "KEEP YOUR HANDS IN VIEW! YOU'RE ABOUT TO RIDE THE LIGHTENING!" "GET OUT OF THE CAR" ...so how are you going to unbuckle the belt? Those cops got all pissed off because the guy slowly continued an extra half mile to a lit area. Happens all the time to cops, and that shit doesn't happen to most. Hardly any. The guy was in uni-fucking-form. Yeah...typical gang-banger. Those cops are out of a job, rightfully.
  2. Honor among thieves, but douchebags? Not so much.
  3. You're not all wrong, but the reason those Pashtun mountain villagers didn't want roads is it gave access to tax collectors and much much worse. We assume all governments are like ours but boy o boy some of them are the Supranos, and not anywhere near as charming.
  4. That's because you've forgotten what the problem is you're trying to remedy.
  5. KISSS* "Why weren't we shut down with COVID one through 18?" -Ted Nugent https://nypost.com/2021/04/12/ted-nugent-has-no-idea-what-covid-19-means/ *Known Idiot Says Something Stupid.
  6. The plan is to file fake-bankruptcy to get away cheap from the NY case, then re-organize in Texas. The only question in my mind is if the NY courts can effectively call that BS and nail them anyway. Wayne's embarrassment is a side show.
  7. Careful about that logic stuff. It means you have to pay attention to numbers, real ones, and shit. What's the percentage people getting seriously ill from a COVID vaccine compared to the percentage of people getting seriously ill from COVID?
  8. Of course, it's all a hoax. Nothing to worry about.
  9. They deserve to exercise their right of Free Speech. Oakland generally offers them a forum: Eastmont. Come as you are, swastikas and all.
  10. I expect when all the people who want to be vaxed are, there will be a steep drop in hospitalizations and at that point victory will be generally declared. If this bug is still floating around the un-vaxed will all get it, and in a hurry.
  11. When everybody stops wearing masks and gathering again, will it spread faster or slower?
  12. Three years? Expect the masks to come off and things getting back to normal sometime in the next 4-6 months.
  13. I can certainly agree that the cutting edge of medicine is not a good place to be, but there when there are millions there before you with only a tiny percent suffering from it it's not cutting edge anymore. The anti-vaxers have to consider something else: When the rates of infection really start to fall everybody is going to tear off the masks and go back to gathering. There is a strong possibility this thing will be like cold viruses, still there, and for a time replicating in small amounts in people who feel no symptoms. IOW, for a time it may spread like crazy.
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    To save y'all from 5 hours of tedious and painfully fruitless mental masturbation...just watch the 6th and last episode. You're welcome
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