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  1. How about my first one? By far the most edumacational. I'm 18, playing football and thinking I'm a hardass. In a cowboy bar with a friend playing shuffleboard. The old Stetson wearing bastard at the bar decided his wife was wrong about him having already had too many and he forcibly took her purse and hit her with it. Of course I'm going to step in. I got to "Hey I don't think..." and I went sliding across the tiled floor like a shuffleboard puck. A round house to the kisser is what it took to make me realize yeah...I don't think.
  2. She ruined a date for me. Took a newly met date to a pre boat show party in Providence. She lifted her shirt and asked if anyone had a Sharpie. I was prepared and whipped it out...signed in big letters. My date left in a huff. I'll never forget her for the great favor to me. I still don't know how the date got home. Don't really care.
  3. If it becomes abusive, please do yourself a favor and call a helpline.
  4. Just curious. What is the average number of posts for a fun thread to auger headlong into a fetid pile of political dogshit?
  5. I grew up in the company of my Texas family background. As a very young boy I spent time with family members that had lived during Kiowa fighting as young men. McMurtry's greatest talent was the capture of the character of those men and women. There were a few generations of folks that were of tough, honest, even tempered and loving in a way I don't see much anymore. I have trouble describing their nature but Robert Duval did a pretty damn good job of capturing it.
  6. Post your answer by writing it out in your own feces on your bedroom wall. Post a pic.
  7. If you are gripped about doing this the first time, by far the most critical thing is oven temp and internal meat temp. I love medium rare but some are squeamish about lamb. Use an oven thermometer and a meat thermometer to keep track of internal meat temp. The external thermometer with a wire to probe works fantastic for $20 Also I agree with having it butterflied. The bone really complicates it. https://www.amazon.com/ThermoPro-TP-16-Thermometer-Stainless-Standard/dp/B017613C3C/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw3pWDBhB3EiwAV1c5rOfA4rtFZISYWrD2Nj0u_vKuPPtA9H2LYEq1N7IDJpwB0sheJqI
  8. I do this stuff for a living. Get this question regularly. For almost any DIYer a battery drill and driver makes sense. But if you use the other tools less than five days a week, corded tools are the way to go. When you've gone through many generations of these battery setups you realize the batteries have a limited life span that is much shorter than the tool itself and it costs as much as the bare tool. Using them shortens their life but not much more than not using them. In other words, they are going to become obsolete, worn out or die from lack of use just about as fast. If your are goin
  9. I've spent 100s if not 1000s of nights sleeping outdoors, including many in winter, often at high altitude. I spent the winter of 1976 sleeping in a tent in Camp 4 Yosemite. I have plenty of stories of extreme discomfort but the worst was a winter trip to the Bugaboos. Upon arrival we were immediately hit with a severe storm that went on for ten days. Only left the tent to shovel it out, to get water, and to shit. Terrified day and night of avalanches. Hands down the worst part though was being in a two man mountaineering tent for ten days with my motherfucking friend. By the time w
  10. Those were tough times for encyclopedia salesmen.
  11. These Hedge funds are insanely well funded and operated by savvy insider knowledge kind of guys. These punks stepped into the ring with Mohammed Ali. He wasn't looking and they got one good punch in. These hedge fund guys have more good roundhouse sucker punches in their arsenal than these lucky bastards can imagine. Not saying I approve of either one over the other, just saying this is going to really suck for some of these small time investors. We'll see who draws whom into the trap next time.
  12. This surge in extended warranty companies is a direct result of banks giving dumb shits high interest rate 7 year loans on $50k + cars. So if you want to have some fun, concoct a sob story about what mess your life has been trying to get this clapped out POS paid off and you only have two payments left till you can get a new one. Should I give you the money now and buy the warranty or should I use the money to pay off my car and get something else? Always entertaining listening to their greed trying to convince their self respect to go for the money.
  13. She is either saying "He's gone" or she is saying "He's here"! Either would cause a blood pressure increase.
  14. Sorry the notation is referred to as "Reverse Polish" ...It's been a long time.
  15. As I recall, those used a form referred to as "polish reverse" ( I'm not joking) I dare say it would be very confusing to most calculator users today.
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