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  1. Yeah saw that on Saturday. Was NOT happy with Norwich but then we got 5 v Man U so all good
  2. Oh boy. WHAT A NIGHT. As a Reds supporter you can't wish for much better than a 5-0 win at Old Trafford. And King Mo gets a hat-trick and CR7 verry lucky not to be given a straight red, however Pogba deservedly got his marching orders. Is Solskjaer next?
  3. I seem to also recall an ALP PM being dismissed by the GG and two dismissed by Shorten and his backroom boys.
  4. We also had a ALP Premier in WA who royally messed things up when you were in nappies!!
  5. As evadent by the two Victorian morons that went via Darwin to get to the GF. They now have an extended stay in WA at the pleasure of Her Majesty. I see a few Argentinian Rugby Union players didn't think their trip over the border from Gold Coast to Byron Bay wasn't their smartest move either.
  6. Meanwhile Vic has surpassed NSW for new daily case numbers 867 v 863. Well done Vic. Re the NRL GF - they should be holding it in Perth at Optus since we did such a great job for the AFL GF. My SO would be very happy if that happened coz she's a Penrith girl from way back.
  7. So we're 6 weeks into the season and it's well beyond time to start up a new thread for this season. At the start of the season I thought that the Big 4 would've pulled away a little bit by now but Everton & Brighton are still hanging in there, with Brighton fluffing the chance to go top of the League by drawing to Palace overnight. Should be a couple of top matches coming up this weekend with Liverpool at home to Man City and Man U v Everton. At the other end it looks like Norwich's stay in the EPL will only be 1 season again.
  8. The Right, on the south coast of West Oz, gets fairly gnarly at times.
  9. Edit: Replied without looking ^^ at a couple of recent posts
  10. Ooh yes...Look up Lynas Rare Earths and the facility they're looking at building in Texas https://lynasrareearths.com/
  11. LOL....I don't think I'll show my Miss 5 though. Doubt she'd understand either
  12. Meanwhile in West Oz, the Minister for Electoral Affairs, John Quigley (who doubles as Attorney-General), introduced legislation to reduce regional representation in the Upper House. McGowan was unequivocal in the week prior to the election that Electoral Reform was not on their agenda yet on the 2nd day of sitting his Minister announced an enquiry to report on Electoral Equality in the Upper House. The Terms of Reference for the Committee were framed so tightly that the ONLY recommendation the committee could make is for the 6 Upper House Regions (3 Metro & 3 Regional) to be abolished for
  13. And in practice...however yes some employers get away with it but run the risk of prosecution, and many do get prosecuted.
  14. It's the whole hospital system. See my reference above re letter to The West from a 20 year career registered nurse.
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