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  1. I am just going to go on record again as someone who has lived this insurance nightmare for the last couple of years. This is not going to get any easier until the Multihull Association(in whatever form that takes) gets off the ground and we are able to remove the terms "catamaran" and "trimaran" and replace them with "performance multihull" or similar. Its a strength in numbers thing and it has to happen for insurance companies to even look at the issue again. I have been banging on about it for a year now but its now at a critical point. Given the events at RQYS last night, th
  2. No but he might be "sure"..... Forget what website you were on Pulpit? This is "Sailing" Anarchy where all forms of sailing can be discussed.....
  3. Considering that broker had nothing to do with either of those sales, it is opportunistic advertising at best, Questionable ethics at worst
  4. Hi Vincent, Ill let Low Groove get his teeth into answering this however I will say that all of the big companies have their own versions of this system now. The term "cableless" is a bit of a misnomer and the system has a by product of not being suitable for a large percentage of applications. Ill let the full-time sailmaker take that further... I'm just the part time guy
  5. Hmm, You said charter... he didn't but regardless, I apologise for the offence that you took
  6. I have two First 40s available Both the right price. One Carbon rig, one alloy.
  7. Don't forget that Voodoo(as Limit) beat Alive(As BJ66) over the line in the 2008 Hobart
  8. We did quite a few test kites for the 49ers back in the day with tighter luffs and flatter shapes... the loads were off the charts compared to the standard 9er kite. Pretty logical given you are sailing tighter apparent angles Similar when we mucked around with F18s but the differential was not as much... sheet load was already pretty high
  9. PPPhhh.... even you don't believe that right?
  10. You two are so cute quote name="Peter Hackett" post="5346317" timestamp="1465380287"] If you can tow a Jayco around Australia you can tow a boat to Wangi.I could never compare to you Pete, you tow with a Jeep which is illegal (and unlikely to go anywhere) other than in South Aus.
  11. For fucks sake He runs a sailing website!!!! Kinda expected. Would you have been slobbering all over speedboat if you had have had access? Do you think the boats been successful since it's launch in 2008? Cool as it is
  12. Pppfffft what an offer Peter!!! My advice, skippers should stay at the back where they belong, leave frontier land to the professionals
  13. Is anyone else just waiting for Chris O to chime in?
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