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  1. That would take some balls, so I guess that counts you keyboard warriors out? Its been offshore plenty of times and is entered for Apollo Bay again this weekend.
  2. David is out the front, resplendent in his sharp creased creams and navy blue Club blazer with cravat, hand cranking his Model T Ford in preparation for a sedate drive down to his Yacht Club, there to enjoy a refreshing G & T with his circle of like-minded and equally bored yachtsmen before embarking upon a challenging row out to his gaff-rigged 3knot racing shit-box swinging jauntily at its mooring in the afternoon sea breeze.
  3. I think Jimmy will be too busy tonight reading "Fundamentals of Match Racing" They fucked up, screwed the pooch and gave another one away.
  4. Faaark, TWO dismastings and a hole punched in another. WTF was going on off Sandy this afternoon. The Bear will be grumpy(er) tonight.
  5. $80k?? Didn't they start trying to sell Smooth at over $200 Gorillas quite a while back? Faaark, thats gotta hurt big time. Quick boat still, when pointed in the right direction. Haven't seen owner/ Anarchist Don on here for a long time.
  6. FIFY. Considering he's the third owner of that boat since it left RQ, I hope he told them where to shove their "Order"
  7. Haven't they canned this race yet? The good hoteliers and innkeepers of Hobart town are already reporting mass cancellations.
  8. Surely this thread needs to be re-titled - Australian Sailing and RQYS Bukkake Theatre?
  9. So is AS going allow the CYCA to pull off their latest stunt? Having published the applicable NOR allowing Autopilots and accepted 2-Handed entries, they are now ruling 2-Handers who use Autopilots out of contention for the major IRC prize, the Tattersall's TP 52 Cup. Oh, but its quite OK to have powered winches, powered canting keels etc... Yet again, they have their collective heads up their arses and have made themselves look like the anachronistic dinosaurs they really are. Hearing that the legal Briefcases are already gathering on this one. Accumulating stockpile of Popcorn and
  10. Potentially a really quick boat but you'll need to allow a little time to remove the strange twin wheel arrangement and put a tiller back on it as per R Ps original design. Plus it doesn't run masthead kites at all so you would probably want to sort that to get it on the pace with your Auckland fleet. Price of the boat has plummeted recently but then the owners just signed up for their next ride on the weekend so they may be even more motivated now. Seller Anarchist 'Don' occasionally chimes in here.
  11. The woes at Royal Brighton continue. A while back they lost their slipway and boatyard and now they have seen the apparently terminally disintegrating Brighton Pier closed to all pedestrian and vehicular traffic indefinitely while they wait for Parks Victoria to work out how to fix it. On past form, it won't be anytime soon. Hearing that the crusty elite of that esteemed establishment now have to slip off the Raoul Mertons, roll up their Fletcher Jones and wade from the beach to step aboard rubber ducks for a damp joy-ride out to their boats on the marina or the hardstand. At least they d
  12. Incredibly sad to lose GA, as you so rightly have written FO, one of the genuinely good guys who gave so much to our sport . Remembering his infamous speech at his 50th when he stood on a table near the BBQs at the old club house and proudly exclaimed to the gathering of crew mates, Club dignitaries and general riff raff who were all giving him grief about his age: "On the occasion of my 50th I have only one thing to say, you can all get fucked" Sail on GA. Great sailor, great bloke.
  13. Chucking chairs at his bint is not the only unsavoury issue with which Hollis has had involvement. Wonder if that will now come out? Something about the hurried repatriation of a famed international coach who knew too much about an indiscretion?
  14. You're only as good or bad as your last race. WOXI was dicked, big time. Even they admit that. Back to the drawing board or has that particular dead horse been flogged one too many times?
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