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  1. I my experience the shoal draft does pretty good. Just a FYI
  2. Yes, they are still being made. All boats have there issues. Plenty of used ones in the market.
  3. This topic has been discussed before,... a lot. Having owned both boats these are my observations. in 10 knots and under the 24 will kill the Antrim. The Antrim comes alive as the breeze builds in 18 +++ The Antrim is easier to sail and faster. Having said that, it comes down to a boat that has some comfort or a boat that is just a pure race boat (and one Design) Both boat are great choices.
  4. Trim more. 8 inches is way way too far. Tighten headstay and put on back stay
  5. For the money you cant beat that B25. I tripp 26 or Antrim will cost much more than that.
  6. Sorry if I missed this but what kind of boat is it?
  7. Its possible, but 49 won't agree with it, another 49% will agree and then 2% will want to see your girlfriends tits.
  8. A-40 is a better IRC boat I believe. If my area could handle the Keel depth thats what I would get.
  9. Damn, China owns everything
  10. Where are the molds? How much for a carbon version with a stiffer keel trunk and better thought out keel lifting system? The boat was always fun to sail and more comfortable and roomy downstairs than it gets credit for.
  11. Ivars, is a great guy. Loved sailing with you at NA's in Pensacola that year. Tell your Dad Lee says hi!
  12. Pros cons ? Looking for a more comfortable boat for fun racing. How are they holding up? I did search. Flame away. Thanks
  13. Lots of people in the GYA will not be happy to lose what they thought was a harsh rating (really a Gift) to go with this scientific method ORA.
  14. In terms of best 30 ft boat. Melges 32 is the best boat period. But it may be a little to expensive and it is a little more of a handful for a young crew. I would say the FT10. Good manageable boat with a little interior and the right price range, also quite fun to sail.
  15. Good looking boat, I usually don't care for Beneteau. Whats it gonna rate?
  16. More weight in the Keel? there had to be some weight savings going to carbon in the hull? Right?
  17. Boat by mills, looks pretty awesome. Any intel? Mills designed the C & C 30, this boat looks much cooler and faster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMdzoQyFMak&feature=youtu.be Whats it rate???
  18. Funny thing is back around 2008 or so these boat were considered flops (kind of) and could be had for pennies on the dollar through donation or straight out sales. I looked at one back then and could have bought it for 170k. Then someone on the west coast figured out that they are totally awesome downwind. from there the prices just went up and up.
  19. I am not saying its not possible, I just have a hard time believing that a J92 could ever go faster downwind than a Viper or a Melges 24.
  20. I would have like a better Keel lifting system. Similar to the melges systems. A frame and chain come along just doesn't go with sport boat. I did enjoy the boat when I had it Bob.
  21. The Seascape in New Orleans rates 126 and still can't keep up with much older designs on a W\L course. J27's kill it. The only time it looks competitive is on a tight spinnaker reach.
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