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  1. sculpin

    Secret Hallberg-Rassy project

    Maybe they are finally building Dr Electron's boat... I know, I know... I'll get my coat...
  2. sculpin

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Two comments... When she's out of the water you can tell front from back by looking at the keel, only a fool would have the bulb lead the fin and Kim isn't a fool. And secondly, she is symmetrical where it counts, no offset companionway...
  3. sculpin

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Feeling better?
  4. sculpin

    ePropulsion Pod Drive

    the irony being that the cover, being UL approved, is fire resistant and should be self extinguishing, whereas a gear bag would probably burn nicely.
  5. Well, I expect that is more due to the general lack of tourists than the cruise ships in particular. The vast majority of cruise ship passengers get off the cruise ship and onto a bus. Ironic that you would post that, we had a little partnership with NS crystal, displaying their crystal in some ads and on the shelf. One of their team dropped in today to pick up the loaner materials, she commented that since the announcement they were closing business went nuts - where the hell were these people before they announced they were closing shop... If there is a small local business that you like, go buy something. Otherwise when Covid-19 is just a bad memory, that business won't be there. And tip 'til it hurts.
  6. Canada wide, no cruise ships anywhere. I won't miss them, they are a plague of locusts.
  7. Our local political cartoonist, Michael DeAdder, recently wrote his mother's obituary. It is awesome. An excerpt: Marilyn loved all children who weren't her own and loved her own children relative to how clean-shaven they were. She excelled at giving the finger, taking no shit and laughing at jokes, preferably in the shade of blue. She did not excel at suffering fools, hiding her disdain, and putting her car in reverse. A voracious reader, she loved true crime, romance novels and theodd political book. Trained as a hairdresser before she was married, she was always doing somebody's hair in her kitchen, so much so her kitchen smelled of baking and perm solution. Marilyn had a busy life, but no matter what she was doing she always made time to run her kids' lives as well. Her lifelong hobbies included painting, quilting, baking, gardening, hiking and arson. Marilyn loved tea and toast. The one thing she loved more than tea and toast was reheated tea and toast. She reheated tea by simply turning on the burner often forgetting about it. She burned many a teapot and caused smoke damage countless times, leaving her kids with the impression that fanning the smoke alarm was a step in brewing tea.
  8. sculpin

    Party Bus

    the collision didn't kill him, the irony should have...
  9. sculpin

    Anchor Geekdom

    So at the end of this there should be the Panope App, wherein one enters the bottom conditions (type, amount of weed/grass), depth, estimated veer, boat type, and is given the output of an anchor / rode / scope to use... of course we'll all have to carry 15 or so anchors to ensure we have the right one...
  10. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    and maple syrup, and donair... wait, are you claiming the Quebecois were good for something???
  11. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    Here we feed the spent grain to the pigs. I'd rather eat pig any day...
  12. I had a look at Endeavor from the dockside in Halifax one time on her way thru, amazing boat. Just the labour to grease all the winches would kill most of us...
  13. Espar hydronic heater - heats the hot water tank. So I can do dishes and have a shower. It is most excellent. Does a great job of heating the boat as well... The heater units I'm using are from Heatercraft, they work well - 12v fans to move the air around, and one of them has 2x ducts on it so I have heat in the head.
  14. sculpin

    American Dumbass

    dumb-assery knows no borders, we have lots of 'em too... Yes, she may have a hard time getting past "aspiring" and he's fucked. What a pair of knobs.
  15. sculpin

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    I already made fun of Dylan for having a bottle of SPF50 sunblock in one of his Scotland videos. Textbook definition of optimist.