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  1. Because of the crush expected from the Fastnet, Cherbourg is not taking reservations for transient cruisers either. "We'll try and find you a spot." seems to be the prevalent response. Sounds like Block Island on a weekend.
  2. My forward tack boat has a centered spinnaker tube. Makes it interesting. Keeps us focused.
  3. Sorry to hear. Always enjoyed OD&OY and knowing he was busy designing another nice boat.
  4. Weather can surprise you. Squalls can pack a bigger punch than you expect. Out at sea there aren't any tree branches blowing around or flags getting shredded, or neighboring boats heeling 'way over to alert you to a puff's strength. A downdraft bomb doesn't have to arrive over the surface of the water and indicate its power by making waves, either. It can just drop down right where you are. It appears the boat and crew were capable, well equipped, and well experienced. The weather overcame them anyway. Glad the USCG was there to help them out.
  5. Thanks for replies. Will try solvents. The lettering is not Awlgripped or vinyl.
  6. Our new-to-us boat needs to have the old painted-on hailing port removed from the Awlgrip. What approaches will leave the Awlgrip intact? Am wary of things like sandpaper and acetone that might do expensive damage to the underlying layer. Tried searching and found bottom paint removal. And any mention of paint. And Awlgrip. And from. And any combination of the terms. Not useful.
  7. In the video, Leo mentions that he increased the scantlings of the frames in order to take the added forces. He also mentioned speaking with different engineers and NA's about removing the loose lead pig inside ballast and adding lead to the ballast keel instead. Because the external lead is lower down and more effective, he can reduce the overall weight of ballast and still improve his righting moment. This should improve performance by making the boat stiffer and lighter at the same time.
  8. PaulK

    New sails

    The issue is that, for example, North 3di sails can be made from polyester and still be black. How do you tell you got aramid or carbon fibers, and not polyester? All the different numbers: 3di Ocean 700, 370, 3di Endurance 760, 780, 3di Raw 360, 760, 780, 870 and 880 can include polyester and are still black sails. You could simply go out and get used Dacron sails from Bacon and paint them black. Who'd know the difference?
  9. PaulK

    New sails

    The current main is full-batten. There doesn't seem to be any problem with the slides or stresses at the ends. Our PHRF rating has been adjusted for the 130% jib that came with the boat. The boat won't move In less than 12 knots of breeze with that small a foresail, so the adjustment isn't worth it. We need as much sail area as we can get. We'll figure out how to avoid hang-ups when we tack. The point T Sailor makes that 3di comes in assorted mixes of polyester, aramid and carbon is well taken. How do you make sure what you get is what you ordered (and presumably paid for?)
  10. PaulK

    New sails

    Main has Tides Marine track with SS slides. Jib will be on a Harken furler. We have experience with full-batten and partial full-batten sails from racing the past 24 years with our J/36. It is mostly the new materials that have us wondering about the different trade-offs. We did briefly consider getting a J/109, but decided that though it does have three cabins, it offers less headroom, stowage and overall comfort than the J/36, so we moved on.
  11. PaulK

    New sails

    We have bought a new-to-us Sabre 402 that is well-equipped with cruising sails. We are looking to race, however, in a rather competitive PHRF fleet. At our club alone there are eight J/109's, for example, along with other bigger, smaller, and newer J/boats, Beneteau Firsts, Swans, and some custom designs as well. Many are well-sailed. Sailmakers are offering us a wide range of materials and prices for a new 155% genoa and main, including things like 3Di raw, Carbon Sport, Stratis, etc. Some are saying that full-battens are the way to go. Prices from different lofts range from X to 2X for the
  12. Any reason you HAVE to be in Camden? Rockport, Pulpit Harbor, etc. aren't so far that you couldn't make the starting line from there.
  13. Just sold our J/36.  Twenty four years of good times.  Got a Sabre 402 to replace it.  More good times to come. Arcadia needs racing sails...

  14. And the Timex Ironman watch isn't smart enough? For $100 less than the Optimum you might have to start the elapsed race timer yourself.
  15. We've used the Lewmar grease for the last 24 years on our Barients. Not sure how old the tube is. You don't need a lot. Seems to work well. Just gave all eight another once-over. Good to go.
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