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  1. Nice work! Very nice. Now I want an offset router though...
  2. Well, maybe, but I think I'm a subject matter expert on this one as a) I've built EPIRBS professionally, and b) I'm really good at breaking shit. So based on this description I'm pretty confident in issuing a death certificate...
  3. open it up and pull the battery, then it is inert. Before you do that should contact the registering authority and report it as being decommissioned.
  4. "has sails recently painted" - now, I know they paint the logos on the sails of the big racing boats, but given how the hull looks I can't imagine good results on the sails...
  5. True that, but accidents do happen on the ocean and I don't think the coast guard would have a hard time imagining some sort of failure on that craft... one of us sails it out offshore and the other follows to render assistance...
  6. Yah, it is a heinous looking thing but one has to give credit - it did make it quite a distance. We'd like it to go quite a further distance...
  7. It has been around here a while, in the summer of '19 I encountered it anchored behind McNabs Island (near the mouth of Hfx harbor), they were banging and using grinders and stuff. Not very polite behavior in a cove full of weekend boaters, it is a popular spot, nice beach. I rowed around it in the dinghy. Only one guy made eye contact with me, I asked "Brent Swain design?" to which I got a gruff "yes". @Jim, how about a gofundme to just scrap it, and save the hassle...
  8. They are probably just photogenic types off the street, stuffed into gear and directed by a photographer who had no clue about sailing... "ok, do something with ropes"...
  9. One way to look at the whole vlog thing is that it is a way to share and document what you are already doing and hopefully make some money while you are at it. The old economy way of doing this would be in magazines - like the Pardeys, and Fatty Goodlander contributed to cruising magazines, and the entire Lats & Atts thing was based on it. Telling a story and hopefully getting compensated for it. I've written a few (insignificant) things for magazines, my attitude is that I'm doing this anyway so if I write about it and someone will pay me - bonus!!! The big difference being that t
  10. Plus the "oversized load" sign on the trailer made the boat feel insecure... "does this truck make me look fat?"
  11. That is definitely not a standard Nova Scotian pizza, tomato sauce is standard.
  12. Check the wifi signal, maybe your anchor antenna need to be realigned...
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