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  1. Damn, China owns everything
  2. Where are the molds? How much for a carbon version with a stiffer keel trunk and better thought out keel lifting system? The boat was always fun to sail and more comfortable and roomy downstairs than it gets credit for.
  3. Ivars, is a great guy. Loved sailing with you at NA's in Pensacola that year. Tell your Dad Lee says hi!
  4. Pros cons ? Looking for a more comfortable boat for fun racing. How are they holding up? I did search. Flame away. Thanks
  5. Lots of people in the GYA will not be happy to lose what they thought was a harsh rating (really a Gift) to go with this scientific method ORA.
  6. In terms of best 30 ft boat. Melges 32 is the best boat period. But it may be a little to expensive and it is a little more of a handful for a young crew. I would say the FT10. Good manageable boat with a little interior and the right price range, also quite fun to sail.
  7. Good looking boat, I usually don't care for Beneteau. Whats it gonna rate?
  8. They look extremely tempting but always heard they could not sail to the rating.
  9. Why so angry? I think it was a bunch of boat owners who got invested in a boat. Had a good time with it. End of story. This goes on in every one design class "repairs and improvements" that ended up making some boats more competitive than others... My .02 cents
  10. I bought #41 new and was quite please with the boat. Had a few things to fix, but at the price point I expected it. Had the makings of a good class then things went off the rails. I would say that was mostly due to there being no organized structure in the class. Everyone just got on SA and said whatever they wanted starting all kinds of pissing matches, want a new rudder, I don't want dacron sails, I want George to cut his hair!! lol. For the most part I enjoyed the people involved in the class and boat. I though it was a great sailing boat, I really should have kept it longer. LONG
  11. Yeah, I have heard about the rudder issues. Looking like Old School may not be worth the trouble.
  12. Curious on how the keel was lengthened on Old School? Or is it a whole different keel? Farr 40 Keel? Any other big issues other than that it is bound to have wet core?
  13. Take this topic to Liquid Hydrogen Anarchy please.
  14. More weight in the Keel? there had to be some weight savings going to carbon in the hull? Right?
  15. I have used a broker (I know a few, all are great guys) in the past and have sold boats with out them. I can tell you for the most part consider the commission a don't have to deal with cheap idiot buyers fee. Its worth every penny. If you ask about the ones I didn't use a broker on it was either I was young and stupid or a Melges 24 those bitches just sell themselves when you take care of them, then I regret selling it an buy another. Shit I may be a idiot buyer?
  16. What most have said is spot on chock mast forward more prebend, Cunningham for Christ sake. It also does look like you can get more out haul take off (what looks to be a block that is attached) run the outhaul line through the clew directly and tie off at the back of the boom. Should get you a few more inches of adjustment. Nothing will make this sail look good but it can look better.
  17. Boat by mills, looks pretty awesome. Any intel? Mills designed the C & C 30, this boat looks much cooler and faster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMdzoQyFMak&feature=youtu.be Whats it rate???
  18. Funny, been wondering why that Farr boat was so (seemingly) Cheap. Guess that answers that.
  19. Funny thing is back around 2008 or so these boat were considered flops (kind of) and could be had for pennies on the dollar through donation or straight out sales. I looked at one back then and could have bought it for 170k. Then someone on the west coast figured out that they are totally awesome downwind. from there the prices just went up and up.
  20. I have always loved the look of this boat since it was originally launched in Maroon as Bodacious. I cannot speak to its speed or performance but to my eye its Sexy as hell. Now some one give me the cash to buy it and run it. Ill let you know if its fast.
  21. Looks a little impulse 26 like from the angle. although they had windows I believe.
  22. I am not saying its not possible, I just have a hard time believing that a J92 could ever go faster downwind than a Viper or a Melges 24.
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