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  1. Really? I don't recall anyone predicting the Trump crowd would storm the capitol. Not here, not anywhere. Blaming people for not predicting this seems a stretch.
  2. The press is all over that but listening to the GOAT myself I caught she felt she wasn't up to it, that she would let the team down, which means she feels there is someone better on that team whose spot, and chance, she shouldn't take away. After watching her mess up her vault, I kinda suspect she became aware during this event that she's lost it. 25 is downright elderly in this stuff.
  3. Quite likely we will see selected quotes from those reports which will look damning in hindsight, but it's also possible the intell showed no evidence a counter protest by anyone was apparent, as that was the fact of the matter, that none was. That bit won't have sufficient outrage to make the cut, but it seems highly likely the DC police were most interested in figgerin' that out. Assuming that was in there for the moment, lacking a counter-protest or any known activity from black people, ANTIFA, or any other pizza gorged baby blood sucking pedo Democrat elks, all you got is a Trump crowd. No
  4. Let me get this straight: It's the non-pussies who take it bent over, saying "Gracias mustachos, may I have another!"?
  5. What happened when consumption goes up and down now? When we use a lot the prices go up. When COVID hit the prices fell. Demand increases prices, over-supply drops them.
  6. George wasn't into interventions when he went in office. He was still working under the general feelings of the advisers on foreign police his dad had, real smart guys like Baker. IMO the fact that he had always been the black sheep of the family pushed him towards leaving his dad's people out, leaving about the only faction of the GOP FP network the new American Century neocons....and a smattering of a crew that had been known as Reagan's "B team" (google that) of FP "experts". Those had been the rabid anti-commie guys (like Rumsfeld) who had always been wrong about the true strength of the U
  7. On the topic of tuff guy rock stars, HBO is running a doc on the 99 Woodstock disaster. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/07/woodstock-99-review-hbo-1234652196/ This guy so reminds me of that knucklehead Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit. A riot was breaking out, the org asked him to help settle things down, and he goes out there and does the dead opposite, personifying the tude' of bring it bitches. Ten gets ya twenty neither of those two have ever had their ass kicked. Talk like that now, tuff guy. See what happens.
  8. Florida Man in the news again... https://www.masslive.com/news/2021/07/have-him-die-somewhere-else-homeowners-yell-as-neighbor-saves-mans-life-on-their-lawn.html
  9. My guesses aren't based on that though. Those mountains are porous to the Taliban but no one else. Lotsa luck sneaking through the Pashtuns in their mountain passes without them noticing. Furthermore Islamabad is the Taliban's patron. If I had been a translator for the US I would not trust the Pakis, nosireebob.
  10. Probably the biggest worry going on right now in State Dept Security is how to get those people out of there, should this go bad in a hurry. Nevertheless it is probably being staffed because there needs to be somewhere to process the paperwork for the people who served with us and will be deader than shit if they fall into Talib hands. Yank the office, and that falls to someone else, and since the places we have mil personnel are locked down tight as a crab's ass...
  11. I just don't think practical solutions matter when something is as unavoidably obvious as a fart in a mini-sub but nobody is willing to even mention it.
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