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  1. Another new Gentlemen's canoe under vacuum bag at Dorset Boatworks;
  2. Older IC available out in Western MA - https://westernmass.craigslist.org/boa/d/lee-international-canoe-sail-boat-17/7360883432.html Don't know for sure but I think this boat was built by my dad in the 80s and the re-done by Jesse Aronstein in the 90s. Older boat but believe she's been well maintained. Could be a good opportunity for someone to go fast and have fun on the cheap.
  3. Depends on the person, attitude, and fitness. I've seen people with virtually no dinghy experience transition from wind surfers to quite high performance dinghies seemingly effortlessly. And I've seen others try and flame out hard. I put a friend who had been windsurfing for the last five years in an IC and he had it down in a matter of hours. Did the same thing with a different guy a year or two earlier - guy tried valiantly for ages but never got the hang of it. So, what you can sail will somewhat depend on how much you're prepared to stick with it, how quickly you get tired after a cap
  4. One must assume that the photographer was being selective
  5. Also some excellent photos here courtesy of Sam Moore: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MDMHLPoMk9ebfJtQ8
  6. Some fun this weekend re-laminating the inside of Dave's boat;
  7. Someone should jump on 177, You won't go faster/have more fun for $1K. Older boat so could use some updates, but hull is probably still super solid. Somebody gotta take the plunge! -Willy
  8. Someone should jump on one of these. You won't go faster or have more fun for $1,000. Older boat that could use some updates, but with new sails and a few new parts should still be damn good. Fiberglass, bullet proof hull. Someone really should grab. The other one is older is probably a better fit for a museum. Best, Willy
  9. Some photos from racing this weekend: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ue99JwWyonfWEt6C8 Small event due to COVID but awesome racing. It came down to the last race. Mike edged me at the leeward mark and hung on the rest of the way. Top 3 was an absolute fist fight all weekend. Great competition. Just gotta grow the fleet some more. Best, Willy
  10. If you support getting more people getting out sailing, handicapping is great. Heck a lot of the time the choice is handicap racing or no racing at all. You just have to take the results with a grain of salt. Sail the best you can, try to win the race is you're in a fast boat. If you end up losing on corrected time, well whatever. It's just a race. And a day on the water beats a day at the office.
  11. This. Besides the rush of sailing something that does give you a ridiculously dialed-in experience, I get an incredible sense of satisfaction just about every time I put my IC in the water. I'm not just plodding around in any other boat. I'm doing something novel. Embrace the adventure. This however is one of the very best moments you get in an IC or any other similarly challenging high performance boat (i14, Moth, etc.). If you stick with it, you never know when it's coming. Then there's suddenly this day when you're racing not just surviving. You don't even notice it at first, then s
  12. That's a crazy old one - wooden boom. That said, looks well maintained. Could be good fun if you stuck a new boom and sails on it. Has a carbon mast. Best, Willy
  13. Some media from a very fun weekend of canoe sailing RI for the some of the New England contingent. Distance race was fun but challenging. Mess about in boats day, due to more favorable conditions, was even more fun. Both days led to some good footage: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HEPd8jDYohSApyTt8 Best, Willy
  14. Working on getting Max a boat that has been in a shed in Michigan for years. Should have a plan within the next few weeks. If this falls through, one of Dave's boats would also make a lot of sense if they can make it to Ohio. Let's keep in touch over the next month or so. Gotta get @northwestern9 IC sailing!
  15. Bow first IMO. Two straps should be just about all you need. If on is after of carriage to stop the boat gradually sliding aft you're fine. If you want to tie the bow down, there ought to be a way to make little loops on the front of the car and tie from there to the fitting where your forestay goes. Then tie after to your rudder trunk. But again, with racks and straps you ought to be fine. Furthermore Dave is definitely right - if bow first is more hydrodynamic it stands to reason that it's more aerodynamic too! Therefor, bow first is the way to go! Best, Willy
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