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  1. Yoda writes fusion manuals?
  2. What's needed is an online database tied to your passport or (or state ID) with the vaccination status encrypted on it. Agreed and standardized worldwide. Once you verify someone's ID with the passport and appropriate biometrics (picture, for example - or something fancier and more modern) the database query comes back with an "OK". We don't want to be dealing with pieces of paper from 100s of jurisdictions that get lost, stolen, counterfeited etc. I don't want a "vaccine passport" or other document - I want a seamless experience that just works in milliseconds. Of course, that won't happ
  3. "...fueled the downward spiral of Calif ..." Guys - listen to yourselves! So negative, so concerned with a mythical better past. It's the same bankrupt meme that fueled nihilistic MAGA - "Make America Great Again" simply implies that America is not "great" now. Which is a crock. America is great, it's the best place to live in the world, has the most powerful economy, free society, strong institutions, plenty of capital available for onward expansion etc. Sure, there are problems, as there are everywhere and everywhen, but the backwards-looking yearning for a better past that never was is
  4. What a bunch of grumpy cynics! Technology has done a pretty good job of improving the human condition over the last 300 years or so - just because the odd futuristic crazy of Operation Ploughshares vintage got the date of controlled fusion power wrong by half a century, that does not make it impossible. They have the temperature and they have the plasma confinement time - it's just a matter of a little tuning to improve one or other parameter by a small factor and it's "game on"! 50 years is a blip in the march of civilization... Curmudgeons! Nothing is like it was when I was what I neve
  5. All you need to make fresh water is power. Desalination scales up. In 50 years or so we'll be done burning hydrocarbons. Electricity will be more or less just the cost of maintenance on depreciated renewable infrastructure (solar, wind, wave, tide) or else they'll have figured out how to stabilize the tokamak. In any case, in a post hydrocarbon world, the problem of fresh water gets solved with big pipes. Deserts tend to be cloudless a lot of the time - solar energy powers desalinators and pumps. If you want to grow cotton in the Mojave, all you need is cash and an agreement with a road/r
  6. I just saw a paper that said that the COVID viral load of an infected person is a little more than 1ug Given that there have been about 120M cases, so guessing 5M current cases world wide now (112M virus free, 3M dead), that means the total mass of the virus is 5kg or so. World wide GDP is $90T, and growth has been -2% instead of +4% - a 6% swing or $5.4T – call it $5T to make the math easy. So the value of the COVID virus is about $1T/kg
  7. I'm actually talking about a VHF. I want a combined airband and marine band radio so I only need to buy one unit to cover both hobbies
  8. I'm getting annoyed at my Standard Horizon - too quiet and the battery gets sucked to nothing in just a few hours, even with the GPS turned off (which it bleeps and complains about). Now one of my crew decided to fuck around with it and snapped off the cap that stops water flowing into the external microphone outlet. Time to upgrade because new batteries are a stupid price and, even if I fix that, it will still be too quiet when it's windy. I'm doing a lot of glider flying as well as sailing, and it would be nice to have a unit that has marine and aviation bands selectable. Does anyone ma
  9. Ed

    your profile says that you're in Poland. I'm mulling on buying a glider from these guys https://www.gpgliders.com/ in Korczyna - close to Krakow. They are happy to take a deposit and put me on the 3 year waiting list, or I can pay 100% up front and get a glider this year sometime, or maybe Q1 next year. 

    It seems like a long and uncertain time with >$100K tied up in Poland. What's the general business climate there right now and how are creditors treated? How do I check whether they are a going concern or a bunch of wannabee businessmen who like Ferraris paid for with Stupid American deposits?

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    2. Wet Spreaders

      Wet Spreaders

      Thanks for the detailed write-up. Probably what I'll do is wait until COVID dies down a little and then pay a visit. I have to be in Soest, Germany at some point this year on business, so I may as well stay over a long weekend and pay a visit to Poland.


    3. Ed Lada

      Ed Lada

      When you are in Europe, let me know.  We are 1 hour east of Berlin. I'd be happy to share a libation or 2 with a fellow SAer.  We have a guest bedroom.  If you need help, I don't speak much Polish but I know a lot of people that do!  

    4. Wet Spreaders

      Wet Spreaders

      Thanks for the offer - I'll let you know if I make it out there. 

  10. I love the Barients that I have right now, but they are showing their age. A couple of ill-advised skipped services and I seized the main shafts in a couple of them to a gear. So the shaft started to rotate in the bronze casting and wore a slot. The bronze needs to be filled and then re-drilled. Metal loaded epoxy lasts a few minutes, so I gave up on that and simply treat them gently. It's a matter of time before the drum gear narrowly misses the main drive gear and strips. Kluberplex really helps and seems to last way longer than regular winch grease, so that gives me a little margin if I for
  11. I need to upgrade my winches - 30 years is a long time to be used and abused in salty water. West has their 2 for 1 sale on, so now seems like an opportune time to pick up some Lewmars. Question: what's the difference between the Evo winches and the Ocean series other than the obvious cosmetic difference (Ocean has a hump), and approx $100 (Evos are a little cheaper). West's comparatron says that they weigh the same and have the same gear ratios. Evo has a 7 year warranty, Ocean only 3 years. Are they the same inside?
  12. Do you want to move or shoot? ... You have shot a bat Do you want to move or shoot?
  13. 2028 - Net became self-aware. Recognized humanity as a lethal infection of the earth within 10ns and placed a non-cancelable delivery order with Wholefoods, starving 100M middle class Americans to death as food warehouses nationwide were emptied into the Ocean by a fleet of automated drones.
  14. Delta wheels up at 6am, picked up new truck in SLC at 10am. Snow showers. Pleased to see 80 mph speed allowed on Interstate 80 - symmetry. Weird dust and crazy crosswind at Bonneville - tempted to try some salty speeding in the new truck. Didn't - too old and cautious. Two refueling/bathroom stops. Redbull, spicy Slimjims and Pringles for lunch and dinner in motion. Home in San Jose by 9pm. Job done. No tickets. Adaptive cruise control is really, really, nice.
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