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  1. mmmm....so Chelsea beat City but 4 days later slip up to Arsenal. Window still open for Liverpool to grab 4th and qualify for UCL. Need to beat Utd tonight though. And I see Leicester & Chelsea are scheduled to meet next week. That game will be crucial for who qualifies for UCL next season.
  2. LB since he has such a hardon for Gladys I reckon you should refer to him as Daryl, aka Gladys's secret partner. I did mention it upthread somewhere when he came back, or maybe that was in another thread, but it appears nobody got the reference as to who Daryl is.
  3. I see Man U almost handed the EPL title to Man City last night v Villa but then came through in the end. With Chelsea now flying it's Leicester that's in the Reds sights for 4th and with Everton beating West Ham we will go 5th with a win or draw v United on Wednesday night. And at the other end of the table it's goodbye Baggies with Fulham at risk of confirming going down if they draw or lose v Burnley tonight. Norwich and Watford will be coming up from The Championship.
  4. Well well well...Tuchel is now 2-0 v Pep since taking charge of Chelsea. I go back on what I said above. Tuchel could spoil Pep's treble plans. And yeah what was Aguero thinking???
  5. From the other side of the world it's great to see you back online Hobot. Oh and with that Random guy I find ignore is your friend. He went back on that list following his dump on Boomer in this thread three weeks ago and then he kept on dumping in other threads.
  6. Can't see them beating City in the final though, even though they beat them in the FA Cup semi final 3 weeks ago. Would be a coup for the EPL if Man U & Arsenal get thru to Europa League final as well, although Arsenal have got a bit of work to do to get past Villareal on Thursday night.
  7. Yeah there's 40,000 not too happy Eagles members who now cannot go to the footy to watch their team lose a derby for the first time in 5 years.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if the easing of lockdown restrictions in Perth and Peel region are ramped back up again tomorrow following confirmation of a positive test from a quarantine hotel security guard and then 2 positive tests from 2 of his 7 housemates was announced about 90 mins ago. Story from Aunty here https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-01/perth-hotel-quarantine-guard-tests-positive-for-covid-19/100109788 There's a fairly important match of footy here tomorrow...it's called the Western Derby, ie Eagles v Dockers at Optus Stadium. Govt announced 3 days ago that capacity red
  9. This thread, and every other thread for that matter, is sooo much better with ^ on ignore. TGIF
  10. Should I add you to his list? Think I've had enough of your mudslinging. Goodbye.
  11. Hey Jack. Since we're using first names now and since you have such a hardon for Gladys should we call you Daryl?
  12. Nope. Definitely Federal responsibility that one and Dutton and Payne et al are doing their best to poke the Chinese bear atm.
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