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  1. Well rounded race boats that sail well in all conditions rarely win the sexy cool bar-bragging, magazine-headline, forum-bragging contests. But they are great to own. Similar can be said for cars, motorcycles and wives.
  2. A Santana 35 is so lightweight that three reefs are overkill. One reef for windy days, and a deep reef for really nasty stuff gives you three mainsail options. If you had more weight in your keel or a bigger mainsail three reef options would be a more reasonable option.
  3. It's all an elaborate smoke screen to avoid the law. Years from now we'll be reading books about this budding sailor like we read about the early exploits of Bernard Moitessier, Mike Plant or Elvis. Before you start your next offshore race poll your crew asking how many have spent a night in jail, you might be surprised.
  4. Women are too smart to own racing sailboats, let alone solo racing sailboats. Convince me I'm wrong.
  5. How well can the SF3200 sail to it's rating? A local SF3600 that I know has a very difficult phrf rating to sail to. J105s, or any J/Boat, seem able to hit their ratings pretty easily.
  6. A chemical bond is best, but a mechanical bond is fine. Scuffing up cured epoxy or gelcoat is by far the norm. Just make sure there's no wax, dirt, or blush.
  7. I'm sure that it worked great while drinking a few beers on a nice calm day in 20+ Celsius temps.
  8. The VC is fine if you can see it on the hull. I buy a quart each spring for my 35' boat. This has always been enough to touch-up the leading edges, waterline, and anyplace else where it's begun to wear thin and show through. I use up any extra on random spots around the hull. Sometimes I "sand" the VC with a crunched up newspaper to clean off any growth that survived the power washer at haul-out, a green scrubby pad works as well. The bottom looks like a patchwork when I launch, but after a couple days in the water it's all weathered to a 100% uniform look. This has worked well for
  9. I'm a fan of low expectations. Just slap on some satin spar urethane from the hardware store using a foam brush and call it good. Ignore all the advice about how to get perfect varnish applications, those folk want to help but don't understand varnish is not an actual religion. The once a year or two touchups won't take long with that small amount of teak. It might not be perfect but your friends will never notice. With new wood like yours oil isn't a bad direction to go, but I think it's less forgiving once you inevitably miss a year or two...or three. After enough years you'll probably
  10. I'd like to put new bearings in this 1985 Harken lower bearing while the rudder is being rebuilt. It's been freshwater it's whole life and looks pretty clean, but two of the four set screws are frozen, and I'm afraid the bearing body might be frozen to the shaft. I categorically do not want to destroy the bearing while taking it off, the bearing still has some decent life in it. Any tips on removal of the fragile little set screws, and more importantly slipping the bearing body off the shaft? The YouTube video of a guy using a custom jig and car jack that ultimately destroyed the bearin
  11. Is Awlcare and Awlwash worth the effort for Awlgrip or Perfection 2k paints? Is there a generic option? As I recall, Interlux advises just using regular soap and water, and no mention of using a sealant.
  12. I like having a nationality clause, but the 100% restriction and retroactive timetable seems like a simply ploy to restrict salaries.
  13. Geo restrictions are pretty frustrating, at least for US residents smart enough to not have cable tv.
  14. The broadcast team really needs a cup historian who can tie the present day racing to the patterns and stories of past cup matches. It's relevant and part of why a cup match is more than just another sailboat race or sporting event. Kenny has become a top notch commentator. Shirley needs a bigger role with her valuable insights. I get why Stephen is there doing color commentary, but he's constantly degrading the sport and isn't the right person for the role.
  15. Everyone wants a new world of technology and development, but then disparage and fear it upon arrival. STFU and go enjoy a sail in your 4kt shit box. Time for the next generation to build the future.
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