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  1. Listen to the guy who said, ' check the goose-neck' (where boom attaches to the mast) That is a high stress area , which might also have aged interestingly.
  2. "They like furlers. They don't want to mess with runners and/or checks. They have no use for outhauls, tweakers, cunninghams, reaching struts and all the little go-fast strings that some of us love to play with. They don't like full width travelers that cut the cockpit in two. They like a boom high enough to put a big ol' bimini underneath and travelers mounted forward of the hatch. They like a lot of storage space, headroom and big, wide berths that are useless in a seaway. They like large tanks, microwaves and the ability to get from point A to point B with just the the wife, a couple of kid
  3. Fact is, the US has traded with Cuba, despite the embargo, we've sold them a few boat loads of wheat , which they needed. There is not much back and forth but it does happen. Their entire fishing industry is for export. Very little seafood to be found in Cuba, money is made by selling it to other countries. Citizens are not allowed to even be seen with a lobster. Cuba is a beautiful country and the people are lovely, curious, educated and gentle... from what I could gather. One of the best thing about such places (similar to, say, Ljubljana ) is the lack of American
  4. Red... bad optics, so no. The Tangerine Berlusconi ruined a lot of things, including red hats . Rum is good, drink the rum.
  5. The Dragon, often single handing it, has a back stay (in center ) and a port and starboard running backstay ( check stays? / they go to just under the top spreaders) Having them is just another step in the process while tracking, they are conveniently placed below the traveler just in front of the tiller and can be operated by the helmsman while steering. I have seen other makes of boat where they are up by the cabin house and really a job for the mid - ship crew, so they location of the controls is something to consider. On the Dragon it is: loosen one a bit / tack /tighte
  6. Curious, will that Wylie be set up for single handed sailing? 60 ' is a lot...
  7. ..and if you want my opinion of the v6, I bet the other Dragon sailors feel it's a bit of a 'cheater - boat' ...so many damn advancements - can you tell I am jealous... I am not really... the cock-pit launched spin.. is THAT actually an advantage though? It certainly doesn't seem as "classy" ..
  8. ^ 2016 full wood Bootswerft Markus Glas Dragon : wow.. Breathtaking. Nice to see these are still being built ^ Since you are in Ireland I guess it wasn't impossible to find a nice used Petticrows ! Congrats on the 2004 teak deck, glass hull Petticrows Dragon. .. That is probably the best of both worlds in looks & performance, I have a lovely 1978 Borg Børresen. All fiberglass with some wood accents. There are no other Dragons in the area to compare it to, so mine is automatically the BEST and fastest Dragon around. Newer Dragons are safer, with a raised floor fu
  9. Hey Thanks. For this season, will continue to make foils out of marine-ply and West System so Epoxyworks link is perfect, eye opening and frightening...Good reading! Eventually will explore cnc and carbon fiber.
  10. Looking to make a few rudders and c/boards for a few small dingy's.. any instructional videos or " how to's " out there ?
  11. I heard there was a run-aground in the Massachusetts MAGA event, nearby Coast Guard helped them out. First responders have enough to worry about w/o these Boatniks.
  12. ..or a nice breeze might have let him sail through.
  13. Rolex Yacht Master is enviably slick but costs more than my boat. Never buy a watch that costs more than the boat. I have aTudor Pelagos so I am on thin ice...
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