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  1. Sorry to hear of it. My Canuckistan yacht club has proper cleats everywhere except the dinghy dock. Which I think is reasonable, we don't want to attach cleats every 16" along the dinghy dock...
  2. I helped a friend build a "cottage", essentially he built a barn. He is in Michigan, he found a local (2 hr away) amish guy who ran a mill (gas powered). Bought from him the timbers for the structure, mostly oak. Had to go physically talk to the guy, or send him a letter... Anyway, awesome wood, cheap. The local building inspector had no experience with timber frame construction (done the traditional way, tenons with wood peg) so there was much back and forth because of course the outside walls weren't structural... Finally sorted in the end, it is a great place.
  3. As Team Vestas unhappily proved at high speed in the 2018 VOR...
  4. Our local osprey like B&G wind direction pointers. 2 thus far... I woke up one morning to find that an osprey had disemboweled a fish at the top of the mast and somehow rained fish guts down on the forward hatch. Thankfully I had closed it before settling in for the night, I can not imagine the moment of terror I'd have had waking up to being hit on the head with fish guts...
  5. I have a tablet running Navionics, with the track showing since I anchored. If I'm still in the vicinity of where I started then I go back to sleep. I liked "drag queen" as an anchor alarm, but it is gone now. What is a good android anchor alarm these days?
  6. I have an a7 - old enough now that it is not getting software updates. It is touchscreen only, works great - no issues. Around 7 years ago I upgraded the electronics on my boat - the Ray stuff has been rock solid (plotter, pilot, one MDF), the B&G (wind/speed/temp, 2 MDF) not so much. Just keep in mind that they will drop you off the software update list pretty quick.
  7. Damn, that explains my inability to win races... too many bottles of rum!
  8. And Buddy Holly! Both Stevie and Buddy... the midwest has a lot to answer for.
  9. Sailing is the only time I understand drinking bottled water, I won't drink what's in my boat's tank... we do bring refillable water bottles but once in a while one runs out. Other than that I do not understand people who buy bottled water.
  10. Yes, and the post I was responding to was a well reasoned and rational piece of work. (to be clear, that is sarcasm, I will sleep well tonight.)
  11. What the hell are you on about man??? The re-write of NAFTA didn't have any real impact on us, all the bullshit opening negotiating points magically evaporated. China trade deficit? Imposing duties doesn't hurt China, it hurt American consumers. And your east coast Canada rant comes across (to someone who lives and works happily in east coast canada) as a batshit crazy stream of nonsense. Go take your meds and come back later.
  12. The interface between the keyboard and the chair should be able to handle that feature, but does not seem able to. I like the ignore user feature, it makes it easy to read threads without seeing the debris, but ignore for a whole thread isn't a challenge...
  13. You already know what this thread is about, yet you keep coming back and responding to it. It is simple enough to ignore some threads, I manage to do so. I don't feel the need to tell the people in those discussions that they should not be having them.
  14. I bet his neighbors threw a party. When I was a kid we built a boat in the driveway, annoyed the neighbors - and it was a nice boat!
  15. That counts as a bomb going off? I don't think so. By that standard poor Bono got tarred, feathered, hung, drawn, quartered, pissed on, etc...
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