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  1. "Why is everyone still sailing boats designed in the 1930s?" We are not.. mine was designed in 1929. Designs from this era had a lot of things figured out ( & People were smarter then ) ....tape loop...
  2. It's a good question, and a but of a mystery, I see J 24's out there somedays and think" at least some people are having fun today.
  3. The 1930's boats are still good because people were smarter then.
  4. Possibly, the flare was the last and final attempt at rescue, then everything sunk? ...or the flare was soon regretted as the storm subsided and this guy is on his way to Cuba.
  5. I would've turned the boat around immediately and left all the sails up ( i don't have an engine) while putting someone in charge, to furl the jib. Distance between MOB and boat was growing too fast... puts too much on the spotter. The whole thing is a bit odd actually, & smells of fish.
  6. Seemed to take forever to get the main sail down... and to get her on board was a long affair, 46 deg. ain't warm, even if a 'fully scripted drill' and MOB has a dry-suit , there are considerable things which can go wrong and are out of anyones control. Hated watching this but I will show it to my sailing partner to emphasize the shit-show that a COB is.
  7. Thanks all, for the information. Last time I had a pump, the battery was a Yuasa-type motorcycle / lawnmower battery with a separate float switch to a pump, I also remember lot's of wires. ..it worked well for that one season. There was nothing like stepping on to a dry boat raising the sails and casting off the mooring, nice to avoid hand-bailing 200 gallons of water which take's almost half an hour (!) (Low sheer means some of that water will be salty and not fresh rainwater.) Interesting that Sea Joule Marine Inc. is in nearby Port Jefferson NY, so that might be worth looking i
  8. Yeah.. Cockpit cover.. you mean a boom-tent? Suppose that is a possibility...have seen them on lake-moored boats in Switzerland. Funny, no one has them here, seem a bit frowned upon, "not ideal in this situation," etc....guess they have a tendency to turn into sails? My boat did come with one.. maybe I will trot it out. I fear the 'village elders' will grumble... but really, it could be a good solution if it is actually water resistant.
  9. Looking for a very small sealed battery ( and maybe solar charger) to handle a Rule 500 GPM automatic bilge pump. The boat has no electronics what so ever, besides a handheld two-way VHF marine radio. Looking for a gel or sealed (Lithium?)not flooded since it gets very wet and there is no super-dry area to store anything on the boat, a 29' B.B. Dragon. I sail it daily for one week per month. So : only near the boat seven days a month, the rest of the time the boat is moored, collecting rain-water for three weeks. In this case an Automatic Bilge Pump is a really good idea. Years ago th
  10. Did you ever sort out the issue? I use a Bartles system. There is zero plastic in the construction so solid connections all around, works pretty well.
  11. Classic lines a bit like the Shields, w/similar weight & length. Columbia in this era built stout boats, so probably does well in a big breeze and chop similar to a Dragon (which is a better performer all around is my guess)
  12. I bough a digital countdown timer (like, for cooking eggs in the kitchen) for $2.99 for Frostbite racing, but it didn't like the cold weather. Something waterproof like that could work for you, just hang it to something nearby.
  13. ...anyway it's white paint & I like I white bottom so I can see all the barnacles and shit growing on my hull all throughout the summer. Nothing really works around here in that regard...
  14. Pettit Vivid ( an ablative bottom paint ) they used to make a special thinner for just that purpose, not sure if they make a specifically ablative thinner anymore, will a normal 'paint thinner' do about the same thing? I mean, c'mon, don't make me call that 800 number!
  15. Listen to the guy who said, ' check the goose-neck' (where boom attaches to the mast) That is a high stress area , which might also have aged interestingly.
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