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  1. History does not repeat itself, but it gives a good idea of the general direction. Look into what happens to various economies after pandemics. The classic one taught in school is the effect of the Plague of the 1400s on democracy and the inability of feudal structures to maintain control of the serfs. Another is the effect of the flu on American labour practices in the 1920s. More people in the US were lost as a result of the flu than died in WW1. It goes on. The results of this pandemic will be interesting to see in 10 years or so. I think Covid has been a catalyst for a lot of change
  2. I keep on thinking of the pages in "From Here to Eternity" by James Jones where he speaks in praise of SPAM. How it got the soldiers through long, overnight sentry duty. Maybe this is the Hawaii connection.
  3. At 18 he would still have been a child. I have not seen much maturity and self-determination in his actions of late. This is not a condemnation, but a statement that some men mature a heck of a lot later than others.
  4. Then you will know it is the spent shells that could do collateral damage.
  5. Private operation of assault rifles that is. One still needs 19 year old cannon fodder.
  6. The young man really is just a child. Perhaps the ownership of assault rifles should be restricted to those over 27, supposedly the age of male brain maturation.
  7. A good example of a free market failure.
  8. Consider this; there are a lot of people who want to give isolated native communities clean drinking water. There is a fair amount of money from in the budget to do so. What could go possibly go wrong? If the floodgates of money were opened and all the government mechanics descended and went away, would that solve the issue? Is it that easy? Possibly not. Hard things are hard. From a new treatment plant feeding into pipes that people then realized were too old to mercury poisoning of the main water source. Mercury is difficult to work with.
  9. The US did invade Costa Rica at one time. Something about bananas.
  10. Nationialistic Jingoism much,huh? Why then is it easier to get ahead in Sweden? Can't fly as high, but the effort/reward is better according to the UN entrepreneurship survey.
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