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  1. Vale Dusty, a lot of tributes to you on this forum and others. They came to Oz a couple of times but regret I never got to see them live. As a blues fan in Oz and a harp player I jammed along on board and at home to all their albums. I hope they keep on keeping on however they can. Cheers, Jim
  2. Hi Capt, I am running a Furuno / airmar paddlewheel / temp / log through N2K and a Garmin 751xs. I know the log is reading slow because we have an embarrassing heap of growth on the bottom. The boundary layer ( the water dragged along with the growth) is what is causing the paddlewheel to go slow. Is your bottom clean or not? I check with my Navionics on my phone and we are doing 6 knots so I know we are due for a scrub, which should have happened today (that's another story!) Cheers, Jim
  3. Re Physco Tiller & DDW upthread, there was and still maybe an arrangement where the paddle wheel log transducer did retract into a tubular trunk (pipe) which was closed off by a wt ball valve after the transducer had passed through. I did see this arrangement many years ago advertised in either a commercial fishing mag or maybe a yachting mag. It was a pretty simple arrangement, the only drawback was you had to have quite a long trunk inside the hull to fit the through hull, ball valve and stem of the transducer. Similar system was used in the ships with the chernikeef logs. Cheer
  4. In OZ it's "I gotta mate that knows a bloke that can/does.....(insert required skill or logistics)..... Cheers, Jim
  5. Hi Semi & Cisco, Is this where I say "snap"? I bought exactly the same brand in Sydney around 1979-80 for AU$ 275.00 from the Old Jewish Gent Waltham Dan in Liverpool Street Sydney. He dealt in all things ex Defence disposals radio etc. Just to struggle through his shop was an experience. The number of mine is 76662 and I have to unscrew the plate to get the date, however, I did get the instrument recalibrated by the Optical Shop at Garden Island Dockyard and they kindly drew the correction curve for me. That was in Oct 85. I was a Navy Ship Draftsman at the time. This little sext
  6. OMG!!! I did have to look.... Cheers, Jim
  7. Figurehead carvin...? But what's goin on in the carvers mind.......movin on..... Cheers, Jim
  8. Great shot of the Sydney Opera House site when it was the Tram terminal. Cheers, Jim
  9. Well, a 20mm enema would certainly bring a tear to the eye...........
  10. As a young apprentice boilermaker I used to fabricate these bloody ugly signs outa 1/8" (3.5mm) plate. But in Oz they were Caltex signs. It was my contribution to the uglinessness of Sydney suburbia. Dunno how many I made but no matter what other jobs rolled into the boilershop there were always a batch of dozen or more of these friggen ugly signs to be made on the rush. The round sign part was rolled up outa 6" X 1/4" flat bar with an internal flange of 2" X 1/4" flat bar pressed on edge by a manual "porta power" with a fabricated die segment. Talk about Dickensian methods......I reckon I
  11. JimL


    +1. Pretty exy here in Oz, but, why not...you are a bloody long time dead! Very nice drop! Cheers, Jim
  12. No, I was speaking (typing) "figuratively".......or whatever...... Cheers, Jim
  13. Bloody hell Hobot.....how did you get into my galley????? Chers, Jim
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