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    It took me a minute to get this one
  2. Pursuit sold. Will be heading to Europe for a refit i suppose
  3. (424): The cop asked you after the breathalyzer what you think you blew and you very discreetly shouted "I'm pretty sure i blew Kyle on the way here "
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    Three bulls are standing around overlooking a field full of cows when they overhear the farmer tell one of the cowhands to get the trailer ready to pick up a new bull. The old bull snorts and says, "I'm a tellin' ya what, there ain't but fifty cows here that are mine and if'n that new bull thinks he's a gettin' any of my cows, well, he's got another think comin'." The second bull says, "There ain't but 30 cows here that are mine and that new bull sure ain't get any of my cows." The young bull says, "There ain't but 10 cows here that even know me, but I sure ain't lettin' that new bull have
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