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  1. Another win by the Reds and they go top of the EPL again, for at least 4 hours anyway. Come on Leeds. And with that win at St James Park Liverpool are still in the hunt for a quadruple season as they enter May, which is unprecedented in English football. Huge signing during the week with Klopp and his management team agreeing to extend their contracts for an extra 2 seasons so will be at Anfield for another 4 seasons. #YNWA
  2. DHL Cargo plane crashes in Costa Rica Dare I say it - The Back fell off!!!
  3. I like this table Bring on City at Etihad next week
  4. You'd think Group A should be fairly comfortable for the Netherlands with Ecuador or Senegal going through. Group B - You'd have to favour England to top group, re who goes through with them is anyone's guess Group C - Argentina should win that and once again fairly tight for 2nd Group D - France then possibly Denmark. If Australia get past UAE and then Peru I do not see them progressing through. Don't know enough about Tunisia Group E - You'd expect top two to be Spain & Germany but Japan may surprise Group F - Tough group though you'd expect Belgium to top it the
  5. R and R - you guys and all around you can't seem to get a break. I must admit, whilst aware of the flood situation over there, i was not totally aware of the immense scale of devastation until i read what Rambler posted yesterday, and then you get another 300mm overnight. Geez what a kick in the guts.
  6. All upcoming tour dates cancelled including Australian tour in Nov/Dec Totally understandable I've been playing quite a bit of Foos music the last few days and watching various YouTube clips. This one is for Taylor RIP
  7. One surprise the other day in European qualifiers was Italy being knocked out by North Macedonia. Italy missed Russia 2018 as well, however they won Euro 2020 last year. Australia have a difficult pathway to Qatar following defeat in Sydney to Japan last week. They now have to play a play off against the other 3rd place Asian qualifier in other group and then 5th placed South American placed team.
  8. And a few other things...including THC, tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines. The last two and the opiods may well have been prescribed. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-27/foo-fighters-taylor-hawkins-10-psychoactive-substances-in-body/100942602
  9. Same. Went in 2011 with TA 5 days after my mum passed away. He asked if i wanted his spare ticket to take my mind off her passing. Was completely blown away by the concert, and I've been forever grateful to TA for that Link to concert they did in Chile just over a week ago
  10. Do you know who that is? Would not call him very wise
  11. Must admit i got a bit excited this morning my time after seeing Palace v City highlights. Don't think I've celebrated a goalless draw in a looong time. If we win at The Emirates v Arsenal Wednesday night then we're 1 point behind. Pep must be getting worried #YNWA
  12. Wow...UK Govt has brought in sanctions against Abramovich that includes not being able to sell Chelski, no away fans at Stamford Bridge, no transfers or new signings of players Roman Abramovich sanctioned by UK government, with English Premier League club Chelsea among assets frozen https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-10/chelsea-owner-roman-abramovich-sanctioned-by-uk-government/100900918 @blunderfull @Jkdubz808 Man Utd must have some pretty good lobbying powers in Whitehall coz it may be the only way they're able to qualify for Champions League next season if Chelski ar
  13. Well today McGowan is having his day in court v Palmer. McGowan blames Palmer for all the angry people in WA. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-07/wa-premier-mark-mcgowan-testifies-clive-palmer-defamation-trial/100887780
  14. Yeah waking up to the news of Rod Marsh's death was hard enough yesterday, although not entirely unexpected. Waking up to the news of Warnie's death this morning just put me into a bit of a state of disbelief. Two greats of Australian cricket lost to the world within 24 hours. Both have been a HUUUGE influence on Australian cricket for the last 50 years . They will be greatly missed. I read the piece that Meli copied above earlier and thought that a magnificent obit for Warnie. RIP Rodney Marsh and Shane Warne
  15. Wow...what a final...and for it to go to penalties...and then all 10 field players from each side slot their penalties in and then it's up to the goalkeepers. Wow. Klopp's first success at Wembley. May there be at least one more piece of silverware for the season...another two would be good too #YNWA
  16. I think you've got two chances in winning the league from here...Buckleys and none Looking forward to the Carabao Cup Final on Sunday for our first piece of Silverware for the season
  17. With Spurs beating Man City at the Etihad and Liverpool winning v Norwich life has been brought back into the title race with the Reds 6 points behind and a game in hand. All we need to do from now until the end of the season is match Man City every round and beat them at the Etihad on 9 April and the title is ours. Easy peasy...yeah right...however we are still in it...plus there's the League Cup Final this weekend, FA Cup and Champions League. #YNWA
  18. Here in West Oz many moons ago the 2nd largest University in the State decided to change it's name. It was known as WAIT (Western Australia Institute of Technology). The Chancellors wanted to honour the only West Australian politician who became Prime Minister in the late 1940's, John Curtin. So the name they came up with originally was apparently the Curtin University of New Technology. That name apparently got approved by the University Council...and then they advised the Student Guild leadership group who quite quickly advised the Council that that name might not be such a good idea.
  19. Yeah they climbed out of a hole there. Pity Day 3 was rained out.
  20. Seems the English Women are following the lead of their male counterparts. Aust declared at 9/337 and England battling to avoid follow on at 8/173. I'm guessing the follow on figure for Women is 150 not 200.
  21. Neither do I now...another 14 cases announced today. Progression for last 4 days has been 7,24,15,14 including 2 in hospital and 1 in ICU. First 7 cases outside Perth & Peel metro with 7 cases in Bunbury last 2 days. It's circulating and there's not much they can do about it. The reinstatement of the hard border on 5 Feb may become superfluous. And with up to 200,000 congregating around Perth Water for Australia Day Skyworks tomorrow night god knows if that'll become a superspreader event, although the mask mandate will be in place and it's outdoors so there is some level of protectio
  22. Seems that McGowan and Quigley have a little conundrum vis a vis Clive Palmer's lawsuit against them both (Quigley is the WA Attorney General). Seems the Federal Court want them both to attend the hearing in person in Sydney. McGowan filed an affidavit saying he needs to be in Parliament when it resumes on Tue 15 Feb. Seems judge has taken that into account however McGowan needs to appear in person from Sat 26 Feb. Article here https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-25/mark-mcgowan-forced-to-attend-clive-palmer-defamation-case/100781596
  23. The cat could be out of the bag here in WA with 24 new cases announced a short time ago https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-01-23/wa-records-24-new-covid-cases-but-all-linked-to-existing/100776210
  24. The problem with delaying "opening up" is that if we wait another 2-3 months we're getting 2-3 months closer to winter and here on the South Coast where it's cooler and more humid that's not a good thing. We were all gearing up getting ready for Omicron spreading around the community but now those plans are on hold to when we do open up. It is just delaying the inevitable but maybe with more people triple vaxed and more children aged 5-12 single or double vaxed then the hospitalisation rate will be lower, however for the 27% of us who have got their 3rd dose, including me, the effectivene
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