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  1. One of the really hard things to know when dealing with an employee is whether you are dealing with an internal or external locus of control in terms of their job, task, etc. This is why as and employer you would love to know where they were at about age 10 or so where a lot of these attitudes come about. Doers instead of sheep. People who control their lives instead of blame. I am sure Dan Price looks to this and may be very selective about it in terms of the tasks required when hiring. This may go a long way to allowing him a higher salary in his situation.
  2. Just listened to my wife's latest rant. She is still doing some clinical work. A relative is allowed to visit a Covid patient. "Oh Ralph looks like he is just getting over the flu. It can't be that bad." This is the same patient that, if you walk them to the bathroom, their blood reading drops to 74%. The normal reading is 100%. What planet are these people from!!
  3. Please look at the results of the Canadian experiments in Manitoba and Ontario. They may be counter-intuitive, but may get you out of the protestant culture mindset when approaching economics. Economics is the management of scarcity. I can see in this economy keep ing a tight lid on the availability of Ferraris, but not the availability of food, clothing and shelter.
  4. The approach to staffing is so dependent on the market in which you are dealing. One one hand you have the perfect free market in such things as frozen peas. The only way to control payroll is to automate, but unfortunately it does not do as good a job for many of the tasks as the labour that will gladly take whatever you will pay them. This is the classic "I'll go bankrupt if I give you a raise" as the business is a price taker. This usually requires unions or government to solve. On the other hand there is the monopoly which is a price giver. If the CEO is making 100 times the lowest pa
  5. but he is one of the ones setting the automation. Why would this die. Certainly Sullair hasn't failed.
  6. The one thing you cant take out of the enclosed atmosphere. Which is why the space shuttles always smelled like boiled cabbage when they landed until they were cleaned.
  7. One thing really gobsmacked me when I first visited the Museum of Science and Technology: in 1800 Great Britain mined 80% of the coal in the world at the time beside a model of the steam engine that allowed this. They controlled energy and therefore the world. Let the self riteous among you think of what you would do with this power, but the reality is that they had it. The problem with the Irish is that they kept on losing military battles, in the beginning because they could never present a unified force against the English. They kept on throwing passionate militias against profession
  8. Still, Britain is not the "classest" nation in the world. At this point I would place Japan number one. Japan also has a history of imperialism, so what is you issue?
  9. Better than does not mean perfect. However, I agree with you. Still, Brexit is more a reflection of some yob in the pub getting pissed off that he doesn't rule the world, even though he knows better, than reality.
  10. It is well known that Constitutional Monarchies tend to be much better governments than Republics. The present state of the US is a very good example. Allowing an individual such as Trump 4 years of screwing up a country without an effective control is not the best situation. Culture eats legislation for breakfast and structure creates culture. It is important to separate the functions of state and government. The ship of state flows calmly on as the chaos of government churns bellow. In the best situations, they do absolutely nothing. As shown in the recent problems in Canada, there ar
  11. It also caused the Industrial Revolution at the same time. Co-relation?
  12. Can't be. Under rules of Parliament.
  13. Obviously you don't support the separation of government and state.
  14. If people are paying that much money for baseball cards, you know there is a lot of dead capital out there. Fortunately, as the production of Covid vaccine has shown, if there is a legitimate use for the capital, it can be found. Will we run out of "savings" before the bill is paid off?
  15. Are you viewing inflation in terms of a perfect free market or in terms of an economy dominated by large oligopolies. It is very important that the price/demand curve for oligopolies has a distinct kink which locks the oligopolies into a set price. Inflation as such is then hard to induce in the portions of the economy that are controlled by oligopolies. The effects of inflation then become reduced buying power of a set unit of money. Price of gasoline over time is an example. The "price" as such doesn't go up. The value of the currency goes down. There is a difference.
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