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  1. FFS - he protested a boat for asking a pilot what colour sails were people flying a few years ago. He would protest two flys on the wall
  2. MR "Great Moral Victory" - no it wasnt you tosser, you broke the rules, victory, moral or otherwise is not yours
  3. I wasnt referring to Colregs, there is more to sailing than the Colregs
  4. Personally I would go and give Richards an informal education and some summary jurisdiction if I were on Comanche. Prat. If there is no significant penalty here then people will do the same thing in future. Aside from the RRoS, WO appears to have committed an offence in Maritime law. We certainly don't want to show the Police that we support and encourage behaviour that would invite their interest.
  5. Hi Paul Its the mighty Vstrom 650 XT that has taken me over great swathes of this fine land (and Bass Strait on the Ferry)
  6. Story is that the kevlar rigging terminate had perished, so rig came down. All good, all fixed and it and another Pulse are now part of the fleet at RQYS.
  7. Maybe - but you can buy one. And you can buy a corsair Dash. And get either of them delivered this millennium.
  8. This on the other hand is a $25 mistake
  9. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Dragonfly folding system or build quality.
  10. Settle petal - it was a wind up. Jeesus - you spent too much time around Ian and some of his sense of humour rubbed off on you
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