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  1. Back on track after a long hiatus. Thanks to those who carried the load
  2. Hobs has some magic phone
  3. Some of you guys are doing a better job of this than others Thanks to those that carry the load
  4. Don't get ahead of the headlights
  5. PB Which chapter in the book will this be in. - or do I need to compile the vignettes on my own?
  6. If I had to use a microscope I wouldn't complain. Welcome Home
  7. Several relatives of my son-in-law have become incapacitated from statin use. I have NO idea why anyone would tolerate such a side effect
  8. Great old time sound. Don't hear it too much anymore
  9. Thanks for taking up the slack from the slackers
  10. With perhaps the same social development?
  11. Yeah, but I excel at being ignored
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