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  1. 24 contestants, two of whom seem to have hit 50 knots going straight on a 500m course after four days of trying in Lüderitz. In Gruissan, having to navigate around a "pretzel" course in the ocean while not colliding into 99 competitors - men and women - with possible impact speeds over 60 knots seems more challenging. Something like a thousand contestants participated in the elimination rounds. Fast is fun, but the Défi does seem like a better party.
  2. They must be members of Australian Sailing?
  3. Not according to this information. Second article, in NICE MATIN, quotes skipper of Polish vessel, says the VN Rebel - once it arrived on the scene - took him in tow to Hyères, where they arrived around 18h30 Friday night. Youtube video, starting at about 1:55, identifies the RIBS with markings R... which show that they belong TO the carrier; are launched from it. Postings on French website HEO from ex Marine Nationale crew off of the CDG state that she often performs training without escorts. https://www.hisse-et-oh.com/sailing/pas-tres-active-la-veille-dans-la-marine-nationale-charl
  4. The Charles de Gaulle was on a training mission, sailing unescorted, with no accompanying vessels.
  5. After this can you trust anything the Murdochs put out?
  6. The Ultimes are going a lot faster than the 50's. Sodebo has caught up a LOT on Actual. If only they could stay on starboard tack, off their damaged foil. The Class 40's look like a rugby scrum leaving the Canaries. The IMOCAs are also quite tight. Everyone must be getting a bit tired by now, no?
  7. Water looks pretty flat. Wind - 20-30 knots- is right off the beach. Foils might have an advantage in wavier conditions?
  8. Surprised not to hear (or find) anything on this event held earlier this month, but people may have been focused on the Transat Jacques Vabre. These guys seem to be moving pretty fast too:
  9. Their starboard foil hit something. They put in (to Canaries) to repair, but were not able to get it fixed 100%.
  10. Looks like you could use a bit more wind, too. Maybe you could raise money by continuing to build Optis and selling some?
  11. Geez, guys! The poor singlehanded racer on the report cover is trying to hoist his asym, and the tackline is wrapped around the sprit so it's not flying properly. He's trying to turn the boat to reach off away from an approaching squall but had to leave the tiller to get to the halyard. Plus, it's for 2020, so besides it being old news, Covid is keeping him from being able to tie up anywhere. Talk about angst! The arched things are ROPS - a hot new idea that USS has picked up from their close collaboration with John Deere. All the new tractors have them - why not boats too?
  12. Photos need to be ones you've taken yourself to avoid giving it away. Google Earth and others found on the Internet can be searched under "images".
  13. Thanks for the explanation - and the interviews! If you're looking to maintain a low profile maybe Dudley Dix would be a good candidate?
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