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  1. For a while our club tried a "golf" PHRF setup, based on the previous season's results and a guesstimate by the RC chair. We got dinged a lot. Maybe 15 seconds a mile? I had to nail the start and catch every shift in order to win, so it was good training for us. After a few seasons it got too involved and participation increased, so they dropped it. Kept us on our toes for a while though.
  2. Might be best to ask on a French site. Work seems to have stopped after sandblasting in 2016/17 :https://www.hisse-et-oh.com/tavern/quest-devenu-vendredi-13-triste-fin According to the thread the hull is distorted. Exorbitant costs are causing disagreements between partners. Left open to the elements, situation is not improving.
  3. East Hampton is on Long Island's south shore, but there is no harbor there - it's all one long beach. The boat would more likely be launched into 3-Mile Harbor or Sag Harbor, on the Gardiner's Sound side. Going along the south shore of Long Island from there would entail going east to get around Montauk Point before being able to head west towards New York City. This would essentially waste about a day of travel. It would also put you on the south shore of Long Island. There are very few harbors along that shore, and the ones that there are are renowned for being shallow and having dangerou
  4. Appears that Hydroptère, which had been sailed from HNL to SFO, has been dismantled and is being shipped back to Nantes, in France. https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/lhydroptere-va-renaitre-sur-la-loire Seems that Airbus is somehow involved, making it more likely that she'll fly again at some point. The article suggests that they plan to get all the pieces back in Nantes in the next few months, put them together and get them all working again. The object is for Hydroptère to serve as a test vehicle for new applications, materials and ideas.
  5. Of course it's also possible to move the boat and continue to use the shop to fabricate parts. Less efficient, perhaps, but vengefully rewarding.
  6. What do people do next year when the ORC certificate costs $850?
  7. I have a closet-hanging shoe organizer with a big square cubby for each shoe. This would provide the bigger pockets b393 seeks, though stuff might be less likely to fall out of the bin-like pockets gn suggests. Hang something like this near the companionway - possibly shielding the nav table from spray? - might be great. Sailmaker could make one up for the number of crew you have and make it waterproof too.
  8. 2" of deflection midspan? Wouldn't that mean they'd pop out of the rails? Not what you'd want to happen. Is there something wrong with 3/4" plywood? High tech here seems like a lot of work & expense for minimal results. Light foam hatchboards might also be more likely to blow overboard if they're not kept carefully below.
  9. How do they balance without it? They do have three rudders. Is it like those Swiss cows that have two legs shorter than the others so they can stand straight on the mountainsides? They harvest kelp in the trades, so are on starboard tack all the time?
  10. Doesn't room at the mark mean sufficient room for the inside boat to proceed in a seamanlike manner to 'round the mark? Seamanlike means responding to changes in pressure and direction of the wind, no? It does not appear that L provided W the room required. The various cases cited may or may not apply here.
  11. Ask Sail4Beer - he should know.
  12. Do you ski? Quite the slippery slope you suggest. What is the difference between competing with home office spaces - which people have already set up - and gyms, where you're competing against cheaper and better-equipped gyms? What happens when a client meeting takes over the conference room and extends into the next person's allotted time? What if your client arrives late to the meeting and it's someone else's turn? Who's to blame if the network is slowed by too many users at once and your presentation freezes? What happens when your client lunch keeps the most senior member from getting a
  13. Carbon-neutral kelp harvester? Belowdecks doesn't look like there's much room for anything else.
  14. Our club has set up a 501 (C)(3) charitable nonprofit foundation for maintaining our historic buildings. This allows members - and the public - to make tax-deductible charitable contributions that benefit the club without having to ding the members every time. Took us about three years to set up, but seems worthwhile after a storm blew our awning over the top of the building, ripping off the cupola and windvane, and landed it all in the street. Do you have any idea how expensive working wooden shutters are? Re-pointing 100 year-old brick? Copper roofing? We're just getting started.
  15. We're talking about rainfall and water runoff from a rather large watershed (300,000 square miles) going into the Great Lakes. Not just sea level rise.
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