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  1. Some threads just don't have the longevity potential of sash weights
  2. I bet you thought I was doing a bang-up job of ignoring. In actuality I just forgot. Sorry about that
  3. Comforting to know there are some old ones still extant
  4. I guess I'm missing the time we knew there were two sexes. The one we were and the one they were
  5. Loosing the Random Pic thread was tough. Loosing Hobot would be a LOT tougher Hang in there
  6. Why don't we recapture the contributions to the SA Americas Cup Challenge to either pay Vinnie for an excellent job or...recover the Hobot Legacy
  7. I take one little time out from the internet and this is what I come back to. It was a glorious thread while it lasted. Thanks to Hobot for all those memories
  8. I was only lounging on the beach under palms and sipping on Pina Coladas so I don't think that really counts as ignoring
  9. My bad. Just forgot, but back to ignoring
  10. Man, we got some advanced level ignoring going on here!
  11. Love that Turbo Encabulator
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