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  1. Or a kickass base of operations for a family of kiteboarders!
  2. Boat tippy? -> push stick Sails Flappy? -> pull stick
  3. Zonker, kudos to you (and your wife) for giving your daughter the opportunity to build self reliance and perspective. It will serve her well. Well done.
  4. Per the seller, both the hull and deck are wood. His use of the word gelcoat may not be correct - not sure of his boat construction knowledge. He looked for a builder’s plate but could not find anything.
  5. FD in Rochester NY. Anybody recognize the builder? https://rochester.craigslist.org/boa/d/penfield-20-flying-dutchman-wooden/7305078031.html
  6. Hoyt jib boom suggests Alerion Express 20. As does the single axle trailer. But the transom rake and rudder don’t match.
  7. Anybody remember these things? https://providence.craigslist.org/d/for-sale/search/sss?query=waterbug&sort=rel
  8. Banshee in PA https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/boa/d/lewisberry-banshee-sailboat-with-trailer/7295187877.html
  9. Caliente, How about this BI-40? looks like it was recently listed. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1987/block-island-40-k-cb-yawl-3820307/
  10. That Captain Q guy on YouTube did a review of a cheap-ish Nordhavn for sale in Maine.
  11. Centerboard or daggerboard based on the trailer. Any idea on the length? Maybe 24-27 feet. The reverse transom is similar to Soverel 27 and 33, or some of the Yamaha designs. There appears to be a logo on the cove stripe near the transom. Looks like it ends in “H” or “M”
  12. John Hiatt. So many of his songs recorded by others AND an outstanding artist himself. Bruce Cockburn. Gifted storyteller - even referenced in U2’s “God Part 2”. Neal Peart. An amazing lyricist and one of (if not the) greatest drummers ever. Huge loss when he passed. His talent may be more even appreciated as time goes by.
  13. That’s a great video. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you have many more times sailing with your son.
  14. That is a great looking houseboat. Glad to see it’s going back to its original function. Would be great to see the interior.
  15. This 110 popped up on the PNW day sailer thread. Not sure it fits your criteria, but it’s local to you. https://110class.com/classified-ads/show-ad/560/705-ready-to-race-international-110-3500-located-colorado/colorado/ready-to-sail/
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